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Dating A Babysitter: 3 Good Reasons

3 Good Reasons For Dating A Babysitter

A babysitter is an individual with a specific personality. They have a great love for children and taking care of them. Babysitters are also like psychologists and can read your mind. They work with young children who cannot express themselves, so they can determine the needs of the children before being informed. Dating a babysitter is a unique venture for most people.


This is because a babysitter has greater expectations from you than an average person. If you have met a babysitter and want to date her, you should follow the following instructions.


Dating A Babysitter: How Convenient Is It?

1. Love children

The first and most important rule; love children. A babysitter is a person who is passionate about children. She talks about children very differently compared to other people. She thinks that the children have their minds and have their operating systems. This means that they are unique human beings.


She also thinks that it is the responsibility of the adults to figure out what children want. To date a babysitter, you must understand children and what they are all about. On your date, she might ask whether you love children. If you want to continue dating the babysitter, your answer should be yes. You should even have a sentence regarding how much you know about children.


She will even ask what you think about getting your children. Make sure the answer leans towards a happy family with children. She might even show up with children on your first date. This is just a test for you. Just make sure you pass. If you want a babysitter, then you must love children.

2. Be clean and tidy

A babysitter is very particular about cleanliness and tidiness. She likes being in a clean environment and being surrounded by tidy people. You have to shave on that day and iron your clothes. Do not show up on your date looking like a hobo. You must ensure you are at your best in cleanliness on your first date night.

You must wash your hands before you eat and carry a sanitizer to keep using on your hands. You must prove that you take cleanliness as seriously as she does. Do not eat off the table. If something falls, just let it go. Remember to have table manners and etiquette. You have to say, “please pass me the salt.” Use the words please and thank you frequently.

Avoid as much as you can to curse in her presence. Babysitters do not like cursing because it is unsuitable for children. Babysitters feel that cursing interrupts the child’s pattern of language. Make sure to see fudge instead of the other f-word. If you want to date a babysitter, be clean and tidy.

3. Being healthy if you are dating a babysitter

A babysitter has a very healthy lifestyle. This is because she must be fit to care for the children. She maintains a high level of health and would expect the same from you. You must eat healthy food around her.

Make sure she understands how much you care about being healthy. Make sure you are not sick when you meet for the first time. A babysitter might not call you back for another date if you have the flu or pimples. This is because they would not want to be sick themselves. If you want to date a babysitter, be healthy.


Babysitters are the best people to date. They know how to treat you well and pamper you. They also know what you think before you tell them. It is necessary to put effort into dating a babysitter.

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