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Famous Events For June 2

Famous Events For June 2 – Today In History

June 2: Today in History – Historical Events

Early Centuries – June 2  Historic Events – Before the 1700s

1. 2nd June 1537: Enslavement and ill-treatment of Indians was banned by Pope Paul III.
2. 2nd June 1621: Orange Price Fredrick Henry was today sworn as Viceroy of Holland/Zeland.
3. 2nd June 1627: Guyana was established today by King Charles I of England.
4. 2nd June 1633: The Fort Rhine was today conquered by Prince Fredrick Henry.


18th Century – What Happened on June 2 – The 1700s

5. 2nd June 1774: The British Parliament passed the “Quartering Act” on the local governments in their Colonies in America which insisted that the local governments provide housing, provision of supplies, and food to the British soldiers.
6. 2nd June 1780: The Parliament in London was attacked today by anti-Catholic demonstrators.
7. 2nd June 1793: Francois Hanriot, leader of the French military troop “Parisian Guard” with Jean-Paul Marat, a political leader reigned terror by captivating Girondins and detained 22 of them. This led to violent clashes eventually leading to the French Revolution.

19th Century – June 2 This Day That Year – The 1800s

8. 2nd June 1848: All slaves in Europe joined hands to restrict the growth of German and Hungarian nationalism in the city of Prague resulting in the formation of a political setup called the Pan-Slave Congress also known as the Slavic Congress.
9. 2nd June 1851: Alcohol prohibition law was enacted for the first time in the US in Maine.


10. 2nd June 1855: Protesting against the prohibition of alcohol in Portland civilians gathered at a spot where the alcohol was locked up. The protest came to be known as the Portland Rum Riot in Maine.
11. 2nd June 1857: The chain stitch single-thread sewing machine was patented today by James Gibbs of Virginia.
12. 2nd June 1863: Abolitionist Harriet Tubman led union guerrillas into Maryland for freeing slaves.
13. 2nd June 1873: Construction for the world’s first cable railroad began today on Clay St, San Francisco.
14. 2nd June 1875: Inventor Alexander Graham Bell today made the first-ever sound transmission.
15. 2nd June 1875: James Augustine Healy became a Bishop of the Catholic Church today. He was the first black to be appointed Bishop in the United States.
16. 2nd June 1876: Bulgarian poet and revolutionary was killed in Stara Planina today.


17. 2nd June 1883: Night baseball was played under lights for the first time at Fort Wayne Indiana today.
18. 2nd June 1896: Inventor and Noble laureate Guglielmo Macaroni applied for a patent for the radio today, which was accepted much later on 2nd July 1897.

20th Century – Important Events On This Day June 2nd – The 1900s

19. 2nd June 1904: Microbe which causes photosynthesis was found by Professor Schron today.
20. 2nd June 1909: Alfred Deakin, known for his efforts in bringing reforms and forming a balanced Commonwealth government, became Prime Minister of Australia for the third time.
21. 2nd June 1910: Pygmies were discovered in Dutch Guinea today.
22. 2nd June 1910: Charles Rolls, the co-founder of Rolls Royce Ltd, also an aviation pioneer, double-crossed the English Channel nonstop. He was awarded a gold medal by the Royal Aero Club for this feat.


23. 2nd June 1913: Demonstrations were held in the Netherlands for general voting rights.
24. 2nd June 1917: World War flying ace from Canada Billy Bishop was awarded the Victoria Cross for undertaking a solo mission behind enemy lines and shooting down three aircraft as they were about to take off and seven other aircraft on the ground.
25. 2nd June 1919: Carl Sandburg was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for Cornhuskers.
2nd June 1920: Pulitzer Prize for the year was awarded to Eugene O’Neill for “Beyond the Horizon”.
26. 2nd June 1924: In recognition of the participation of thousands of Indians in World War I, President Cooliof the United States promulgated the “Indian Citizenship Act” which recognizes all Indians as American citizens.
27. 2nd June 1932: The “Cabinet of Barons” for formed today by the German Chancellor Franz von Papen.
28. 2nd June 1933: US President Franklin D Roosevelt today authorized the building of the first swimming pool inside the White House.

29. 2nd June 1936: General Anastasio Somoza Garcia today took over as dictator of Nicaragua.
30. 2nd June 1940: Dunkirk beach was heavily bombarded by German bombers today.
31. 2nd June 1943: The 99th Pursuit Squadron today flew its first combat mission over Italy.
32. 2nd June 1946: The Italians showed their support for the shift from a ma  Monarchy to a Republic through the Italian Constitutional Referendum.
33. 2nd June 1952: In the US, 650,000 metal workers went on strike today.
34. 2nd June 1953: Queen Elizabeth II was coroneted today as the Queen of England, Canada, Australia, and  New Zealand as head of the Commonwealth.
35. 2nd June 1954: A Convair XFY-1 Pogo demonstrated vertical takeoff and landing for the first time today. It was known as the tail sitter as it sat on its tail during takeoff and landing.
36. 2nd June 1955: The Belgrade Declaration to respect Yugoslav’s socialist reforms was signed today by Yugoslavia and the USSR.
37. 2nd June 1956: Marshall Tito, President of Yugoslavia visited Moscow today.
38. 2nd June 1957: First Secretary of the Soviet Union Nikita Khrushchev was today interviewed by US TV.
39. 2nd June 1962: In the 61st men’s French tennis championship, Rod Laver beat Roy Emerson after being two sets down. Scores: 3-6, 2-6, 6-3, 9-7, 6-2.

40. 2nd June 1964: Lal Bahadur Shastri was elected as Prime Minister of India today.
41. 2nd June 1966: In the first lunar soft landing US Surveyor I landed in Oceanus Procellarum today.
42. 2nd June 1967: The arrival of the Shah of Iran in West Berlin triggered protests from students who were opposed to his extremist regime. The protests turned into a riot after provocation by Shah’s guards.
43. 2nd June 1968: Government permission for exporting silver was made mandatory for Canadians today.
44. 2nd June 1969: In South Vietnam,m 74 people were killed when Australian aircraft carrier HMAS Melbourne sliced US Destroyer USS Frank E Evans in half.
45. 2nd June 1972: In an IRA land mine attack near Rosslea, County Fermanagh, two British soldiers lost their lives today.
46. 2nd June 1974: Mali adopted its constitution today.

47. 2nd June 1975: There was snowfall in London which was the first recorded snowfall in London in June.
48. 2nd June 1977: Casino gambling in Atlantic City was permitted by New Jersey.
49. 2nd June 1979: Pope John Paul II visited Poland today. He became the first pope to visit a communist country.
50. 2nd June 1983:The toilet of the DC-9 aircraft belonging to Air Canada catches fire killing 23 people in Cincinnati.
51. 2nd June 1985: In Greece, the PASOK party led by Andreas Papandreou won the elections today.
52. 2nd June 1989: 100,000 citizens of China blocked 10,000 soldiers at Tiananmen Square protecting students demonstrating for democracy.

53. 2nd June 1994: Chinook helicopter crashed in North Scotland killing 29 people.
54. 2nd June 1997: In France, Liberals beat the Conservatives today.
55. 2nd June 1999: Television transmission was brought to Bhutan for the first time by Bhutan Broadcasting Services.

21st Century – June 2 This Day In History – The 2000s

56. 2nd June 2003: On the first voyage to another planet by Europe, The European Space Agency launched its Mars Probe from the Baikonur Space Centre in Kazakhstan.
57. 2nd June 2009: Switzerland officially entered to Global recession today.

58. 2nd June 2012: Hosni Mubarak, the former President of Egypt was sentenced to life imprisonment for his role involving the killing of protestors during the 2011 revolution.
59. 2nd June 2012: In Ghana’s Accra airport, a cargo plane crashed when it overshot the runway during takeoff in bad weather. Ten people were killed.
60. 2nd June 2013: Researchers of Columbia University today made a stunning claim that “Graphene”, despite its defects, when bound together is the strongest material in the world.
61. 2nd June 2014: King Juan Carlos stepped down as head of Spain citing health issues and age. He handed over the reign to his son, Price Phillipe.
62. 2nd June 2014: In India, the state of Andhra Pradesh got bifurcated a new State of Telangana was formed. This became the 29th state in India.
63. 2nd June 2015: In Bhutan about 100 volunteers created a world record in tree planting, by planting 49,672 trees in one hour.

64. 2nd June 2015: The President of FIFA, stepped down just five days after he was re-elected for the 5th term following accusations of money laundering and bribery amounting to millions of Euros.
65. 2nd June 2018: In Spain, Pedro Sanchez, a Socialist was sworn in as its Prime Minister.

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