Monday, October 3, 2022

Autumn Equinox and Full Moon Effects

Full Moon’s Effect On the Equinox Seasons

The Autumnal Equinox in Halifax and Montreal, the Ascendant is early Cancer, and an MD, it is late Gemini; but in all three places, there is NO FIRE in the AE chart! Fire is the energy of enthusiasm (Air being an intellect, Earth practicality, and Water emotion).

This sets the tenor of the fall: there will be a huge emphasis on emotion and intellect and less on practical applications of either. With Saturn conjunct the 4th House Sun (and occupying it as well in the Canadian charts), there will be a great desire to get to the bottom of things at home, to firm up the foundation.

Mars and Venus are hanging out in the 5th House in all three charts, with wonderfully harmonious aspects to Pluto, this is great for all kinds of creative endeavors and partnerships—as well as romance. Jupiter and Uranus are exactly conjunct in all three charts at 29• Pisces—“light breaking through a prism”—and close to the Moon at 27•–“a fertile garden under a full moon reveals a variety of fruits and vegetables”—these are superb degrees for considering and celebrating all the elements of our lives.

In all three charts, Pluto conjuncts the North Node of the Moon, which indicates real transformation if we are truly following our Paths.

‘Twill be a splendid time for sifting the emotional underpinnings leftover from the summer’s eclipses and sorting what can be used to prepare for the coming New Year. (There are another pair of eclipses–solar and lunar–right at Yule, which will shake us into action in early January.

Full Moon Effect

The Full Moon occurs several hours later, so many of the same elements obtain. In these charts, however, Mercury is prominent, being conjunct the Ascendant in all three charts and leading the rest of the planets in order.

The image for Mercury’s degree, 14• Virgo, is “an aristocratic family tree”, which indicates a reliance on tradition and character: what is old may well become new again. Mercury is still moving slowly after its most recent retrograde, but at this point, it catches up to the point at which it began moving backward, so all matters pertaining to communication and/or transportation should improve dramatically.

This will be an especially “verbal” month, good for expressing feelings and ideas at all levels. The Sun and Moon—in opposition at the first degrees of Libra and Aries—call us to refine our expectations of relationships; and Saturn’s proximity to the Sun gives us the discipline to do the work necessary to bring out the best in each other. A tall order: but surely one to which we are equal!

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