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Dating A Digital Nomad: A Simple Guide

How To Date A Digital Nomad?

Relationship and marriage is not easy thing at all. Finding love may not be as tricky as maintaining it. This is even harder when you are dating a digital nomad. You may have to move from place to place every six months; therefore, maintaining a relationship can be very difficult. You love what you do and wouldn’t stop it to please your partner, and no one would also want to date a person who doesn’t have a particular place of stay.


Therefore keeping a serious and long-term relationship can be practically impossible unless you meet a fellow nomad. With you would both understand each other and find ways to stay together mostly. Due to your digital nomadic lifestyle, you may encounter several groups of guys. Here are 6 types of guys you may come across as a digital nomad.


Dating As A Digital Nomad

1. The Braggart Who Would Want To Impress You by Bragging

There are braggers everywhere; some sound so convincing that you would not doubt them. This is one type of guy you would meet as a digital nomad. Due to your lifestyle, you may want someone who shares the same interest and travels a lot just like you. You may like to share your good, bad and ugly experiences at specific destinations.


So now, you meet a braggart. This guy will convince you that he is well traveled and practically knows about every topic you raise. The annoying thing is that they are all-knowing. He would allow you to express your views or suggestions during a conversation about places you’ve both visited.


2. The “I am on Vacation” Type of Guy, Let’s Have fun and Good Sex

Since you want to date a like-minded well-traveled person, you may visit places where such people usually have a good time. So you can meet this type of guy at a bar or holiday destination having fun. After you briefly introduce yourselves, he will tell you he is also on vacation. This guy will entice you to cheer with him and have a good time together. You may end up being boozed and finding yourself in his bed. You have fun for a few days and may never meet again.

3. Guys Who Would Criticise Your Lifestyle

If you are unlucky to meet a fellow nomad, fall in love with a non-moment, and be ready for criticisms. They don’t like your lifestyle and wouldn’t want to understand. He will complain about your travels each now and then.

He wouldn’t be ready to be a party to your nomadic lifestyle. They don’t just like your idea of relocating every six months. If he has lived in one particular communal life, why should he move around because you came into his life?

4. Guys Who are not Ready to Spend on Travels

It is costly to live a nomadic lifestyle. Buying plane tickets to your new destination, accommodation, inland transportation, and the many others that come with it need a huge budget. Not every type of guy is ready to spend on this lifestyle. They have a restricted budget, and traveling is not part of it. He may not even support you in your numerous travels.

5. The Clingy Guy

A clingy guy is the last person a digital nomad would want to date. You may meet this guy, and after a few dates, he would stick to you like a tattoo. Oh, this reminds me of Jordan Sparks, song “tattoo.”

He wouldn’t stop calling and texting you all day because he has fallen in love and can’t wait for the next date. This cannot be very pleasant because, with your busy lifestyle, you can have time to reply to his numerous texts. The best thing is to block him.

6. The One Night Stand Guy

These types of guys are not only seen in the digital nomadic dating life. They are just everywhere. All he wants is to enter your pant, and that is all. After giving him that fantastic sex, he would never call or text again because he had achieved his aim. Having good sex was all he wanted.

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