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Dating An Optometrist: 9 Valid Reasons

9 Valid Reasons For Dating An Optometrist

Optometrists can provide the care your eye needs, but can they handle your heart? Can they translate the qualities they exhibit in their profession to their dating life? Let’s talk about dating an optometrist. I don’t want to go into details about what they do. No, that is not why I am here. Even with that, I believe you all know. There are 9 valid reasons to date an optometrist.


Dating An Optometrist: Pros and Cons

1. They will Take Care of Your Eyes

The eye is a susceptible organ and therefore needs care and attention. Everyone should go for an eye check-up at least once a year. This is to prevent any form of defection. So who checks the eyes? The optometrist. Rest assured that your partner will care for your eyes and prescribe treatment to prevent any future eye defect.


2. They Have Job Security

With robots taking over some jobs, your optometrist partner wouldn’t have an issue with being unemployed anytime soon. Optometrists are in high demand because no one wants to get blind in this beautiful world. Isn’t it lovely to have a partner who will be able to pay the bills and provide for the home?


3. They Make Things Clear

Just as they provide treatment for clear sight, they want to be clear and plain with you. No hidden agenda, no hidden secrets. They will make it clear if they wish for a one-night stand or a long-time commitment. Individual differences must be considered.


4. They Love to Serve

Optometrists are in to serve their patients, and they do it with care. They are being taught how to provide quality service, which has become part of them. Having a partner with such qualities can enhance and make the relationship lovely.

5. High Level of Endurance

Their training to licensing involves a lot, which demands a high level of endurance. Secondly, diagnosing the eyes and prescribing treatment also needs careful attention. So in all, optometrists are diligent and don’t give up easily. Your date wouldn’t just walk out over trivial issues. They would find better ways of resolving conflicts.

6. Good in Stress Management

They are aware of the dangers of stress, and the good thing is that they know how to handle it. Health care delivery is very stressful, no matter your field. There is nothing like a free day because your patients would be in a queue waiting to receive treatment once you report to work.

They encounter crazy and frustrated patients almost every working day. So stress has become part of them, but they can manage it well. Your optometrist partner wouldn’t pour their frustrations on you when he returns from work.

7. They Have Good Interpersonal Relationship

Through their line of work, they come across different classes of people. The mean, the high-tempered, the depressed, and the frustrated patient. But in all, they can relate very well, no matter the level of provocation. They can translate these qualities into their dating life. An excellent interpersonal relationship can enhance your relationship.

8. Travelling Opportunities

Optometrist sometimes travels out of their countries for further studies to enhance their skills, acquire new knowledge, and ensure good practice. They also go to conferences and seminars on matters related to their profession. You will have the chance to join them on one of their travels.

9. They are Collaborative

An optometrist doesn’t work in isolation. They collaborate with other health professionals in their line of work to deliver quality service. They will collaborate with you in decision-making and involve you in all aspects of their life.

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