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The Orange Symbolism In Feng Shui

The Symbolism of Orange in Feng Shui

It was a true sight to behold, and it made me appreciate the colors more generally their meanings, symbolism, and how easy it is to misuse them in our decorations and everyday lives. So by a gorgeous sunset, here is a quick little guide on the use and symbolism of Orange in Feng shui.

Orange stands for many things, and it’s Creative, Lively, Fun-Loving, Extroverted, and optimistic – To name a few! It is known to be called the Social color. It’s a great color to have sprinkled throughout your house, and we’ll get to where specifically in just a moment.


Orange – The Social Color

Because of  “Social color,” if you’re timid, you’re going out, or you have a job interview, etc., try to incorporate it into your wardrobe.

It’s an eye-catching color, so a few orange accessories will give that extra lively, extroverted edge to make you more memorable. Maybe try a cute orange bracelet, a summery skirt, or even a snazzy-looking orange tie.

Just remember, you want to use only a little sprinkle of orange – the same goes for decorating your house. A little goes a long way! Too much can overstimulate and leave you or your guests feeling a little drained.


In Feng Shui, there is also the use of the five elements. To figure out which room or part of a room uses what colors or elements, we use a Bagua Map. Orange’s element is, as you probably guessed, Fire.

Below you’ll see one version of a Bagua Map that you can follow to see which room’s elements complement or cancel out the orange Fire element. As you can see, you will want to avoid using too much orange/Fire in the Water and metal sections as they bring destructive energies when used together.

So, which rooms/sections should we be using more orange in? Well, because it creates the energy for more lively conversations and optimism (which is a big help when it comes to new love and friendships.) It’s especially great to use in living rooms, and anywhere you want to have lively and pulsating energy promoting happiness, fun, and warmth.


Why Orange is a Popular Color In Feng Shui?

1. Orange is Fun

Orange is also a popular choice for kitchens, dining rooms, and even in restaurants to help activate your appetite – We subconsciously connect the color to a craving for food. It doesn’t help that it shares the name with the popular citrus fruit.

According to your Bagua, though, you should use orange in the South facing Fame & Reputation section, the South West Love & Marriage section, and the North East Knowledge & Wisdom section.


You will want to avoid using a strong orange presence in the North Career section, North West Travel & Helpful People section, the South East Wealth & Prosperity section, and the West facing Children & Creativity section.

2. Creativity

Even though the color orange stands for Creativity and Fun-Loving, the elements are stronger than the colors, so Fire and Metal are destructive together. You will also want to avoid it in rooms where you want to create more of a quiet space.

Now don’t be intimidated by all these rules. You can still use some orange pieces where they say not to. It’s your house, after all – but keep in mind that it’s all about the BALANCE of the room.

3. Unmovable Elements

So try to even things out if you have unmovable elements like a fireplace in a metal element room or you really like how that orange rug ties the room together. Balance it out with elements that will cancel out its fire element.

Still, want more ideas on how to best use orange in your everyday life? Why don’t you try at least one of the following 10 tips:

Instead of painting the whole room orange, try using orange Feng-Shui accessories sprinkled throughout the space or just painting a feature wall or room trim, so it’s not too overwhelming.

Spruce up your next dinner party or family meal with a vibrant orange plate, orange fabric napkins, or a placemat set. It will brighten up your table, encourage laughter and conversation… as well as invite some healthy appetites. So much for having leftovers!

4. Brightens the Room

Orange throw pillows or blankets will brighten up any bed or couch as well as encourage good and lively conversation!

Painting a door orange is supposed to help draw in new people. If you have your own business, try painting the door orange to draw in more customers. If not, you could always do it to your living room door to promote drawing in new friends and fun times.

During the winter or rainy days, it can be hard not to succumb to all that grey. If that sounds like you, the orange decor will especially be a big help! It will remind you of the sunset, summertime, and happy moments. It will make your surroundings seem warm, and its optimism can help you beat those winter blahs.

5. Orange is a sign of Stimulation in Feng Shui

Did you know that the color orange also stimulates mental activity by increasing the brain’s oxygen supply? Next time you’re studying or working on a report for the boss, try using some orange in your workspace.

It could be as simple as some orange post-it notes or highlighters to a more whimsically painted orange desk. Orange is a less intense color than red, so people sometimes like to use it in the bedroom to promote Love and drawing or strengthen a romantic relationship.

6. Dark Orange Symbolizes Deceit and Distrust in Feng Shui

If you’re going to follow, avoid using a dark orange.  It symbolizes deceit and distrust. Reddish-orange represents things like sexual passion, domination, and pleasure.


If you hate the color orange but don’t miss out on its benefits, you should always decorate with a simple fruit bowl that includes a couple of oranges.

7. Fall and Halloween

Fall and Halloween clearance sales can be your best friend for finding some cute orange decorations at affordable prices.

That being said, Orange doesn’t have to mean Halloween or fall-only decor. I’d love a Halloween-themed house.

There are tons of cute rustic countries. Vintage and even modern-styled decor that takes advantage of the warm glow of orange. It isn’t all bright and in your face like a construction worker’s reflective vest!

This guides a little bit of help in navigating Orange throughout your Feng Shui.  So that everyone feels they can pull off in their home.

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