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Famous Events For June 14

Famous Events For June 14 – Today In History

June 14: Today in History – Historical Events

Early Centuries – June 14  Historic Events – Before the 1700s

1. 14th June 1623: Reverend Gerville Pooley of Virginia filed a breach of promise lawsuit against Cicely Jordan. It was the first breach of promise lawsuit that the Reverend lost.
2. 14th June 1634: The peace treaty of Polianov was signed by Russia and Poland today.
3. 14th June 1642: America’s first Compulsory Education Law was today passed by Massachusetts.


4. 14th June 1645: The Royalist forces of King Charles I were defeated by the “New Model Army” led by Olivier Cromwell and Thomas Fairfax.
5. 14th June 1658: The English and the French fleets today beat the Spanish in the battle of Schooneveld.

18th Century – What Happened on June 14 – The 1700s

6. 14th June 1775: The US Army was first formed as the “Continental Army” to fight the American Revolutionary War.
7. 14th June 1777: The Star and Strips Flag designed by Francis Hopkinson was today adopted by the Continental Congress. This flag replaced the Grand Union flag.
8. 14th June 1789: After sailing for 5800 KM Captain William Bligh and his loyal men cast off from HMS Bounty in a 6-meter launch and reached Timor today.
9. 14th June 1797: Napoleon formed the Ligurian Republic.


19th Century – June 14 This Day That Year – The 1800s

10. 14th June 1834: Leonard Norcross patented the Hardhat diving suit today.
11. 14th June 1834: Isaac Fischer Jr of Springfield, Vermont patented Sandpaper today.
12. 14th June 1841: In Kingston, Ontario, the first Canadian Parliament opened today.
13. 14th June 1846: The Belgian Liberal Party was formed.
14. 14th June 1847: The Bunsen burner was invented by Chemist Robert Bunsen.
15. 14th June 1850: The third great fire of early San Francisco started in a chimney of a bakery.
16. 14th June 1861: Rebels evacuated the Harpers Ferry in the face of General George McClellan’s advance.
17. 14th June 1872: Canada legalizes trade unions.
18. 14th June 1876: Franchise granted to the California Street Cable Car Railroad Co. today.
19. 14th June 1898: France today signed the Niger Convention.


20th Century – Important Events On This Day June 14th – The 1900s

20. 14th June 1900: The second law for the expansion of the German Navy was today approved by the Reichstag.
21. 14th June 1900: Hawaii, which was annexed by the USA on 12th Aug 1898 is considered as an organized territory.
22. 14th June 1904: Dutch troops killed all the inhabitants and occupied Kuto Reh, Sumatra.
23. 14th June 1904: The Russians were defeated and suffered heavy casualties at the hands of the Japanese at the battle of Telissu.
24. 14th June 1906: There was an organized massacre of Jews in Bialystok in Polish Russia.
25. 14th June 1907: About 50,000 Chinese workers were sent home by the government of Transvaal.
26. 14th June 1907: Norway today adopted female suffrage for middle-class women limited to parliament elections.


27. 14th June 1908: The fourth German Navy bill was passed. The bill authorized the financing of another four major warships.
28. 14th June 1913: The South African administration passed the Immigration Act restricting the entry and free movement of Asians resulting in widespread agitation and rioting by resident Indians led by M.K. Gandhi.
29. 14th June 1916: Democratic Convention was convened today in St. Louis and Woodrow Wilson campaigned on the slogan “he kept out of the war”.
30. 14th June 1916: An economic conference was held in Paris by eight allied nations which discussed ways and means of crippling their enemies’ economic power both during and after the war.
31. 14th June 1917: The first German air strike on England took place resulting in the killing of over 100 people.

32. 14th June 1919: The first non-stop air crossing of the Atlantic leaves Newfoundland.
33. 14th June 1922: The first US President to use radio, Warren J Harding dedicated the Francis Scott Key memorial in Baltimore.
34. 14th June 1924: From Albany, New York, WOKO-AM began transmitting today.
35. 14th June 1928: Herbert Hoover was today nominated for President by the Republican National Convention which met in Kansas City today.
36. 14th June 1929: Vatican and Prussia signed a Concord today.
37. 14th June 1929: The latest census indicated that the population of the US is continuing to grow at the rate of 1.4 million per year and predicted a population of 120,000,000 next year.
38. 14th June 1931: French ship “St Philbert” overturned off Nazaire France. 450 drowned.
39. 14th June 1932: In Germany, the government led by von Papen was formed today.

40. 14th June 1934: Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini met in Vienna today.
41. 14th June 1935: This day marks the end of the Chaco War between Bolivia and Paraguay.
42. 14th June 1936: Oranienburg Concentration Camp opened in Germany today.
43. 14th June 1938: Benjamin Grushkin patented Chlorophyll today.
44. 14th June 1939: As the use of electricity is increasing the cost of electricity has come down. For example, 200 watt hrs of energy which cost 1½ cents in 1921, now costs ¾ of a cent.
45. 14th June 1940: In Nazi-controlled Poland, Auschwitz concentration camp was opened today. 3 million would die inside the walls of the concentration camp including Polish POWs.
46. 14th June 1940: During World War II, German forces entered Paris and took control of the city.
47. 14th June 1941: In the city of Wichita in Kansas, groundbreaking was done for Boeing Plant II today.
48. 14th June 1941: As a consequence of mass deportation into Siberia, Estonia lost 11,000 inhabitants.

49. 14th June 1942: In Bridgeport, Connecticut, the first Bazooka rocket gun was produced today.
50. 14th June 1942: Anne Frank started her diary which she received on her 13th birthday. The diary describes details of her life in hiding from the Nazis. It has now become the world’s most widely-read book.
51. 14th June 1943: The United States Supreme Court, in the case of West Virginia Board of Education Vs Barnett, ruled that schoolchildren cannot be forced to salute the US National flag.
52. 14th June 1944: B-29 Bombers conducted air raids on mainland Japan for the first time.
53. 14th June 1946: The Canadian Library Association was established today.
54. 14th June 1949: During the first Indochina War, the French allied state of Vietnam was officially established today and Bao Dai was installed as Emperor of Vietnam.
55. 14th June 1954: A bill, to add the words “Under God” to the United States Pledge of Allegiance, was signed by President Eisenhower today.

56. 14th June 1954: Large-scale nationwide civil defense drills were held in America in the face of continuing Cold War threats. A simulation of over 12 million Americans dying in a mock nuclear attack. This prompted the world’s two largest nuclear powers to work together and stop the spread of nuclear proliferation.
57. 14th June 1961: Prompted by the increased number of accidents at zebra crossings, it is proposed to introduce a new type of road crossing with push button control which will allow pedestrians to stop traffic with flashing lights.
58. 14th June 1972: After a series of hijackings the International Federation of Airline Pilots Association accused the government of failing to take action against air piracy and called for a 24-hour stoppage for June 19.
59. 14th June 1973: The author of the famous commonsense Book of Baby and Child Care Dr. Benjamin Spook, Yale University Chaplin William Sloane Coffin Jr., and two others were today convicted of conspiring to aid, abet, and counsel draft registrants to violate Selective Service Act.
60. 14th June 1977: In a forerunner to smoking being banned on flights, non-smokers today won a legal battle with Eastern Airlines requiring Eastern Airlines to provide at least 65% non-smoking seats.
61. 14th June 1982: After lasting for six weeks the Falkland Island war ended with Argentina surrendering to Great Britain.

62. 14 June 1985: A TWA 847 flight that took off from Athens to Rome was hijacked by Shiite Hezbollah terrorists. Hijackers forced the plane to land in Beirut, Lebanon.
63. 14th June 1995: Treasury officials are again discussing the replacement of the dollar bill with a dollar coin which is proposed to be smaller than the original famous Susan B Antony Dollar.
64. 14th June 1998: NATO defense forces from several countries gathered close to the Serbian province of Kosovo in Albania and Macedonia in a show of strength and to persuade President Milosevic of Yugoslavia to end the assault on Kosovo and end bloodshed.
65. 14th June 1999: The world’s biggest supermarket Wal-Mart struck a deal with UK supermarket chain ASDA for £ 6.72 billion for supermarket Asda beating the offer from the Kingfisher group.

21st Century – June 14 This Day In History – The 2000s

66. 14th June 2001: In Sweden the Gothenburg Summit ended today with the focus on enlarging the European Union from 15 members to 27 members in the next decade and to press ahead with the implementation of the Kyoto Protocol on Global Warming. The negotiations broke down over the implementation of the “Kyoto treaty” with President Bush describing it as unrealistic and unscientific.

67. 14th June 2001: The Shanghai Cooperation Organization was formed today by China, Russia, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan.
68. 14th June 2005: California was struck by a massive earthquake of magnitude 7. This was followed by a Tsunami warning which forced the evacuation of thousands of residents from the coastal areas.
69. 14th June 2007: After a media report on child slavery in brick kilns, police raided 7,500 brick kilns in the central province of Henan. Two hundred people, twenty-nine of them children were rescued.
70. 14th June 2011: At Saint Anselm College in New Hampshire, seven of the Republican presidential nomination hopefuls staged their first debate for the 2012 election campaign.
71. 14th June 2012: Swedish doctors have undertaken the world’s first stem-cell-assisted vein transplant surgery on a 10-year-old girl.
72. 14th June 2012: In India, there was an explosion in a steel plant which killed 11 and seriously injured 16 people.
73. 14th June 2012: In the wake of the decision of the United States to suspend investment sanctions against Burma, Coca-Cola has said that it would re-start its business operations in Burma after the government starts issuing licenses to start investment in the country.
74. 14th June 2013: After it was concluded that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad had used chemical weapons against the Syrian people, the US government announced that it would give military aid to the Syrian rebels.
75. 14th June 2013: In the northern part of India massive floods cause severe damage and loss of life. The estimated death toll is 10,000.
76. 14th June 2017: A fire broke out in the Glen Tower block in London, England. 79 people were killed and 37 injured in the fire.
77. 14th June 2017: 38-year-old, openly gay, Leo Varadkar was today elected Prime Minister of Ireland. He became the youngest Prime Minister of Ireland.
78. 14th June 2017: As a punishment for medaling in the 2016 US elections the Senate today approved new sanctions against Russia.
79. 14th June 2017: Support of Bernie Sanders opened fire at Republican politicians playing while they were playing baseball near Washington DC. 4 people were injured in the fire.
80. 14th June 2018: The national debt of Malaysia was re-estimated at $ 250 billion which has gone up from the earlier estimate of $ 170 billion, 80% of the GDP.

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