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Good Feng Shui To Grow Business Sales

# Ways To Grow Business Sales With Feng Shui

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese art that advocates living in harmony with its environment and surroundings. It offers various ways and practical tips to increase your business sales. After all, what you do there relates to your prosperity and success. Within one year of changing your business premises using Feng Shui, watch your sales grow by an estimated 70 % and increase your profit margin by 25%.

By environing yourself with things that heighten and inspire you while working each day, you’ll feel happier not only will you improve sales. Always Keep your workspace sanctified and just for you, and brand your business as a target of productiveness.


Follow these tips to see your sales flow improve within a short period, thus gaining more profits.

How To Use Feng Shui To Grow Business Sales

#1. Create an exploration feel for customers

Successful business with more sales offers customers a discovery of their own or a little adventure by designing several pathways in your business’s independent areas with different energies, e.g., light, smell, color, shapes, etc.


#2. Create good energy in your firm

Customers buy based on emotion, and the definition of Feng Shui of emotion is the energy in motion. Distribute beautiful Feng Shui design in your business to create a strong sense of fresh energy. Position a jar of fresh flowers on your desk.

Flowers create fresh energy within the environment. And always change them when they show a sign of wilting. You can also berth a healthy plant in the Southeast corner of your office desk to appeal to better financial gain and enhance your sales growth chances.

Attract walk-by with a sensation front entrance full of beauty and movement and put incredible displays in your windows. Always show gratitude and be friendly to your customers.


A sales manifestation should always have a substantial wall behind it; it subtly amends its credibility and authority.

#3. Alter your products

Splaying your merchandise from one place to another in the same store keeps your products fresh and sales accelerated. Also, moving them to a new business location can increase customers’ rate of coming to your business.

In an online business, actuate your product offerings by increasing various options at various price fluctuations. Choose different products you have to sell and fluctuate the price multiple times. Feng Shui likes the flow of business by making movements around.


#4. Feng Shui your Business Website

Pick out some Feng Shui compatible color combinations on your website black, green, blue, or purple, yellow and red, or black, blue, and white.

These colors will create a more attractive display, increasing traffic and repetitive customer revisits. Aspire for a well-balanced design for your business site. When the yang and yin energies are in harmony, the influx of good luck is unruffled and unimpeded.

#5. Use Mirrors

Mirrors should ruminate auspicious symbols, such as your cash register. They should never be posted in a location where they contemplate staircases, clutter, or other mirrors and frames in the kitchen or bathrooms. Use covered square columns with mirrors to deflect negative energy.

And watch your sales grow by a high percentage. Be careful where you place your mirrors. Placing them in the oppositeness of a door/window or each other makes the space in between unbearable. You get energy pinking around back and forth. It’s an overstrung place to be.

If a business is experiencing an economic slowdown hitting the world, you might want to try using the Feng Shui mirror to increase sales. You can have a floor-ceiling mirror near the entrance to attract more customers. And deep inside the business, Feng Shui mirrors can improve the products on the rack.

#6. Use flowing water as this Feng Shui will grow Business Sales

Water is a potent Feng Shui element for promoting good business, wealth, and prosperity. Placing a small water fountain flowing with clean water in the southeast corner of your office will help you stay relaxed and stimulate business opportunities.

You can also create an office aquarium. For example, Feng Shui Goldfish symbolizes wealth and increases sales of a water feature at the southeast corner of the office.

It is beneficial to have a water fountain with fish in it. Most successful businesses in Asia have a beautiful water feature at the entrance. If you don’t have a fountain or a pond, you can put images of flowing water or swimming fish.

#7. Invite light  flow of fresh air

Your business or office should not be in a dark room. You should get more natural light and fresh air flowing across the room as much as possible during the day because this impacts how you feel. Eye strain creates stress and severe headaches and intervenes with productivity. Proper lighting improves the circumstances around you.

Choose a location where the main entrance faces an open space to allow light to enter your business. Another Feng Shui way is to ensure those offices and customer reception areas are well-lit to create positive energy in the room.

Maintain the flow of air. Always use fans to move stale air and stagnant ch’i out of the area, preferably electric circulating fans.

#8. Represent the five basic elements of Feng Shui

Ensure the five key elements, metal, water, earth, fire, and wood, are symbolized and balanced in your place of work. Use black metal furnishings. Fire can be represented with candles. Fish tanks represent water. Adding representation of richness to your wealthy Southeast corners corresponds to prosperity.


Putting a diamond, even the cheap Herkimer crystal version, in your wealthy corner office promotes success. By hanging Chinese coins bounding concert with a red ribbon, heighten your affluent corners with prosperity and flourish your business.

#8. Improve your workspace

Some guideline tips to improve your work area:

  • Clear the area in front of your desk. The deeper you are in an office, the better the Feng Shui.
  • Locate your business office and desk diagonal to the entrance door in the farthest corner.
  • Never locate your office or desk at the end of a straight corridor or walkway.
  • Do not place your desk directly facing the bathroom door. Your chances for advancement will be critically curtailed.
  • To avoid endless headaches and pressure, don’t sit in an office that directly exposes you to an overhead beam.
  • Do not sit with your back to the door. Always place your desk in an exponent position, such as facing the door with a wall surrounding your back for stability.
  • Clear all clutter. They disrupt the flow of energy and grind you to a halt.

#9. Feng Shui cash register placement

Locate your cash register in the very best Feng Shui spot, known as a commanding position, which is usually diagonally from the store’s entrance. The front door is the mouth of chi in Feng Shui because it’s the point where the energy starts and spreads around the store.

If the cash register is too far from the entrance, it’s easy for the energy to be hived off, decreasing sales and hence low profits. Keep the cash register close to the door to energize the register and channel it to the cash boulder clay.

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