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Famous Events For January 10

Famous Events For January 10 – Today In History

January 10: Today in History – Historical Events

18th Century – What Happened on January 10 – The 1700s

1. 10th Jan 1776: Marks the publication of Thomas Paine’s “Common Sense”.

19th Century – January 10 This Day That Year – The 1800s

2. 10th Jan 1806: British forces capture Cape Town from the Dutch.
3. 10th Jan 1830: Tea from India arrives in the United Kingdom.
4. 10th Jan 1840: Mail delivery at a standard charge and not requiring the recipient to pay began in Britain. This was called the penny mail.
5. 10th Jan 1861: In the US Civil War Florida secedes from the Union.
6. 10th Jan 1861: Mississippi seizes US forts and properties


7. 10th Jan 1861: In the Civil War Los Angeles troops take over Fort Jackson and Fort Philip.
8. 10th Jan 1863: January Uprising starts in Poland.
9. 10th Jan 1863: Fort Hindman Ark surrounded by General McClereand’s Union troops.
10. 10th Jan 1863: The first section of the London Underground Railway system from Paddington to Farrington Street was opened by Prime Minister Gladstone.
11. 10th Jan 1870: The reconvening of Georgia legislature.
12. 10th Jan 1870: The Standard Oil Company was incorporated by John D Rockefeller.
13. 10th Jan 1878: Female suffrage was proposed by the US Senate.
14. 10th Jan 1883: Fire broke out at Newhall Hotel in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, which was not insured killing 71.

20th Century – Important Events On This Day January 10th – The 1900s

15. 10th Jan 1901: Discovery of oil at Spindletop oil fields near Beaumont, Texas.
16. 10th Jan 1902: German Chancellor Von Bulow, despite its professed neutrality in the Boer war, joined others in attacking British actions in South Africa.


17. 10th Jan 1906: The French and the British start consultation on issues about the military and navy.
18. 10th Jan 1910: The first international air meet was held in Los Angeles in the US.
19. 10th Jan 2011: A treaty turning over customs to the US was signed by Honduras. This was not ratified.
20. 10th Jan 1911: The first photograph from an airplane was taken by Major Jimmie Erikson while flying over San Diego.
21. 10th Jan 1912: Caillaux government tenders its resignation in France.
22. 10th Jan 1914: The President of the new Chinese republic, Yuan Shih-K’ai dissolves parliament and prepares his constitution intending to become an Emperor.
23. 10th Jan 1914: World 500 M skating record established as Oscar Mathisen skates the distance in 43.7 seconds in Oslo.
24. 10th Jan 1916: Members of the Pacho Villa’s revolutionary army shoot 16 American mining engineers dead in cold blood in retaliation for President Wilson’s recognition of the Carranza government.
25. 10th Jan 1916: Russia launches offensive in Kaukasus.


26. 10th Jan 1917: The allied governments, in response to President Wilson’s 1916 note, give their terms for ending the war.
27. 10th Jan 1920: The League of Nations held its first meeting in Geneva.
28. 10th Jan 1920: The Treaty of Versailles, officially ending World War I with Germany was ratified by the League of Nations.
29. 10th Jan 1923: The country of Memel is seized and annexed by Lithuania.
30. 10th Jan 1923: The last of the US troops leave Rhineland in Germany.
31. 10th Jan 1925: Allies refuse to evacuate the Colon area in Germany as agreed.
32. 10th Jan 1925: Miriam Ferguson is sworn in as Texas governor. She became the nation’s second woman governor.
33. 10th Jan 1928: The exile of Russian revolutionary Leon Trotsky was ordered by the Soviet Union.
34. 10th Jan 1930: New Zealand’s first test against England begins at Christchurch New Zealand.
35. 10th Jan 1930: Mordovian Autonomous Region was constituted in the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic.
36. 10th Jan 1930: Maurice Allom takes test hat-trick England Vs New Zealand at Christchurch.


37. 10th Jan 1938: Eduard Van Beinum became the world’s first conductor in a concert hall.
38. 10th Jan 1939: Don Bradman scores 186 runs against Queensland before he was dismissed and caught at short leg.
39. 10th Jan 1941: Kleisoura was captured by the Greek army during World War II.
40. 10th Jan 1941: The registration of Jews by Seyss-Inquart begins.
41. 10th Jan 1942: Japan invades North-Celebs, Netherlands Indies.
42. 10th Jan 1943: US President Franklin D Roosevelt sailed from Miami to Trinidad. He became the first US President to visit a foreign country during the war.
43. 10th Jan 1943: Russia launches offensive against 4th/6th Armies of Germany near Stalingrad.
44. 10th Jan 1944: British troops conquer Maungdaw in Burma.
45. 10th Jan 1944: Congress passes the Serviceman’s Rehabilitation Act of 1944 (GI Bill of Rights). The bill provides servicemen returning from World War II for:
a. Pay for GI for further education including tuition fees and living allowance in colleges/schools.
b. Provide $20 for 52 weeks while they are looking for work.
c. Low interest and zero down payment home loans.
46. 10th Jan 1944: The first mobile electric power plant was delivered in Philadelphia.
47. 10th Jan 1946: The first radar contact was established with the moon by the US Army.

48. 10th Jan 1946: The first general assembly of the United Nations, with 51 member nations was convened in the Westminster Central Hall in London.
49. 10th Jan 1947: The landing of the ships “In-Gathering” and “Independence” in Israel was stopped by the British.
50. 10th Jan 1949: The First Vinyl Records in Great Britain were introduced. RCA introduced 45 RPM records and Columbia introduced 33.3 RPM records.
51. 10th Jan 1951: Donald Howard Rogers became the first pilot to fly a passenger jet when he flew a passenger jet from Chicago to New York City.
52. 10th Jan 1953: Archibald MacLeishh was awarded the Bollingen Prize for poetry.
53. 10th Jan 1954: W.H. Auden awarded Bollingens prize for poetry.
54. 10th Jan 1954: A Comet Jet airliner crashes in the Mediterranean. 35 people were reported missing.
55. 10th Jan 1956: The number “Heartbreak Hotel” was recorded by Elvis Presley.
56. 10th Jan 1957: Following the resignation of Sir Antony Eden, Harold Macmillan accepts the Queen’s invitation and becomes the Prime Minister of Great Britain.
57. 10th Jan 1964: An avalanche of ice and snow destroyed six villages at the base of Mt. Huascaran killing between 3000 to 4000 people, who were buried under 40 feet of debris.

58. 10th Jan 1964: The first Beetles album was released in the US by Vee-JayRecordss. :
59. 10th Jan 1966: Julian Bond was denied a seat in Georgia legislature for opposing the Vietnam War.
60. 10th Jan 1966: The Tashkent Declaration peace accord was signed by India and Pakistan.
61. 10th Jan 1967: Edward W Brooke became the first African American to be popularly elected to the US Senate.
62. 10th Jan 1967: President Johnson in his State of the Union message to Congress asks for a 6% surcharge on personal and corporate income tax to support the Vietnam War.
63. 10th Jan 1968: US spacecraft Surveyor 7 lands near the lunar crater Tycho.
64. Sweden recognizes North Vietnam. It became the first Western country to do so.
65. 10th Jan 1968: Free Derby, a pirate radio station starts operation in Northern Ireland.
66. 10th Jan 1969: Russia launches Venera 6 for parachute landing on Venus.
67. 10th Jan 1971: Richard Wilbur was awarded the Bollingen Prize for poetry.
68. 10th Jan 1971: Four men accused of criminal activities in Belfast are subjected to tarring and feathering by the Irish Republican Army.

69. 10th Jan 1972: Sheik Mujib ur-Rahman arrives in Dhaka in East Pakistan.
70. 10th Jan 1973: Graduates studying from home with “the Open University” receive their degrees for the first time.
71. 10th Jan 1973: A gas tank explodes on Staten Island. 40 people died in the explosion.
72. 10th Jan 1974: Following a global oil shortage, Secretary of State Henry Kissinger called upon oil-producing nations to work together to increase supplies and solve the world’s energy shortage.
73. 10th Jan 1978: The Soviet Union launched the Soyuz capsule with two cosmonauts on board for a rendezvous with space laboratory Salyut VI.
74. 10th Jan 1979: Following the strike by bakers, lorry drivers, and tanker drivers for months in protest against the government’s limit of 5% in pay rise there was pressure on the Prime Minister to declare a state of emergency. This was the beginning of the “Winter of Discontent” which forced the government to call for general elections which brought Margret Thatcher and the Conservative party into power.

75. 10th Jan 1981: Marxist insurgents launch a “final assault” in El Salvador.
76. 10th Jan 1982: 1500 meter freestyle swimming record was established when Peter Schneider swam the distance in 15:43.31.
77. 10th Jan 1984: Twin engine Russian built aircraft Tupolev 134, belonging to Bulgaria crashes at Sofia airport in Bulgaria, fifty die in the crash.
78. 10th Jan 1984: General Bignone the ex-President of Argentine arrested.
79. 10th Jan 1984: After nearly 117 years the US re-establishes full diplomatic relations with the Vatican.
80. 10th Jan 1985: A gas blast causes an explosion killing 8 people in a block of flats in Putney, South-West London.
81. 10th Jan 1985: Daniel Ortega Saavedra was inaugurated as the President of Nicaragua.
82. 10th Jan 1985: An electric tricycle costing £399/= and capable of a maximum speed of 15 MPH called Sinclair C5 was launched on the roads of England. It caused a lot of safety concerns as it was very low and difficult for other drivers and coupled with its top speed of 15 MPH, people feared that accident rates would be high.
83. 10th Jan 1990: Time Warner the world’s largest entertainment company was formed after a $14 billion merger of TimeInc.. and Warner Communications Inc.
84. 10th Jan 1990: Martial law in Beijing lifted by Chinese Prime Minister Li Peng after 7 months. He said the pro-democracy protests have saved China from the abyss of misery.
85. 10th Jan 1991: Routine fingerprinting of all ethnic adult Koreans was stopped by Japan.
86. 10th Jan 1991: Debate on the Persian Gulf crisis begins in the US Congress.
87. 10th Jan 1994: An agreement for abolishing trade tariffs was reached between Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.

88. 10th Jan 1994: Ukraine announces to give up its nuclear arsenal, which is the third biggest in the world.
89. 10th Jan 1996: Hundreds of Palestinian prisoners are freed by Israel.
90. 10th Jan 1996: King Hussein of Jordan made a public visit to Tel Aviv in Israel in the latest indication of warmth between the two countries.
91. 10th Jan 1997: Arnoldo Aleman, a right-winger is sworn in as President of Nicaragua.

21st Century – January 10 This Day In History – The 2000s

92. 10th Jan 2000: It was announced that Time Warner had agreed to buy America Online (AOL). At $162 billion, it was the biggest-ever merger.
93. 10t Jan 2001: American Airlines consented to acquire most of the assets of Trans World Airlines for $500 million ending the financial trouble of TWA.
94. 10th Jan 2004: A joint automobile venture by Toyota Motors of Japan and PSG Peugeot Citron of France was to be established in the Czech Republic with the main purpose of exporting cars to the EU.
95. 10th Jan 2005: British Petroleum oil major sent 1.5 million GBP to Southeast Asia for Tsunami relief. The proceeds were taken out of the company’s 2004 profits.

96. 10th Jan 2008: The Tata group has introduced an ultra-cheap car for the common man. The car is expected to cost Rs.100, 000/= which is half the price of the world’s cheapest car in the market.
97. 10th Jan 2010: China is set to become the world’s largest exporting nation by overtaking Germany which is the largest exporter.
98. 10th Jan 2013: Twin bombing in Quetta, Pakistan leaves 81 people dead and 120 wounded.
99. 10th Jan 2015: An oil tanker collides with a passenger coach near Karachi in Pakistan. 57 people are reported killed.
100. 10th Jan 2015: Mass poisoning of Beer with crocodile bile kills 72 and 169 hospitalized at a funeral in Mozambique.

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