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Famous Events For March 19

Famous Events For March 19 – Today In History

March 19: Today in History – Historical Events

Early Centuries – March 19  Historic Events – Before the 1700s

1. 19th March 1571: Spanish troops on this day occupied Manila.
2. 19th March 1628: Englishmen founded the Massachusetts colony on this day.
3. 19th March 1644: In a show of loyalty to their emperor 200 members of the Peking Imperial family committed suicide today.


18th Century – What Happened on March 19 – The 1700s

4. 19th March 1702: Anna Stuart, daughter of James II became the Queen of England today.
5. 19th March 1748: The English Naturalization Act was passed today, granting Jews to Colonize in the U.S.
6. 19th March 1775: A trade agreement was signed on this day by Poland and Prussia.
7. 19th March 1775: In Italy, four people were buried in an avalanche of 37 days. Three of them survived.

19th Century – March 19 This Day That Year – The 1800s

8. 19th March 1831: The City Bank in New York was robbed today in the first American bank robbery. Robbers took away $ 245,000.
9. 19th March 1866: An immigrant ship Monarch on the Seas sank on this day in Liverpool. 738 people lost their lives.
10. 19th March 1895: The Los Angeles Railways was established today. It provided the streetcar service.


20th Century – Important Events On This Day March 19th – The 1900s

11. 19th March 1900: Archeologist Arthur John Evans today began the excavation of Knossos Palace in Greece.
12. 19th March 1900: The need for the US to have free trade was today asserted by US President McKinley.
13. 19th March 1903: The Cuban treaty was on this day ratified by the U.S. Senate which provided access to Naval bases Guantanamo and Bahia Honda.
14. 19th March 1906: The estimated cost of the German war in S. W. Africa was put at $ 150 by reports from Berlin.
15. 19th March 1915: Planet Pluto was today photographed for the first time but it was not known at that time.
16. 19th March 1917: The US Supreme Court upheld the Adamson Act by which the eight-hour work day for railways constitutional.
17. 19th March 1918: The US Congress today approved daylight saving time which requires the clock to be put forward by an hour in spring and adjusted backward in autumn, to provide more daylight in the afternoon and mornings have less. This practice is prevalent in Europe in North America.


18. 19th March 1918: An American pilot today shot down a German seaplane for the first time.
19. 19th March 1920: The US Senate today voted for a refusal of ratification of the Versailles treaty. The treaty would have ended the nation’s war status.
20. 19th March 1921: It was on this day revealed that Buenos Aires would not add a new wheat export tax. It was said that the wheat industry was unstable for some time because of the uncertainty of this decision.
21. 19th March 1924: As the rebel forces took the Honduran capital, the US troops were rushed to Tegucigalpa.
22. 19th March 1931: Gambling was legalized in the state of Nevada.
23. 19th March 1932: The Sydney Harbor Bridge the fourth longest-spanning arch bridge built across Sydney Harbor was officially opened today.
24. 19th March 1937: Pope Pious XI today published the encyclical Divini Redemptoris against communism.
25. 19th March 1940: The British today conducted an unsuccessful air raid on the German base Sylt.
26. 19th March 1942: President Roosevelt issued orders for men between the ages of 45 and 64 to register for non-military duties.


27. 19th March 1942: In Chicago, the thoroughbred racing association was formed today.
28. 19th March 1943: The Airship Canadian Star was today torpedoed and sunk.
29. 19th March 1943: In Tunisia the British 8th army opens an assault on the Mareth line.
30. 19th March 1945: The USS carrier Franklin was attacked by a Japanese air strike. The attack had 724 crew members. The carrier which was damaged did not sink and it limped back to Perl Harbor for repairs.
31. 19th March 1945: Adolf Hitler today issued the “Nero Decree” which ordered the destruction of German facilities that may fall into Allied hands while the Germans were retreating.
32. 19th March 1945: Ships near Kube/Kure were today attacked by US Task Force 58.
33. 19th March 1945: The British 36th division today conquered Mogok (Ruby mine).
34. 19th March 1946: French Guyana, Guadeloupe, Martinique, and Reunion today became the overseas department of France.
35. 19th March 1946: In Russia Nicolai Schwernik today succeeded Kalinin as President of the USSR.
36. 19th March 1947: Chiang Kai-Shek’s government forces took control of Yenan, the former headquarters of the Chinese Communist Party.

37. 19th March 1947: Paul-Henry Spaak of the Belgium Socialist Party forms government in Belgium.
38. 19th March 1948: There was a demonstration coordinated by the Communist-controlled Socialist Unity Party in Berlin in which 70,000 demonstrators participated. About half of them were communist supporters and the other half were supporters of the Anti-Communist movement.
39. 19th March 1949: The first ever museum devoted exclusively to atomic energy was established in Oak Ridge.
40. 19th March 1949: The Soviet People’s Council today signed the constitution of the German Democratic Republic and termed the North Treaty Organization as only a war weapon.
41. 19th March 1953: Today the Academy Awards function was aired on television for the first time.
42. 19th March 1954: A sled running on rails and driven by a rocket, the first of its kind, was tested today in Alamogordo, NM.
43. 19th March 1954: This day marks the first color telecast of the prize fight, Giardello vs Troy in Madison Square Garden in New York City.

44. 19th March 1958: At Madam Tussaud’s in London, the first British Planetarium was opened today.
45. 19th March 1962: Archbishop Suenens of Mechelen-Brussels was today appointed Cardinal.
46. 19th March 1963: US President John F Kennedy along with six Latin American presidents today, pledged in Costa Rica to fight communism.
47. 19th March 1964: A study in the UK estimated that its population would increase by three million by early 1980 and the need for new towns was identified.
48. 19th March 1965: Rembrandt’s painting “Titus” was sold for $ 7,770,000.
49. 19th March 1965: All foreign oil companies were today nationalized in Indonesia.
50. 19th March 1965: The wreck of SS Georgiana which was valued at over % 50,000,000 was discovered by underwater archeologist E. Lee Spence. This discovery was made exactly 102 years after its destruction.
51. 19th March 1967: French Somaliland, today voted to continue its association with France.
52. 19th March 1968: Students of Howard University today seized an administrative building.
53. 19th March 1969: The British today invaded Anguilla.
54. 19th March 1970: The leaders of East and West Germany met for the first time today after the country was divided at the end of the world war in 1949.

55. 19th March 1971: The sister of Queen Elizabeth, Princess Margret announced today that she and her husband Lord Snowdon were separating after being married for 16 years. They had two children, Viscount David and Lady Sara Armstrong-Jones.
56. 19th March 1971: There was an earthquake in Peru that set off a landslide, flood, and avalanche. The town of Chngar, Peru, was destroyed and most of the townspeople were killed in the disaster.
57. 19th March 1971: In Turkey Nihat Erim, became Prime Minister of Turkey when he was called upon by the President of Turkey Cevdet Sunny to form a new Turkish government which was under crisis.
58. 19th March 1972: India and Bangladesh today signed a friendship treaty.
59. 19th March 1977: France today performed a nuclear test at Munroe Island.
60. 19th March 1977: A suicide commando killed President Marien Ngouabi of Congo today.
61. 19th March 1978: In Amsterdam, 50,000 people demonstrated against the neutron bomb today.
62. 19th March 1979: The US House of Representatives began telecasting their daily business.
63. 19th March 1981: During the test of Space Shuttle Columbia, one worker was killed and two others were injured.

64. 19th March 1982: In the Falkland War, the landing of Argentinean forces on South Georgia Island, precipitated war with the U.K.
65. 19th March 1982: The National Guard jet tanker crashed killing at least 27 people.
66. 19th March 1984: John J O’Connor was today named the 8th archbishop of New York.
67. 19th March 1984: A Mobile oil tanker spilled 200,000 gallons of oil into the Columbia River.
68. 19th March 1985: The US Senate today voted to authorize the production of MX missiles.
69. 19th March 1985: IBM today announced that it would stop production of PCjr consumer-oriented computer.
70. 19th March 1985: “Spin Magazine” began publishing today.
71. 19th March 1987: In the West Indies, Hassanali was today inaugurated as president of Trinidad and Tobago Islands.
72. 19th March 1988: Mourners at a funeral in Belfast in North Ireland, killed two British soldiers. They were shot to death after being dragged from the car and beaten up.
73. 19th March 1989: Boeing B-22 Osprey, a vertical take-off and landing aircraft made its maiden flight today.
74. 19th March 1990: In the republic’s first free election in 50 years in Latvia, the country’s political opposition claimed victory.
75. 19th March 1991: Gorbachev announced today that the Soviet Union will cut its oil exports by 50%.
76. 19th March 1992: The Duke and Duchess of York announced that were separating. They were married in 1986 and had two children Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie.
77. 19th March 1994: Today the largest omelet in history was made in Yokohama Japan using 160,000 eggs.

78. 19th March 1995: Poison gas in the Japanese subway kills five people.
79. 19th March 1995: The parliamentary election in Finland was won by the Finnish Socialistic Democratic Party.
80. 19th March 1998: The World Health Organization today issued a warning of the tuberculosis epidemic that could kill 70 million people in the next two decades.
81. 19th March 1999: A bomb exploded in a marketplace in South Russia killing 53 people and injuring dozens.

21st Century – March 19 This Day In History – The 2000s

82. 19th March 2001: The Bank of Japan today issued a new monetary policy known as quantitative easing, which resulted in stimulating the Japanese economy after the burst of the dot-com bubble.
83. 19th March 2001: Officials in California ordered the first of the further two days of rolling blackout. This was a result of energy manipulation by the California Energy System companies, Enron and Reliant Energy.
84. 19th March 2002: The largest US-led ground offensive since the Gulf War, Operation Anaconda ended today in east Afghanistan. It was reported that 500 Taliban and Al Qaeda fighters and eleven allied troops were killed in the operation.
85. 19th March 2002: Queen Elizabeth II, knighted actor Ben Kingsley at Buckingham Palace today.
86. 19th March 2003: US President George W Bush today addressed the nation via live television and announced that Operation Iraqi Freedom had begun to get rid of tyrannical dictator Saddam Hussein and destroy weapons of mass destruction.
87. 19th March 2004: A bus collided head-on with a truck in Finland today killing 24 people and injuring 13.
88. 19th March 2004: Taiwanese president Chen Shui-bian was shot just a day ahead of the presidential election on March 20th.
89. 19th March 2008: Forty-nine years after taking power in an armed revolution, Cuban leader Fidel Castro stepped down today.
90. 19th March 2009: The US today deported former S.S. man Josias Kumpf, who was involved in the killing of about 8000 Jews, who were shot in a single day and buried in pits, to Austria. He had settled down in the US. He had obtained the US citizenship in 1964.

91. 19th March 2010: Pope Benedict today sent a special pastoral letter to the Irish Catholics issuing a heartfelt apology to the people of Ireland and thousands of victims of child sex abuse in Churches by the Roman Catholic priests.
92. 19th March 2011: Planes from France, the United Kingdom, and the United States fired upon the Libyan forces after the UN authorized the no-fly zone in Libya. This was intended to stop Libyan leader Gaddafi from harming civilians in Libya.
93. 19th March 2012: A gunman today attacked a Jewish school in the southern city of Toulouse in France killing a teacher and three children.
94. 19th March 2013: Further evidence of water-bearing minerals was discovered by NASA’s Mars rover Curiosity.
95. 19th March 2013: A bush crash in Maharashtra India, killed 27 people and injured 15 others.
96. 19th March 2013: The trial against the military leader Efrain Rios Montt, who was accused of genocide against indigenous people during the 1980s began today in Guatemala.
97. 19th March 2014: Israel today deployed an air force against Syrian military units that were involved in an attack the previous day on Israeli patrol the previous day.
98. 19th March 2014: In Belgium, a World War I weapon buried in Ypres exploded killing two and injuring others. The two people killed were workers trying to dig up buried weapons.
99. 19th March 2014: The Ukrainian naval base in Sevastopol was today captured by Russia.
100. 19th March 2015: Apple today replaced AT&T in the Dow Jones industrial average.

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