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Famous Events For March 21

Famous Events For March 21 – Today In History

March 21: Today in History – Historical Events

Early Centuries – March 21  Historic Events – Before the 1700s

  1. 21st March 1349: In the Black Death riots in Erfurt Germany, 3000 Jews were killed.
  2. 21st March 1413: Henry V became the King of England.
  3. 21st March 1421: In the battle of Beauge the French beat the English.
  4. 21st March 1610: King James I today addressed the British House of Commons.


    18th Century – What Happened on March 21 – The 1700s

  5. 21st March 1702: Queen Anne addressed the British Parliament today.
  6. 21st March 1788: A fire destroys almost the entire city of New Orleans. 856 buildings were destroyed.
  7. 21st March 1790: Today, Thomas Jefferson reported to President George Washington as the new Secretary of State.

    19th Century – March 21 This Day That Year – The 1800s

  8. 21st March 1804: The French Civil Code, the Code Napoleon was adopted today.
  9. 21st March 1824: About 4000 horses were killed today in a fire at the ammunition dump in Cairo.
  10. 21st March 1826: The Rensselaer School in Troy, New York, which later became the first Engineering College in the US under the name Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute was inaugurated today.
  11. 21st March 1851: The Yosemite Valley was discovered in California.

  12. 21st March 1851: Emperor Tu Duc today ordered that the Christian priests be put to death.
  13. 21st March 1857: Tokyo was struck by a massive earthquake killing about 107,000 people.
  14. 21st March 1858: The Siege on Lucknow was today lifted by the British forces, ending the Indian Mutiny.
  15. 21st March 1859: Today the first Zoological Society was incorporated in Philadelphia.
  16. 21st March 1859: The Scottish National Gallery was opened today in Edinburgh.
  17. 21st March 1863: There was a Naval engagement at Havana in Cuba between USS Henrick Hudson and Confederate blockade runner Wild Pigeon.
  18. 21st March 1866: US Congress today authorized national soldier’s homes.
  19. 21st March 1868: Sorosos Club for Professional Women was on this day formed in New York City. The founded by Jenney Jane was the first of its kind.
  20. 21st March 1871: German Statesman Otto von Bismarck was today elevated to the rank of Fürst (Prince).
  21. 21st March 1871: The famous expedition of Africa by journalist Henry M Stanley began today.
  22. 21st March 1899: British and French accord over West Africa.


    20th Century – Important Events On This Day March 21st – The 1900s

  23. 21st March 1902: A subway roof caved in in New York City destroying three mansions in Park Avenue.
  24. 21st March 1904: The British Parliament today vetoed a proposal to send Chinese workers to Transvaal.
  25. 21st March 1905: The State of Pennsylvania today passed sterilization legislation which was vetoed by the Governor.
  26. 21st March 1906: After two fatalities, Ohio passed a law prohibiting hazing by fraternities.
  27. 21st March 1907: Today the first Parliament of Transvaal met in Pretoria.
  28. 21st March 1907: To protect the American interest in the war of Nicaragua, US Marines today landed in Honduras.
  29. 21st March 1908: Henry Farman of France today carried a passenger in a biplane for the first time.
  30. 21st March 1909: Russia today withdrew its support to Serbia. It recognized the Austrian annexation of Bosnia-Herzegovina. After 10 days Serbia accepted the Austrian control of Bosnia-Herzegovina.

  31. 21st March 1910: The ex-President of the United States Teddy Roosevelt was granted an annual pension of $ 10,000/= by the US Senate today.
  32. 21st March 1913: Flood in Ohio. 400 people perish.
  33. 21st March 1917: Loretta Walsh today became the US Navy’s first-ever female petty officer.
  34. 21st March 1918: Today the Germans launched the Somme Offensive, during World War I.
  35. 21st March 1923: US foreign minister Charles Hughes refuses USSR recognition.
  36. 21st March 1924: Mass Investors Trust becomes the first mutual fund set up in the US.
  37. 21st March 1924: Today the US radio (WJZ, NYC) broadcast the first foreign language course.
  38. 21st March 1925: The Khorshidi Solar Hijrah calendar was today adopted by Iran.
  39. 21st March 1925: The Butler Act, a law that made it a crime to teach any theory that contradicted the Bible’s account of man’s creation was enacted by the State of Tennessee today.

  40. 21st March 1928: President Calvin Coolidge today gave the Congressional Medal of Honor to Charles Lindbergh for his trans-Atlantic flight.
  41. 21st March 1933: In Germany, top army officers including Hitler, Goering, Prince Ruprecht, and Bruning met in Berlin.
  42. 21st March 1934: Hakodate in Japan was today destroyed by a fire killing about 1,500 people.
  43. 21st March 1935: Persia was today officially renamed Iran.
  44. 21st March 1935: The Incubator Ambulance Service began operating in Chicago, Illinois today.
  45. 21st March 1937: In the Ponce Massacre police kill 19 at the Puerto Rican Nationalist Parade.
  46. 21st March 1939: Nazi Germany today demanded Gdansk (Danzig) from Poland.
  47. 21st March 1941: The British today took the last of the Italian posts in East Libya, North Africa.
  48. 21st March 1942: Convoy QP9 leaves Great Britain for Murmansk.
  49. 21st March 1943: Massacre of the town of Kalavryta in Greece by Nazi troops of Germany.
  50. 21st March 1943: There was an attempt to assassinate Hitler which failed.
  51. 21st March 1944: General Eisenhower postponed the invasion of France until after Normandy.

  52. 21st March 1945: During World War II, the Allied bombers began four days of raids over Germany.
  53. 21st March 1945: First Japanese flying bomb (Rochas) attack Okinawa.
  54. 21st March 1945: The Nazi police today arrested Hannie Schaft, the Dutch Resistance fighter.
  55. 21st March 1946: The United Nations today set up its temporary headquarters at the Hunter College in New York City.
  56. 21st March 1946: Kennedy Washington became the first black player to join the National Football League team since 1933 when he was signed by the Las Angeles Rams today.
  57. 21st March 1947: Executive Order 9835 requiring all federal employees to have allegiance to the United States was today signed by US President Henry Truman.
  58. 21st March 1947: Pope Pious XII publishes encyclical Fulgens radiator.
  59. 21st March 1949: WTVJ TV channel 4 in Miami begins broadcasting.
  60. 21st March 1951: Julius and Ethel Rosenberg were convicted of espionage today.
  61. 21st March 1952: 31 storms across six states in the South Central USA killed about 340 people.

  62. 21st March 1955: Arch Bishop Makarios of Cyprus, desires Cyprus to join Greece.
  63. 21st March 1958: The USSR today performed an atmospheric nuclear test.
  64. 21st March 1960: Police opened fire upon demonstrators in Sharpeville in South Africa, killing 70 people.
  65. 21st March 1961: First appearance of the Beatles at the Cavern Club in Liverpool.
  66. 21st March 1962: Dutch RC Bishop Beckers declares that he is in favor of birth control.
  67. 21st March 1962: A bear becomes the first creature to be ejected at supersonic speeds.
  68. 21 March 1963: Alcatraz Island, the federal penitentiary in San Francisco Bay in California closed.
  69. 21st March 1965: About 3000 demonstrators led by Rev. Martin Luther King Junior began a march from Selma to Montgomery Alabama.
  70. 21st March 1965: The United States today launched the “Ranger 9”, which was the last unmanned lunar exploration.
  71. 21st March 1966: In New York City today demolition work began today, to clear thirteen square blocks for the construction of the original World Trade Center.
  72. 21st March 1968: Israeli forces cross the Jordon River to attack PLO bases.
  73. 21st March 1969: The US today conducted a nuclear test at its Nevada test site.
  74. 21st March 1971: The seasonal snowfall in Vermont totals 132.2 inches.

  75. 21st March 1971: In Vietnam, U.S. Platoons today refused their orders to advance.
  76. 21st March 1972: The US Supreme Court today ruled that states could not require one-year residency to get eligibility to vote.
  77. 21st March 1974: In London’s Pall Mall an attempt was made to kidnap Princess Anne.
  78. 21st March 1975: Ethiopia abolishes its monarchy after 3000 years.
  79. 21st March 1979: Egyptian parliament unanimously approved a peace treaty with Israel.
  80. 21st March 1980: US President Jimmy Carter announced to his country’s Olympic team, that they would not participate in the Summer Games in Moscow. This was a boycott of Soviet intervention in Afghanistan.
  81. 21st March 1982: Soviet intervention in Afghanistan was condemned by the US, the British, and the other Western countries.
  82. 21st March 1984: A part of the central park is named Strawberry Fields in honor of John Lennon.
  83. 21st March 1984: A Soviet submarine today crashed into the USS Kitty Hawk off the coast of Japan.
  84. 21st March 1985: Police in Langa, South Africa opened fire on blacks taking out a procession to mark the 25th anniversary of the Sharpeville shooting. At least 21 demonstrators were killed in the shooting.
  85. 21st March 1985: Larry Flint today offered to sell his empire for $ 26 million or the “Hustler” magazine alone for $ 18 million.
  86. 21st March 1990: Namibia today became independent of South Africa.

  87. 21st March 1990: Australian businessman Alan Bond today sold Van Gogh’s painting “Irises” to the Gerry Museum. He had earlier purchased the painting for $ 53.9 million (in 1987).
  88. 21st March 1991: There was a crowd of 64,500 at the Tokyo Dome which was the largest wrestling crowd in Japan.
  89. 21st March 1991: The food embargo on Iraq was lifted today by the United Nations Security Council.
  90. 21st March 1991: Two anti-submarine planes of the US Navy collided. 27 people were lost at sea.
  91. 21st March 1994: Bill Gates of Microsoft and Craig McCaw of McCaw Cellular Communications today announced a $ 9 billion plan to send 840 satellites into orbit that would relay information around the globe.
  92. 21st March 1994: Comedian, Actor, and Jazz Musician Dudley Moore was arrested for hitting his girlfriend.
  93. 21st March 1994: Anne P. Sidamon-Eristoff was named the Chairwoman of the Museum of National History.
  94. 21st March 1995: In Japan, Tokyo police raided the headquarters of Aum Shinrikyo in search of evidence to link the cult to the Sarin gas release on five Tokyo subway trains.

    21st Century – March 21 This Day In History – The 2000s

  95. 21st March 2000: The United States Supreme Court today ruled in a 5:4 majority judgment that the US Food and Drug Administration had overstepped its authority when it attempted to restrict the marketing of cigarettes to youngsters.
  96. 21st March 2002: In Paris today an 1825 print by French inventor Joseph Nicephore Niecpe of a man leading a horse, which was the earliest recorded image taken by photographic means, was sold at $ 443,220/=.
  97. 21st March 2002: In Pakistan, Ahmed Omar Saeed Shaikh with three other Islamic militants who were in custody and seven other accomplices who were at large, was charged with murder for his role in the kidnapping of Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pear.

  98. 21st March 2003: It is reported that the Dow Jones Industrial Average recorded the strongest weekly gain in more than 20 years. The average closed up 235.27 (2.8%) at 8,521.97.
  99. 21st March 2012: The Greek parliament today voted in favor of an international bailout deal.
  100. 21st March 2016: It is reported that the Kepler space telescope captured the “shock breakout” when star KSN 2011 exploded. It was the first time an exploding star’s brilliant shockwave had been captured.

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