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Famous Events For January 6

Famous Events For January 6 – Today In History

January 6: Today in History – Historical Events

Early Centuries – January 6  Historic Events – Before the 1700s

1. 6th Jan 1066: Marks the coronation of King Harald of England.
2. 6th Jan 1099: Henry V becomes king of Germany.
3. 6th Jan 1205: Philip of Swabia gets elevated as king of Romans.
4. 6th Jan 1227: Ferrand of Portugal gets his freedom from the Louvre.
5. 6th Jan 1352: Order of the Star was introduced by French King Jean II.
6. 6th Jan 1355: Bohemia crowns Charles I with the Iron Crown of Lombardy.
7. 6th Jan 1494: Marks the celebration of the first Mass in the New World at La Isabella, Hispaniola.


8. 6th Jan 1496: The Moorish fortress Alhambra situated near Grenada surrenders to Christi.
9. 6th Jan 1497: Austria expels its Jews from Graz in Styria.
10. 6th Jan 1535: Francisco Pizarro founded the city of Lima Peru.
11. 6th Jan 1540: King Henry VIII marries Anna of Cleves. She was his 4th wife.
12. 6th Jan 1622: The “Congregatio the Propaganda Fide” was formed by Pope George XV.
13. 6th Jan 1639: Virginia orders the destruction of its surplus tobacco crop and becomes the first colony to do so.
14. 6th Jan 1663: The Great Earth Quack strikes New England.
15. 6th Jan 1681: The first recorded boxing match was held between Duke of Albemarle’s Butcher and his Butler.
16. 6th Jan 1690: Jozef the son of Emperor Leopold was chosen to become the Roman Catholic King.

18th Century – What Happened on January 6 – The 1700s

17. 6th Jan 1759: George Washington marries. He gets married to Martha Dandridge Curtis.
18. 6th Jan 1773: Marks the petitioning of the legislature by Massachusetts slaves for their freedom.
19. 6th Jan 1784: A treaty is signed in Constantinople by Turkey and Russia.


19th Century – January 6 This Day That Year – The 1800s

20. 6th Jan 1832: Marks the organization of the New England Anti Slavery Society in Boston.
21. 6th Jan 1838: The forerunner of Morse code and the telegraph system was demonstrated in public for the first time by Alfred Vail.
22. 6th Jan 1842: 4500 British and Indian troops in Kabul, were massacred before reaching India.
23. 6th Jan 1853: The President-elect of the United States Franklin Pierce and his family were involved in a train accident in Massachusetts.
24. 6th Jan 1857: Samuel Wetherill was granted the patent for reducing zinc ore.
25. 6th Jan 1861: Federal arsenal at Apalachicola was seized by Florida troops.
26. 6th Jan 1873: The investigation into the credit mobilization scandal was begun by the U.S. Congress.
27. 6th Jan 1883: Marks the formation of the Ontario Rugby Football Union.
28. 6th Jan 1880: Seattle records a record snowfall with a snow cover of 120 cm.
29. 6th Jan 1893: Seattle is connected with the east coast by the Great Northern Railway.
30. 6th Jan 1893: Congress charters The Washington National Cathedral. The charter was signed by President Benjamin Harrison.


31. 6th Jan 1896: Cecil Rhodes submits his resignation for the post of Prime Minister of Cape Colony.
32. 6th Jan 1896: Also marks the beginning of the first women’s 6-day cycle race at Madison Square Garden.
33. 6th Jan 1898: Marks the 1st telephone message from a submerged submarine, by Simon Lake.

20th Century – Important Events On This Day January 6th – The 1900s

34. 6th Jan 1900: It was reported that millions of people are dying from starvation in India.
35. 6th Jan 1900: German steamer Herzog was seized by the British off the coast of South Africa. The boat was released on 22nd January the same year.
36. 6th Jan 1900: About 1000 killed or injured in Bores attack at Ladysmith.
37. 6th Jan 1903: The Dutch Press Museum was opened in Amsterdam.
38. 6th Jan 1907: Maria Montessori opens her very first school in Rome.
39. 6th Jan 1912: New Mexico became the 47th State of the U.S.
40. 6th Jan 1913: The London Peace Conference breaks down in an attempt to end hostilities in the Balkan because Turkey refused to cede Adrianople, the Aegean Island, and Crete.


41. 6th Jan 1914: Merrill Lynch, a stock brokerage firm was founded.
42. 6th Jan 1921: Marks the formation of the Iraqi Army.
43. 6th Jan 1925: The Finnish runner Paavo Nurmi sets indoor record of 4:13.6 for mile and 14:44.6 for 5000M.
44. 6th Jan 1925: A fascist cabinet was formed by Mussolini.
45. 6th Jan 1926: Kees Boeke opens the first comprehensive school in Holland.
46. 6th Jan 1927: The US Marines return to Nicaragua.
47. 6th Jan 1929: Marks the establishment of 1st Royal dictatorship by Alexander I.
48. 6th Jan 1929: Mother Teresa arrives in Calcutta. She begins her work for the poorest and most diseased people.

49. 6th Jan 1930: In a match between New South Wales and Queensland Bradman scored 452 not out in 377 minutes. He struck 49 fours.
50. 6th Jan 1930: The 1st diesel-engine automobile trip was completed after covering a distance of 792 miles from Indianapolis to New York.
51. 6th Jan 1931: Marks the execution of the last patent application by Thomas Edison.
52. 6th Jan 1933: Bank robber Clyde Barrow walked into a trap set for another criminal. He kills Deputy Sherriff Malcolm Davis of Tarrant County.
53. 6th Jan 1936: Canada gets its 1st woman Mayor when Barbara Hanley became mayor.
54. 6th Jan 1937: In a test match between Australia and England Bradman scored 270 runs for Australia. It included 110 singles.
55. 6th Jan 1938: Explorer Henry Huston gets a bronze memorial statue in the Bronx.
56. 6th Jan 1939: The comic strip “Super Man” makes its debut as a daily newspaper comic strip.
57. 6th Jan 1940: Germans commit mass execution of Poles in the city of Poznan, Warthegau.

58. 6th Jan 1941: President Roosevelt makes his “ 4 freedoms” speech during the State Union address. The four freedoms are freedom of speech, freedom of worship, freedom from want, and freedom from fear.
59. 6th Jan 1942: Pan American Airlines scheduled its flight around and became the first commercial airline to do so.
60. 6th Jan 1946: The first-ever general elections were held in Vietnam.
61. 6th Jan 1947: Pan American Airlines offers round-the-world tickets and becomes the first commercial airline to do so.
62. 6th Jan 1947: Australian fast bowler Ray Lindwall smashes 100 runs in a test match against England at the MCG.
63. 6th Jan 1950: Communist Government in China recognized by Briton.
64. 6th Jan 1951: Marks the Ganghwa massacre where hundreds of South Korean communist sympathizers are slaughtered.
65. 6th Jan 1953: The first Asian Socialist Conference held in Burma.

66. 6th Jan 1956: The former Little League Commissioner Carl Stotz was barred from forming a rival group by the Federal Court.
67. 6th Jan 1957: Elvis Presley makes his seventh appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show. It also happened to be his last appearance.
68. 6th Jan 1958: E. E. Cummins awarded Bollinger prize for poetry.
69. 6th Jan 1958: Gibson patents Flying V Guitar.
70. 6th Jan 1967: 84 killed and 140 injured when two homemade busses collided on a mountain road in Terpate, Philippines, and plunged off the cliff.
71. 6th Jan 1968: Spacecraft Surveyor 7 was launched by the U.S. for a soft landing on the moon.
72. 6th Jan 1968: The first adult cardiac transplant surgery in the U.S. was performed by
Dr. N.E. Shumway.
73. 6th Jan 1968: The album “Magical Mystery Tour” by Beatles raises to #1 position. It remained #1 for eight weeks.
74. 6th Jan 1971: Cecil Partee was elected pro tem President of the Illinois State Senate.
75. 6th Jan 1971: The first synthetic growth of hormones was announced by Berkeley Chemists.
76. 6th Jan 1972: Janet Lynn wins the U.S. Female figure skating championship.
77. 6th Jan 1972: Vladimir Bukovski exiled from U.S.S.R.
78. 6th Jan 1972: Kenneth Shelly wins the U.S. male figure skating championship.
79. 6th Jan 1974: During the miner’s strike England begins a 3-day work week.
80. 6th Jan 1976: Atlanta Braves was bought by Ted Turner for a reported $12 million.
81. 6th Jan 1976: Nuclear test performed by China at Lop Nor PRC.
82. 6th Jan 1978: U.S. hands over the St Stephan Crown to Hungry.

83. 6th Jan 1978: Marks the copywriting 1st Postage Stamp by the U.S. (Carl Sandburg Stamp).
84. 6th Jan 1980: Congress party led by Indira Gandhi wins general elections in India.
85. 6th Jan 1984: This was the last day of test cricket for Chapell, Marsh, and Lillee.
86. 6th Jan 1986: Michael Heseltine, the defense secretary of Britain tenders his resignation.
87. 6th Jan 1986: About 20,000 black mine workers were fired in Johannesburg by Impala Platinum.
88. 6th Jan 1986: This was the last day of test cricket for Bob Holland.
89. 6th Jan 1987: The 100th U.S. Congress was convened.
90. 6th Jan 1987: California University Astronomers see the first sight of the birth of a Galaxy.
91. 6th Jan 1990: One winner gets $35 million from Lotto.
92. 6th Jan 1991: Qian Hong creates a world record in female 50 M breaststroke swimming, clocking 27.3 seconds.
93. 6th Jan 1991: George Serrano Elias gets elected as President of Guatemala.
94. 6th Jan 1992: Sachin Tendulkar completes 184 not out against Australia at the SCG.
95. 6th Jan 1992: Shane Warne gets 1 for 150 runs in his first test innings.
96. 6th Jan 1998: Don Sutton gets elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame.

21st Century – January 6 This Day In History – The 2000s

97. 6th Jan 2010: Extreme cold temperatures across Europe leave 122 dead in Poland. Avalanche in Switzerland kills 7 people.
98. 6th Jan 2011: New controls imposed on text messages in China which apply to text messages sent from cell phones containing references to Democracy, human rights, and corruption.
99. 6th Jan 2012: The Prime Minister of Jamaica Portia Simpson Miller announces that the country will become Republic and Queen Elizabeth II will be removed as head of state.

100. 6th Jan 2014: Janet Yellen takes over as Chairman U.S. Federal Reserve. She became the first woman to hold that post.

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