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March 19 Famous Birthdays

March 19 Famous Birthdays

The famous birthdays of March 19th come under the Pisces zodiac sign. They are quick and have the ability to be an effective communicator. Additionally, they are detailed and organized. As a matter of fact, they could teach on a university level if they so choose.

Famous people born on 19th March actually have many talents. So a profession could be hard to decide on. When it comes to personal relationships, they can be unrealistic and end up disillusioned. Sometimes, they destroy friendships because they have been thoughtless and rash. Holding on to ill feelings mostly affects one person and that is the person holding the baggage.


Normally, those who share this famous birthday are happy people but have a tendency to exaggerate the truth. They may think it hurts no one. But in the end, they come off looking like a liar.

Where their health is concerned, those born on March 19th may need to replace the hard liquor with a coke or even a glass of wine.


Famous people born on March 19 make loyal and trusting friends. They are quick learners that can hold a grudge. Otherwise, they have pleasant birthday personality traits. They are in good health but perhaps should seek assistance in disciplining their children. Take a look at the March 19 famous birthday celebrities listed below.


March 19th Famous Birthday Personality Traits

19th March Good Traits:

  • Devoted
  • Disciplined
  • Practical
  • Careful
  • Loyal
  • Intelligent
  • Frank
  • Trusting

19th March Bad Traits:

  • Resentful
  • Overprotective
  • Impulsive
  • Insecure
  • Doubtful

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March 19th Famous Birthday Personalities

Abbas Ali Baig, 1939, Cricket Player
Abby Brammell, 1979, TV Actress
Abby Ross, 1997, TV Actress
Adam Fielding, 1993, Soap Opera Actor
Adolf Eichmann, 1906, Criminal
Adriano Zendejas, 1996, TV Actor
Ahmad Bradshaw, 1986, Football Player
AJ Lee, 1987, Wrestler
Albert Pinkham Ryder, 1847, Painter
Albert Speer, 1905, Architect
Aleksandr Kokorin, 1991, Soccer Player
Alessandro Nesta, 1976, Soccer Player
Alina Fernandez, 1956, Family Member
Alley Boy, 1984, Rapper
Alyssa Ness, 1995, Dancer
Andre Miller, 1976, Basketball Player
Andy Reid, 1958, Football Coach
Ann Elizabeth Carson, 1929, Poet

Anna Held, 1872, Stage Actress
Anne Vyalitsyna, 1986, Model
Antonio Champalimaud, 1918, Entrepreneur
Asher Hill, 1991, Figure Skater
Ashley Giles, 1973, Cricket Player
Barry Cofield, 1984, Football Player
Benny Fine, 1982, YouTube Star
Betty Compson, 1897, Movie Actress
Bianca Balti, 1984, Model
Bill Henderson, 1926, TV Actor
Billy Sheehan, 1953, Guitarist
Bisa Kdei, 1986, World Music Singer
Brad Jones, 1982, Soccer Player
Brann Dailor, 1975, Drummer
Brett Cap, 1988, YouTube Star
Bruce Willis, 1955, Movie Actor
Bruno Leonardo Gelber, 1941, Pianist
Bun B, 1973, Rapper
Burt Metcalfe, 1935, TV Producer
Casey Anthony, 1986,
Cecily Tynan, 1969, News Anchor
Chad Kowal, 1992, Rock Singer
Charles Marion Russell, 1864, Painter
Charlotte Bellamy, 1973, Soap Opera Actress
Charlotte Devaney, 1988, DJ
Christopher Murray, 1957, TV Actor
Claudio Bisio, 1957, TV Show Host
Clayton Kershaw, 1988, Baseball Player
Connor Trinneer, 1969, Movie Actor
Craig Lamar Traylor, 1989, TV Actor
Cydonie Mothersille, 1978, Runner
Dakota Schuetz, 1966, Scooter Rider
Dalton James, 1971, Movie Actor
Dan Levy, 1981, Comedian
Dan Walker, 1977, Journalist
David Fine, 1952, Criminal
David Livingstone, 1813, Explorer
David Ross, 1977, Baseball Player
David Svoboda, 1985, Pentathlete
De’Aundre Bonds, 1976, Movie Actor
Debbie Rush, 1966, Soap Opera Actress
Dee Ford, 1991, Football Player
Dinu Lipatti, 1917, Pianist
Dmitry Malyshko, 1987, Biathlete
Earl Warren, 1891, Supreme Court Justice
Ed Parker, 1931, MMA Fighter
Eduard Gufeld, 1936, Chess Player
Eduardo Saverin, 1982, Entrepreneur
Edward Bartlett Cormack, 1898, Screenwriter
EJ Manuel Jr., 1990, Football Player
EJ Viso, 1985, Race Car Driver
Eliane Elias, 1960, Pianist
Ellen Gates Starr, 1859, Civil Rights Leader
Eric Christmas, 1916, Movie Actor
Evan Bourne, 1983, Wrestler

Francois Joseph Bosio, 1769, Sculptor
Franz Harary, 1962, Magician
Fred Stoller, 1958, Comedian
Freddie Smith, 1988, Soap Opera Actor
Frederic Joliot Curie, 1900, Scientist
Garrett Clayton, 1991, Movie Actor
Gary Jules, 1969, Rock Singer
Gay Brewer, 1932, Golfer
Geoffrey Lower, 1963, TV Actor
George Rodger, 1908, Photographer
Gil Friesen, 1937, Film Producer
Giorgio Tsoukalos, 1978, TV Show Host
Glenn Close, 1947, Movie Actress
Gootecks, 1983, Entrepreneur
Gregory Gorenc, 1992, Pop Singer
Harry Babasin, 1921, Bassist
Harvey Weinstein, 1952, Film Producer
Hector Bellerin, 1995, Soccer Player
Hedo Turkoglu, 1979, Basketball Player
Henry Slade, 1993, Rugby Player
Herman Jose, 1954, Comedian
Hudson Thames, 1994, TV Actor
Ian Terry, 1991, Reality Star
iHasCupquake, 1988, YouTube Star
Imogen Townley, 1992, Reality Star
Irving Wallace, 1916, Novelist
Ivan Ljubicic, 1979, Tennis Player
Jackson Guthy, 1996, Pop Singer
Jaclyn Riley, 2001, Dancer
Jacob Keller, 1992, YouTube Star

Jake Weber, 1964, Movie Actor
Jake White, 1963, Rugby Coach
James Gillett, 1990, Guitarist
James Kirkland, 1984, Boxer
James Otis Kaler, 1848, Children’s Author
James Redfield, 1950, Screenwriter
Jason LaRue, 1974, Baseball Player
Jawan Harris, 1997, Pop Singer
Jay Berwanger, 1914, Football Player
Jazz Cartier, 1996, Rapper
Jeanne Beker, 1952, Journalist
Jennifer Murphy, 1979, Model
Jeremy Rohmer, 1993, Model
Jerry Saltz, 1951, Journalist
Jessie Jordan, 1994, Gymnast
Jim Korderas, 1962, Referee
Joe Gaetjens, 1924, Soccer Player
Joe Kapp, 1938, Football Player
Johan Olsson, 1980, Skier
John J. Raskob, 1879, Entrepreneur
Jonathan Berg, 1988, eSports Player
Jonathan Steinberg, 1977, Business Executive
Jorma Taccone, 1977, Movie Actor
Jose Sabogal, 1888, Painter
Josef Albers, 1888, Painter
Joseph Kane, 1894, Screenwriter
Joseph W. Stilwell, 1883, War Hero
Josie Loren, 1987, TV Actress
Joxe Azurmendi, 1941, Philosopher
JT Woodruff, 1976, Rock Singer
Julia Montes, 1995, Movie Actress
Julien Macdonald, 1971, Fashion Designer
Kaiya Jones, 1996, Soap Opera Actress
Kajal Aggarwal, 1985, Movie Actress
Kathy Gori, 1951, Movie Actress
Kenny Schrub, 1995, eSports Player
Kevin Shinick, 1969, TV Actor
Khaled Mardam-Bey, 1968, Engineer
Kolo Toure, 1981, Soccer Player
Koren Robinson, 1980, Football Player
LA Materialista, 1985, Rapper
Lacy Mandigo, 1997, Rock Singer
Laszlo Szabo, 1917, Chess Player
Lee Joo-Yeon, 1987, TV Actress
Lenin Fierro, 2001, Star
Lenin Moreno, 1953, Politician
Lenka, 1978, Pop Singer
Lennie Tristano, 1919, Pianist
Lisa Stahl, 1965, Game Show Host
Lorenzo Cromwell, 1995, Instagram Star
Lori Lindsey, 1980, Soccer Player
Louis Hayward, 1909, Movie Actor
Lucie Laurier, 1975, TV Actress
Luis Moreno, 1981, Soccer Player
Lynda Bird Johnson Robb, 1944, Family Member
Lynne Sharon Schwartz, 1939, Poet
Lyric Dubee, 1998, Rock Singer
Maddy Hill, 1990, TV Actress
Madisen Kuhn, 1996, Blogger
Malin Olsson, 1982, TV Show Host
Mandana Karimi, 1988, Movie Actress
Maria de Lurdes Rodrigues, 1956, Politician
Maria Friedman, 1960, Stage Actress
Mario Molina, 1943, Scientist
Mario Monti, 1943, World Leader
Marty Mone, 1983, Country Singer
Mary Scheer, 1963, TV Actress
Mason Jennings, 1975, Folk Singer
Matt Littler, 1982, Soap Opera Actor
Matt Nichols, 1987, Football Player
Max Reger, 1873, Composer
Merle Juschka, 1999, TV Actress
Michael Cox, 1940, Pop Singer
Michel Sabbah, 1933, Religious Leader
Michele Morrow, 1978, TV Show Host
Mike Coffman, 1955, Politician
Mike Jolly, 1958, Football Player
Mike Longo, 1939, Pianist
Modestas Paulauskas, 1945, Basketball Player
Mohan Babu, 1952, Movie Actor
Moms Mabley, 1894, Comedian
Moorfield Storey, 1845, Civil Rights Leader
Natalie Barr, 1968, News Anchor
Nate Quarry, 1972, MMA Fighter
Neil LaBute, 1963, Director
Nicholas Fraser, 1994, Vine Star
Nicholas Stoller, 1976, Director
Nico Morani, 1996, Instagram Star
Nigel Clough, 1966, Soccer Player
Norman Haworth, 1883, Scientist
Patricia Laffan, 1919, Movie Actress
Patricia Morison, 1915, Movie Actress
Patrick McGoohan, 1928, TV Actor
Paul Atkinson, 1946, Guitarist
Payton Jordan, 1917,
Petar Preradovic, 1818, Poet
Philip Daniel Bolden, 1995, Movie Actor
Philip Roth, 1933, Novelist
Phyllis Newman, 1933, Stage Actress
Rachel Blanchard, 1976, TV Actress
Rachel Talbott, 1987, YouTube Star
Randy Steven Kraft, 1945, Criminal
Rangana Herath, 1978, Cricket Player
Rasmus Flyckt, 1989, Pop Singer
Renata Kaczoruk, 1986, Model
Renata Molinaro, 1988, Model
Rene J. Bienvenu, 1923, Scientist
Rene Moore, 1959, R&B Singer
Renee Taylor, 1933, TV Actress
Richard Francis Burton, 1821, Explorer
Richard Williams, 1933, Cartoonist
Richie Ashburn, 1927, Baseball Player
Ricky Lee, 1948, Screenwriter
Ricky Wilson, 1953, Guitarist
Robert Schenkkan, 1953, Playwright
Roman Eremenko, 1987, Soccer Player
Rosalind Harris, 1950, Movie Actress
Roy Wegerle, 1964, Soccer Player
Rune Bratseth, 1961, Soccer Player
Ruta Meilutyte, 1997, Swimmer
Ruth Pointer, 1946, R&B Singer
Sam Simmons, 1977, Comedian
Sam Whiteman, 1992, Cricket Player
Sarah Hawkinson, 1990, YouTube Star
Scott May, 1954, Basketball Player
Shanna Nina, 1993, Twitch Star
Shannon Beveridge, 1992, YouTube Star
Sharon Robinson, 1958, Songwriter
Shawn Bunch, 1983, MMA Fighter
Sierra Romero, 1994, Softball Player
Simmone Jade Mackinnon, 1973, TV Actress
Simo Aalto, 1960, Magician
Sophie Foster, 1998, YouTube Star
Steve Gleason, 1977, Football Player
Susanne Sundfor, 1986, Pop Singer
Sydney Isitt-Ager, 1999, Movie Actress
Tanushree Dutta, 1984, Movie Actress
Tavon Wilson, 1990, Football Player
Terry Hall, 1959, Rock Singer
Thom Hell, 1976, Pop Singer
Thomas Davenport, 1991, Instagram Star
Thomas Decoud, 1985, Football Player
Thomas Harrison Butler, 1871, Doctor
Thomas McKean, 1734, Politician
Thomas Padalecki, 2012, Family Member
Tobias Smollett, 1721, Poet
Tom Briscoe, 1990, Rugby Player
Tom McRae, 1969, Rock Singer
Tommy Cooper, 1921, Magician
Tyler Bozak, 1986, Hockey Player
Tyrone Hill, 1968, Basketball Player
Ursula Andress, 1936, Movie Actress
Vida Guerra, 1974, Model
Videoprosuperstars, 2001, YouTube Star
Virginia Williams, 1978, TV Actress
Vivian Hsu, 1975, Pop Singer
Vladimir Konstantinov, 1967, Hockey Player
Wayne Wade, 1959, Reggae Singer
William Allingham, 1824, Poet
William Bradford, 1590, Politician
William Jennings Bryan, 1860, Politician
Wyatt Earp, 1848, Entrepreneur
Yasin Öztekin, 1987, Soccer Player
Yoko Kanno, 1967, Composer
Yolanthe Sneijder-cabau, 1985, TV Actress
Youssef Elsisi, 1935, Composer
Zachary Haven, 2004, Movie Actor
Zachary Scuderi, 1994, Twitch Star
Zeus Collins, 1993, Reality Star
Ziad Bourji, 1977, Pop Singer


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