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Famous Events For June 16

Famous Events For June 16 – Today In History

June 16: Today in History – Historical Events

Early Centuries – June 16  Historic Events – Before the 1700s

1. 16th June 1487: Henry VII beat John de la Pole and Lord Lowell in the battle of Stoke, Nottinghamshire.
2. 16th June 1567: Mary the Queen of Scotts was imprisoned in Lochleven Castel Prison in Scotland.


3. 16th June 1624: Following the bankruptcy of the London Company, Virginia became an English crown colony.

18th Century – What Happened on June 16 – The 1700s

4. 16th June 1745: British fleet occupied Cape Breton on the Saint Lawrence River.
5. 16th June 1746: The Spanish army and the French army were beaten by Austria and Sardinia in a battle at Piacenza.
6. 16th June 1779: The siege of Gibraltar begins as Spain declares war on Great Britain in support of the US.
7. 16th June 1784: Wearing of orange clothes forbidden in Holland.
8. 16th June 1794: The first stone was laid today at the biggest Dutch grain windmill De Walvisch in Schiedam.


19th Century – June 16 This Day That Year – The 1800s

9. 16th June 1815: The French army led by Napoleon Bonaparte beat Prussia in the battle at Ligny.
10. 16th June 1822: There was a slave rebellion in South Carolina. Denmark Vesey led the rebellion.
11. 16th June 1823: The shipyard at Rotterdam-Antwerp was today opened by King William I.
12. 16th June 1836: The London Working Men’s Association was formed today.
13. 16th June 1858: Accepting the Illinois Republican party’s nomination for the Senate, Abraham Lincoln said “A house divided against itself cannot stand”.
14. 16th June 1871: The Ancient Arabic Order of Nobles of Mystic Shrine was formed today in New York City.
15. 16th June 1871: The University Tests Act allows students to enter Oxford, Cambridge, and Durham universities without religious texts, except for courses in theology.
16. 16th June 1873: President Ulysses Grant decreed Wallowa Valley for Nez-Perce Indians.
17. 16th June 1880: The Salvation Army was formed in London today.


18. 16th June 1881: A military treaty was signed today by Austria-Hungary and Serbia.
19. 16th June 1882: In Dubuque, Iowa, a hailstone weighing 1.75 lbs. measuring 17” in diameter fell.
20. 16th June 1883: 183 children were killed in the Victoria Hall theater panic in England.
21. 16th June 1884: The first American Roller Coaster (switchback railway) opened at Coney Island, in Brooklyn, New York.
22. 16th June 1893: The Cracker Jack was invented by R W Rueckheim.
23. 16th June 1896: Fort Mojave in California recorded a temperature of 127° F.

20th Century – Important Events On This Day June 16th – The 1900s

24. 16th June 1900: In a fire set by Boxers in China, the Western Quarter was virtually destroyed and it also engulfed many Chinese Landmarks.
25. 16th June 1903: Ford Motors was incorporated today under the leadership of Henry Ford.


26. 16th June 1903: Pepsi Cola Company formed today.
27. 16th June 1904: Governor General of Finland, Nikolay Bobrikov was assassinated by Eugen Schauman.
28. 16th June 1907: Tsar Nicolas II today dissolved the Second Duma (Parliament). He further issued an edict increasing the representation of the propertied class and reducing that of peasants, workers, and national minorities.
29. 16th June 1908: The Republican Party convened in Chicago. President Theodore Roosevelt picked William Howard Taft as his successor at the Convention.
30. 16th June 1909: The first US airplane was today sold commercially for $ 5000/= by Glenn Curtis.
31. 16th June 1913: The segregationist Native Land Act was passed by the South African Government. The Act restricts the purchase or lease of land by native Africans.
32. 16th June 1916: The passing of the Military Service Bill introduced Conscription in New Zealand.

33. 16th June 1917: The first All-Russian Congress of the Soviets convened today at Petrograd in Russia.
34. 16th June 1922: Henry Berliner demonstrated his helicopter to the US Bureau of Aeronautics.
35. 16th June 1932: The Republican Convention re-nominated US President Herbert Hoover and Vice President Charles Curtis today.
36. 16th June 1933: The National Industrial Recovery Act became law today. It was later struck down.
37. 16th June 1933: US Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, “FDIC”, was created today.
38. 16th June 1935: President Roosevelt’s “New Deal” was today accepted by the US Congress.
39. 16th June 1936: The Wall Bridge was today opened by Dutch Queen Wilhelmina.
40. 16th June 1940: A communist government was installed in Lithuania today.
41. 16th June 1941: The first federally owned airport in the US was opened today in Washington D.C.

42. 16th June 1944: The island today adopted its constitution.
43. 16th June 1944: King George VI today visited General Montgomery’s headquarters in Normandy.
44. 16th June 1949: Demonstration of Gas-turbine Electric Locomotive was held today at Eire in Pennsylvania.
45. 16th June 1952: A Swedish Catalina reconnaissance plane was today shot down by Soviet fighters.
46. 16th June 1954: The Dutch today shortened military conscription from 20 months to 18 months.
47. 16th June 1954: South Vietnam today elected Ngo Dinh Diem as Prime Minister of the State of Vietnam.
48. 16th June 1955: President Juan Peron of Argentina was today ex-communicated by Pope Pious XII.
49. 16th June 1958: After the Soviet Union took back control of Hungary, the leader of the anti-Soviet uprising in Hungary, Imre Nagy was hanged for treason.

50. 16th June 1961: World-renowned dancer from the Soviet Union’s Kirov Opera Ballet Company, Rudolf Nureyev defected during a stopover in Paris.
51. 16th June 1963: Valentina Tereshkova of the USSR became the first woman in space when she was launched into space aboard Vostok 6.
52. 16th June 1965: As part of continuing commitment of United States support a further 21,000 troops are to be sent to Vietnam.
53. 16th June 1976: Triggered by a march of 10,000 students carrying banners and shouting slogans “Down with Afrikaans” and “Viva Azania” violence broke out in several South African townships including Soweto with violent clashes between black demonstrators.
54. 16th June 1977: Larry Ellison, Bob Minor and Ed Oats incorporated Oracle Corporation in Redwood Shores California as a Software Development Laboratory.
55. 16th June 1977: Leonard Ilich Brezhnev, who was the first secretary of the Soviet Communist Party since 1964 was today elected as President of the Supreme Soviet. He is now both head of the Party and head of State.

56. 16th June 1979: Sixty-two sheiks were today killed by the Muslim Brotherhood in Allepo Syria.
57. 16th June 1980: The Supreme Court ruled that new forms of life created in labs could be patents.
58. 16th June 1983: European Comm Satellite 1, Oscar 10 was today launched by the European Space Agency.
59. 16th June 1983: Pope John Paul II visited Poland today.
60. 16th June 1983: Soviet General Secretary Yuri Andropov was today appointed as President of the Soviet Union.
61. 16th June 1995: Salt Lake City was awarded the XIX Winter Olympics in 2002.
62. 16th June 1999: An increase in the artillery shelling and mortar fire between India and Pakistan along the line of control in the disputed territory of Kashmir, has created an increased number of refugees fleeing the area.

21st Century – June 16 This Day In History – The 2000s

63. 16th June 2000: After 22 years Israel complies with the UN Security Council Resolution 425 which called for Israel to withdraw from Lebanon completely. Israel withdrew from all of Lebanon except the disputed Sheba Farms.
64. 16th June 2003: British Prime Minister Mr.Tony Blair came under enormous pressure both from the opposition and his party members for deceiving the British public as justification for going to war against Iraq as there was no evidence of weapons of mass destruction found in Iraq. The justification given now by Mr. Blair is the freedom of the Iraqi people.
65. 16th June 2006: Prince Victor Emmanuel, the son of the last Italian king, was today arrested on charges of corruption and recruitment of prostitutes for a casino. His family maintained his innocence and claimed that the arrest was a publicity stunt by the police.
66. 16th June 2007: In Nigeria, abductors today freed ten Indian nationals, held as hostages for two weeks. The release came a few days after a former militia leader was released on bail.
67. 16th June 2008: Honda today delivered the first 200 Honda FCX Clarity cars which run on Hydrogen and Electricity with only water vapor emission. They are now available for lease only in California as the city has a few Hydrogen fueling stations.

68. 16th June 2009: General Motors today entered into a deal to sell the Swedish brand Saab to Koenigsegg, a small car manufacturer selling 18 cars a year. GM did this as part of their effort to downsize and increase profitability.
69. 16th June 2011: After the city’s hockey team was defeated by Boston Bruins in the Stanly Cup final, riots erupted in the streets of Vancouver in Canada. Rioters looted stores and set fire to cars. The Riot police contained the mob in one part of the city.
70. 16th June 2012: China has included Liu Yang a 33-year-old woman, a military pilot who will be part of the crew in China’s space mission aboard the Shenzou-9 capsule that would spend a week at the Tiangong space lab.
71. 16th June 2012: A car bomb exploded in Bagdad killing 32 people.
72. 16th June 2012: After a lapse of 60 years Coca Cola resumed business in Myanmar.
73. 16th June 2012: A stage at the Toronto Radiohead Concert collapsed killing one person.
74. 16th June 2012: In Osmanabad in India a bus fell into a gorge killing 30 and injuring 15.
75. 16th June 2013: A series of car bomb explosions killed 20 people in Iraq.
76. 16th June 2016: Jo Cox, a British MP (L) was shot and killed outside her constituency surgery in Birstall, West Yorkshire.
77. 16th June 2016: Philadelphia became the first state in the US to pass tax on sweetened drinks.
78. 16th June 2017: Amazon today announced that it is buying Whole Foods for $ 13.7 billion.
79. 16th June 2017: Cuban travel and business restrictions which were loosened by President Obama were reinstated by President Donald Trump.
80. 16th June 2018: At least 31 people were killed when 2 suicide bombers attacked Damboa in Borno state in Nigeria.

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