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Famous Events For January 9

Famous Events For January 9 – Today In History

January 9: Today in History – Historical Events

Early Centuries – January 9  Historic Events – Before the 1700s

1. 9th Jan 1296: An accord was signed between Earl Floris V and the French King.
2. 9th Jan 1349: 700 Jews were burnt alive in their houses in Basil, Switzerland.
3. 9th Jan 1431: Investigation by judges for the trial of Joan of Arc begins in Rouen.
4. 9th Jan 1493: 1st sight of manatees by explorer of the new world Christopher Columbus.
5. 9th Jan 1558: In Switzerland, Geneva becomes independent from Berne canton.
6. 9th Jan 1570: As many as 1000-2000 residents of Novgorod are killed by Tsar Ivan the Terrible.


18th Century – What Happened on January 9 – The 1700s

7. 9th Jan 1718: Marks the declaration of war by France on Spain.
8. 9th Jan 1760: In the battle of Barari Ghat Marathas suffered defeat at the hands of Afghans.
9. 9th Jan 1768: The first modern circus was staged in London by Philip Astley.
10. 9th Jan 1788: The US Constitution ratified by Connecticut. Connecticut becomes the fifth state to do so.
11. 9th Jan 1792: Peace of Jassy was signed by Turkey and Russia.
12. 9th Jan 1793: Jean-Pierre Blanchard successfully lifts off in his hot air balloon flight in Philadelphia.
13. 9th Jan 1799: British Prime Minister William Pitt, to raise funds for the war against Napoleon, introduces an income tax.


19th Century – January 9 This Day That Year – The 1800s

14. 9th Jan 1818: Women’s golf tournament was held for the first time.
15. 9th Jan 1839: The French Academy of Science announced the Daguerreotype photo process.
16. 9th Jan 1847: The first newspaper “California Star” was published in San Francisco.
17. 9th Jan 1848: The first commercial bank was established in San Francisco.
18. 9th Jan 1857: A 7.9 magnitude earthquake strikes Fort Tejon, California.
19. 9th Jan 1862: The petroleum shipment of 1329 barrels from the US, aboard Elizabeth Watts arrives at the Victoria Docks, London, England.
20. 9th Jan 1878: Umberto I becomes the King of Italy.
21. 9th Jan 1880: Seattle records heavy snowfall. It received 6 feet of snow in 5 days.
22. 9th Jan 1880: Parts of Oregon and Washington were devastated by the Great Gale of 1880, with high wind and heavy snow.
23. 9th Jan 1894: The New England Telephone and Telegraph installs its first battery-operated switchboard in Lexington, Massachusetts.


20th Century – Important Events On This Day January 9th – The 1900s

24. 9th Jan 1901: New South Wales records a huge victory over South Australia, defeating South Australia by an innings and 605 runs.
25. 9th Jan 1902: A bill to outlaw flirting in public was introduced by New York State.
26. 9th Jan 1905: The civil disturbances in Russia known as the Revolution of 1905 forced Czar Nicholas to grant some civil rights.
27. 9th Jan 1927: A fire occurs during a children’s movie show at the Laurier Palace Theater in Montreal, Canada. Poor safety measures and ill-designed exit doors resulted in a stampede killing over 70 kids.
28. 9th Jan 1929: To train dogs to guide the blind “The Seeing Eye” was incorporated in Nashville.
29. 9th Jan 1933: Confectionary workers go on strike in Amsterdam due to wage reduction.
30. 9th Jan 1936: The semi-automatic rifle was adopted by the US Army.
31. 9th Jan 1937: The first issue of the magazine “Look” went on sale. Within one month it became a biweekly magazine.
32. 9th Jan 1937: Marriage between Italians and Abyssinians was banned by the Italian regime.


33. 9th Jan 1940: Two German officers make an emergency landing in Belgium.
34. 9th Jan 1940: Television was used for the first time to present a sales meeting to the delegates at a convention in New York City.
35. 9th Jan 1941: 6000 Jews were exterminated in Pogrom in Bucharest, Romania.
36. 9th Jan 1941: Canada’s British-built Avro Lancaster military plane makes its maiden flight.
37. 9th Jan 1941: The United Nations headquarters was officially opened in New York City.:
38. 9th Jan 1942: The position of Joint Chiefs of Staff was created in the US.
39. 9th Jan 1943: The sale and use of motor cars limited in Java by the Japanese government.
40. 9th Jan 1945: Philippines invaded by the US soldiers led by General McArthur.
41. 9th Jan 1952: Marines give notice that they will baseball player Ted Williams to active duty.
42. 9th Jan 1954: Northice station, Greenland records a temperature of -87°F (-66°C).
43. 9th Jan 1954: Louise Bogan and Leonie Adams were awarded the Bollingen Prize for poetry.
44. 9th Jan 1956: British Prime Minister Antony Eden resigns.
45. 9th Jan 1956: Government under Samir el-Rifai formed in Jordan.
46. 9th Jan 1957: Communist newspaper “Truth” is expelled by the Dutch Newspaper Society.

47. 9th Jan 1959: Dam across Tera River collapsed due to heavy rains leaving 135 dead.
48. 9th Jan 1960: Marks the beginning of the construction of the Aswan dam in Egypt.
49. 9th Jan 1962: Nuclear test conducted by the US at the Nevada test site.
50. 9th Jan 1964: Anti-US rioting began in the Panama Canal Zone.
51. 9th Jan 1968: Space probe Surveyor 7 soft lands on the moon.
52. 9th Jan 1969: Terence O’Neill, Prime Minister of Northern Ireland travels to London to meet the Home Secretary James Callaghan and briefs him of the growing violence in Northern Ireland.
53. 9th Jan 1969: Concord, the first supersonic aircraft made its first flight at Bristol.
54. 9th Jan 1970: The Constitution of Singapore was enacted on this day.
55. 9th Jan 1972: Fire destroys the ocean liner “Queen Elizabeth” in the Hong Kong harbor.
56. 9th Jan 1972: British coal miners go on a national strike, their first in almost 50 years.
57. 9th Jan 1975: About 600 employees of the Royal Canadian Mint go on strike.
58. 9th Jan 1975: Australia regains Ashes beating England by 171 runs in the 4th test.

59. 9th Jan 1977: Roscoe Tanner beats Guillermo Vilas 6-3, 6-3, 6-3 in the 65th Australian Open.
60. 9th Jan 1978: The Commonwealth of Northern Marines was established.
61. 9th Jan 1979: WS Merwin is awarded the Bollingen prize for poetry.
62. 9th Jan 1980: In Mecca in Saudi Arabia 63 people were beheaded.
63. 9th Jan 1981: Francisco Balsamao was elected as the President of Portugal.
64. 9th Jan 1982: An earthquake of magnitude 5.9, the first in over 50 years, strikes New England and Canada.
65. 9th Jan 1983: British Prime Minister Margret Thatcher pays a visit to the Falkland Islands.
66. 9th Jan 1984: Angelo Buono was found guilty of violent crimes leading to the death of ten women in the Los Angeles area and was sentenced to life in prison.
67. 9th Jan 1986: Kodak lost its battle for the patent of the instant camera to Polaroid, forcing it to give up the instant camera business.
68. 9th Jan 1987: Nicaragua gives effect to its constitution.
69. 9th Jan 1987: 1500 killed in Vietnamese/Chinese border fights.
70. 9th Jan 1988: Brian Boitano wins the male figure skating championship.
71. 9th Jan 1989: John Bench and Carl Yastrzemski were elected to the Base Ball Hall of Fame.
72. 9th Jan 1990: The 64th manned space mission of the US STS 32“Columbia 10” was launched into orbit.
73. 9th Jan 1990: Dallas’s ordinance imposing strict zoning on sexually oriented business was struck down by the US Supreme Court.

74. 9th Jan 1991: Baker and Aziz meet in Geneva to defuse the Gulf crisis. Talks fail.
75. 9th Jan 1991: Baseball player and manager Pete Rose was officially banned from being elected to the Hall of Fame.
76. 9th Jan 1992: Britain’s most senior policewoman, Assistant Chief Constable Alison Halford of Merseyside Police was suspended for alleged misconduct.
77. 9th Jan 1993: New world record established in 100 M freestyle swimming by Franziska van Almsick who swam the distance in 53.33.
78. 9th Jan 1995: Boundary fight between Ecuador and Peru.
79. 9th Jan 1995: At the Newark Airport a worker accidentally cuts electric wires.
80. 9th Jan 1995: Russian Cosmonaut Valeri Poliakov completed his 366th day in outer space aboard the space station “Mir”, breaking the record for the longest continuous time spent in outer space.

81. 9th Jan 1995: Actor and singer Frank Sinatra was hospitalized again for heart attacks.
82. 9th Jan 1997: Tony Bullimore who was missing for five days after his boat capsized in the Southern Ocean was rescued alive.
83. 9th Jan 1997: Tamil rebels attack a military base in Sri Lanka. 200 soldiers and rebels 140 were killed.
84. 9th Jan 1998: Anatoly Solovyov and Pavel Vinogradov spacewalk for a record 3hrs 8 minutes.
85. 9th Jan 1998: Anatoly Karpov retains chess title defeating Viswanathan Anand.

21st Century – January 9 This Day In History – The 2000s

86. 9th Jan 2001: At the Macworld Expo in San Francisco, Apple announced iTunes, for organizing and playing digital music and videos.
87. 9th Jan 2001: An unmanned Chinese spacecraft Shenzou 2 was launched.
88. 9th Jan 2002: The U.S. Justice Department announced that it was pursuing a criminal investigation of Enron Corporation. The company had earlier filed for bankruptcy.

89. 9th Jan 2002: Legendary singer Michal Jackson receives the Artist of the Century award at the American Music Awards.
90. 9th Jan 2005: The Government of Sudan and Sudan People’s Liberation Movement, a rebel group in Naivasha, Kenya signed a comprehensive peace agreement commonly known as the Naivasha Agreement.
91. 9th Jan 2005: Elections to replace the Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat were held and he was succeeded by Rawhi Fattouh.
92. 9th Jan 2007: The iPhone was announced by Steve Jacob, CEO of Apple Inc.
93. 9th Jan 2009: Legislators of Illinois recommend impeachment proceedings to start for Governor Rod Blagojevich, accused of seeking to sell President-elect Barak Obama’s Senate seat for personal gain.
94. 9th Jan 2009: UN Security Council passes a resolution urging an immediate cease-fire between Israel and Hamas in Gaza. The US abstained.
95. 9th Jan 2012: According to a police report a painting of Picasso along with some other paintings stolen from the Athens National Art Gallery.
96. 9th Jan 2012: Star Footballer Lionel Messi wins the FIFA Ballon d’Or for the second time in a row.
97. 9th Jan 2013: The Washington National Cathedral in Washington DC announced that it will host gay weddings.

98. 9th Jan 2014: Germany has agreed to help the international community in destroying Syria’s Chemical Weapons.
99. 9th Jan 2014: 5 people were killed in the Mitsubishi Materials chemicals plant in Yokkaichi, Japan.
100. 9th Jan 2014: Taliban suicide car bomb assassinates senior police officer Chaudhry Aslam and kills three others in Pakistan.

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