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Famous Events For June 1

Famous Events For June 1 – Today In History

June 1: Today in History – Historical Events

Early Centuries – June 1  Historic Events – Before the 1700s

1. 1st June 1204: King Philip Augustus of France conquered Rouen today.
2. 1st June 1215: The Moguls under the leadership of Genghis Khan captured Beijing which was under the control of Emperor Xuanzong of Jin bringing to an end the Battle for Beijing.
3. 1st June 1283: Duke Rudolf II of Austria today waived his right to the Duchies of Austria and Styria through the Treaty of Rheinfelden.


4. 1st June 1459: The Congress of Mantua was opened today by Pope Pious II.
5. 1st June 1485: Vienna was taken from Holy Roman Emperor Fredrik III by Matthias of Hungary.
6. 1st June 1495: Scotch whisky’s first written record appears in the Exchequer Rolls of Scotland. The distiller was Friar John Cor.
7. 1st June 1533: In England, Anne Boleyn was today crowned as Queen of England.
8. 1st June 1535: The Allied forces defeated the Ottomans and captured Tunis.
9. 1st June 1648: In the Battle of Maidstone during the English Civil War the Roundheads emerged victorious against the Cavaliers.
10. 1st June 1668: In Brussels, the Duke of Alva oversaw the beheading of 18 nobles as part of the Council of Troubles/Council of Blood.
11. 1st June 1660: Mary Dyer was hanged for entering the Massachusetts Bay Colony ignoring the bar on members of the Quakers society from entering their premises.
12. 1st June 1670: Louis XIV of France and Charles II of Great Britain today signed The Secret Treaty of Dover. According to this agreement, France would provide support to England in becoming a part of the Roman Catholic Church. In return, England helped France in its conquest.


18th Century – What Happened on June 1 – The 1700s

13. 1st June 1779: Benedict Arnold, general of the Continental Army, faced a court marshal on charges of misfeasance during the American Revolutionary War.
14. 1st June 1792: Kentucky became the 15th state to be included in the Union Clause of the United States Constitution today.
15. 1st June 1794: For the first time the British and the French Naval forces combated each other on 1st June 1794. The battle came to be known as the Glorious First June.
16. 1st June 1796: Tennessee became a state of the United States of America.

19th Century – June 1 This Day That Year – The 1800s

17. 1st June 1812: On this day a conflict began between the United States of America and Great Britain and US Congress received the order from President James Madison to wage war against U. K.
18. 1st June 1813: The American frigate “USS Chesapeake” led by naval officer James Lawrence engaged the Royal Navy Frigate “HMS Shannon” led by Philip Broke and this was the day on which Lawrence gave his first order “Don’t give up the ship”.


19. 1st June 1831: An explorer James Clark Ross with another renowned explorer William Edward Parry today discovered the magnetic north pole and were the first Europeans to reach there.
20. 1st June 1855: American mercenary William Walker during his attempt to establish colonies under his sole control in Latin America, took control of Nicaragua today.
21. 1st June 1861: One of the major land conflicts the Battle of Fair Fax Court House was fought on this day and casualties belonging to the Confederates were reported for the first time.
22. 1st June 1862: The Battle of Seven Pines, the war between the Union and the Confederate forces ended today without a result.
23. 1st June 1868: The Treaty of Bosque Redondo was today signed by the leaders of Novajo and the US government, which allowed Navajo residents to return to Arizona, their homeland.
24. 1st June 1879: In the conflict between the British and the Zulu empire, the Anglo-Zulu War the last descendent of Napoleon Bonaparte was killed on this day.
25. 1st June 1890: The United States Census Bureau incorporated a new system of counting population. They introduced the use of a calculating machine which was designed to process data collected during census. The machine was invented by Herman Hollerith, an eminent scientist.


20th Century – Important Events On This Day June 1st – The 1900s

26. 1st June 1916: Lawyer Louis Brandeis, a Jew born to immigrants of Jewish faith was today appointed as associate justice, thus becoming the first Jew to hold office in the US Supreme Court.
27. 1st June 1921: The Greenwood district of Tulsa, which was one of the most flourishing black-dominated regions in the United States led to racial violence in which many whites attacked this region killing several African-American people.
28. 1st June 1922: The Royal Ulster Constabulary Force came into existence on this day after the passage of the Constabulary Act by the parliament of Northern Ireland. This became a police force in Northern Ireland.
29. 1st June 1929: In a first gathering of its kind known as the first conference of communists, representatives from countries like Brazil, Cuba, Bolivia, Argentina, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, and Venezuela gathered in Buenos Aires today.
30. 1st June 1933: Roger Williams the aviator announced his plan to fly a round trip flight across the Atlantic, starting from New York with stopovers at Rome, Greece, and Ireland, and concluding the trip in Chicago. He plans to start on July 24th in a Bellanca plane.

31. 1st June 1935: A compulsory driving test for all drivers was introduced in the U.K.
32. 1st June 1938: Superman created by writer Jerry Siegel and artist Joe Shuster appeared for the first time today in the DC comics’ action comic series issue #1. This was sold at 10 cents.
33. 1st June 1939: The German fighter aircraft Focke-Wulf Fw 190 took off on its first flight today. This aircraft was also used during the war.
34. 1st June 1941: After 12 days of a fierce battle between the German troops who attacked the Greek island of Crete and the combined forces of Greeks, British, New Zealand, and Australians, Crete surrendered to Germany.
35. 1st June 1941: All catholic publications were banned in Germany.
36. 1st June 1942: The Liberty Brigade, Warsaw’s underground newspaper was the first public newspaper to report about the death camps in Poland, where tens of thousands of Jews were gassed to death in a Polish death camp Chelmno.

37. 1st June 1943: A passenger aircraft BOAC Flight 777 from Lisbon to White Church, Bristol was attacked by Junkers JU 88 aircraft across the Bay of Biscay. All passengers including well-known actor Leslie Howard who was on board the aircraft died.
38. 1st June 1944: Giving aid to Allied pilots was made punishable by Nazi occupiers.
39. 1st June 1944: During World War II, the BBC broadcast a coded message to the resistance fighters in France that the D-Day invasion was imminent. It was from the first line of a poem by Paul Verlaine.
40. 1st June 1946: Ion Antonescu, a Romanian politician who had exercised dictatorial power during World War II was tried for his war crimes and was sentenced to death.
41. 1st June 1946: The British Broadcasting Corporation today introduced the first TV license. The license cost was £ 2.00 for the British public. This was in addition to the radio license which cost 10 shillings.
42. 1st June 1948: A cease-fire was agreed to by Israel and Arabs.
43. 1st June 1949: Independence was granted to Cyrenaica (East-Libya) by the British government today.

44. 1st June 1958: French President Charles de Gaulle was called from retirement following a political crisis over the revolt in Algeria. He was to head the emergency government with almost dictatorial powers for six months to tide over the crisis.
45. 1st June 1958: In Belgium the parliamentary elections were won by the christian-democrates.
46. 1st June 1959: Tunisia promulgated its constitution today.
47. 1st June 1960: Auckland in New Zealand received its first Television broadcast at 7.30 PM today.
48. 1st June 1963: Kenya today received freedom of handling its internal affairs from the United Kingdom, before receiving full independence. June 1st is therefore celebrated as Madaraka Day in Kenya.
49. 1st June 1964: Kenya became a republic today. The founding father of Kenya Jomo Kenyatta became its first President.

50. 1st June 1965: An explosion caused by non-compliance to safety measures in the Yamano coal mine near Fu Kuaka in Japan resulted in the death of 200 workers.
51. 1st June 1966: The White House Conference on Civil Rights was held today and 2400 people attended the conference.
52. 1st June 1967: The eighth studio album of the English rock band Beatles “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” hit music stores today. It won the Grammy for the “Album of the Year”.
53. 1st June 1969: Canada today bans advertising of tobacco on radio and TV.
54. 1st June 1970: Nikita Khrushchev, the former leader of the Soviet Union was hospitalized for a burst blood vessel. He was admitted to the Kremlin hospital where he would remain for a few weeks.
55. 1st June 1974: An explosion occurred at the Nypro chemical plant situated in Flixborough in the UK where 72 people working. 28 people were killed in the explosion.
56. 1st June 1979: The 100-year-old white minority rule came to an end in Rhodesia today. Its name was changed to Zimbabwe.
57. 1st June 1980: The world’s most famous news channel “Cable and News Network” (CNN) was launched today by American Business magnate Ted Turner. It was then, the only new channel to operate round the clock.
58. 1st June 1990: A treaty was today signed between former President George W Bush of the United States and Mikhail Gorbachev of Russia according to which they put an end to the manufacture of chemical weapons. This was one of the most famous agreements in recent times.

59. 1st June 1996: H. D. Deve Gowda became the Prime Minister of India.
60. 1st June 1999: American Airlines Flight 1420 from Dallas to Arkansas, which had landed safely lost control while taxing on the runway and crashed. 105 passengers and the captain of the aircraft Richard Bushmann died in the crash.

21st Century – June 1 This Day In History – The 2000s

61. 1st June 2001: A suicide bomber attacked a crowded nightclub in Tel Aviv Israel killing at least 17 people in one of the worst terrorist attacks in Israel to date.
62. 1st June 2001: Crown Prince Dipendra, the successor to the throne in Nepal went on a rampage with a gun before finally turning it on himself. The King, Queen, and seven others of the royal family were killed in the incident.
63. 1st June 2005: Sweden, which had voted to end the nuclear energy program shut down its Barseback 2 reactors today.
64. 1st June 2005: To clean up crime in the cities, police in Zimbabwe started a crackdown on Shanti towns built in the capital city of Harare. They destroyed several Shanti towns and arrested close to 22,000 people.
65. 1st June 2009: Multinational automobile giant General Motors filed for bankruptcy under Chapter 11, title 11 of the United States Code today.

66. 1st June 2009: Air France Flight 447 from Rio de Janeiro in Brazil to Paris crashed in the Atlantic Ocean after developing several technical snags. All passengers on board were killed.
67. 1st June 2011: A tornado that struck Massachusetts destroyed the Connecticut River Valley, and Springfield regions. Seven other tornados caused extensive damage to many parts of New England. Four people lost their lives.
68. 1st June 2012: In the trial of Presidential candidate John Edwards who was charged with misuse of campaign funds, the judge pronounced it a mistrial today as the jury could not decide on five of the six charges and they found him not guilty on the sixth charge.
69. 1st June 2013: In Southern Yamen, seven suspected al-Qaeda militants were killed today by two drone strikes. The suspected militants were traveling in two separate vehicles.
70. 1st June 2014: Football fans in Mubi Nigeria faced a massive bombing that claimed 14 lives. The state of Adamawa in Nigeria is under a state of emergency owing to threats from the Islamist terrorist group Boko Haram.
71. 1st June 2015: A cruise ship carrying 458 passengers capsized in the Yangtze River. There were less than 50 survivors.
72. 1st June 2017: President Donald Trump of the United States today announced the US withdrawal from the Paris Climate Agreement.
73. 1st June 2018: The unemployment rate in the US fell to 3.8% which is the lowest since 2000.
74. 1st June 2018: Giuseppe Conte, a law professor was today sworn in as Prime Minister of Italy to head a populist coalition.
75. 1st June 2018: A no-confidence motion filed by Socialist leader Pedro Sanchez forced Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy out of office.

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