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When You Love Each Other But Your Pets Don’t

When You Love Each Other But Your Pets Don’t

So you’ve met someone great. You love many of the same things, you go on romantic dates, and there’s no doubt that you’re in love. Now, what happens if even though you love each other your pets don’t?


Surveys show that most pet owners care about whether or not their pet likes their romantic partner. It’s also important to many pet owners that their partner gets along with their furry friend. Keep these thoughts and questions in mind when you need to know what to do about your partner and pet’s relationship.

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#1. Who dislikes whom?

Does your partner hate your pet, or does your pet hate your partner? Or, is it a mutual hatred? If your partner refuses to get along with your pet, then you might have a problem.


Pets can be trained, but people generally cannot be controlled if your partner doesn’t like your pet and won’t even make an attempt to change their attitude, then this could be a sign that they won’t budge on other important issues as well. If your pet doesn’t like your partner, you need to ask yourself why?

Is your pet usually friendly or not? If they are, then they could be sensing that something is weird about your new partner. Many people believe that pets have a great sense when it comes to telling a good person from a bad one. If your pet is usually nasty towards guests, then you may be able to overlook it. If your partner and pet both hate each other, then you might have to choose one, as living with both won’t likely be pleasant.


#2. How new is the relationship?

Sometimes people and animals both need to take some time when it comes to warming up to other people or animals. If they have just met each other, then they might need some time to get to know each other better before they can act nicely towards each other.

Many dogs are territorial, and they may not take to strangers well, especially a stranger that likes to be so close to you. In many cases, it is the pet that needs training in this scenario.


#3. How much does your pet dislike your partner?

There is a varying array of ways that pets can act towards new people. Did you dog bark at your partner at first or did they bite them? Did your cat scratch them when they pet them in the wrong spot, or are they peeing on their shoes?


How an animal acts towards a new person can show how they feel about them. If it’s something minor, then you may be able to train your pet out of it, or they may get over it themselves as they get to know your partner better. If they were obvious in their dislike for your partner, then they may have a bad vibe about them.

#4. How is your partner acting when your pet does something rude?

When your dog barks does your partner yell back, or do they tolerate it? When you cat scratches does your partner hit it away? If your partner is abusive to your animals when they are rude to them, then it could be a bad sign that they could one day become the same way with you.

However, if your partner tries to make an attempt to be friendly with your pets, then this could be a great sign! If your partner is willing to put in the effort to make friends with your pets, then it is likely that your pets will learn to be friends with him or her as well.


#5. Learning how to train your pet to like your new person

If your pet seems nervous around your new partner, then this may be a bad sign. However, if they are just that way about strangers in general, then you may be able to train your pet to like your lover.

You can give your partner treats to feed your pet when they are being nice to each other. You can buy new toys to have your partner present to your pet. Simply having your pet and partner spend more time together can make your pet warm up to your partner in no time.

If you do all that you can and your pets still don’t like your partner, then you might need to think about getting rid of one of them. If you need to get rid of a pet, make sure that they go to a good home. If you need to dump your partner, make sure that you find someone who likes your pet next time. However, if you simply give your pets some time (and treats) they are likely to learn to love your partner, which will make your relationship much easier and more enjoyable.

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