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Crystal Magic – Crystals With Fire Elemental Properties

Crystal Magic – Crystals With Fire Elemental Properties

Let’s take a look at few crystals used in magick which are associated with fire elemental properties.

Crystal Associations

Lust, Bravery, Creativity, Fertility, Passion, Romance, Force, Enthusiasm, Root Chakra, Sacral Chakra


#1. Amber

Amber can be used to ground the fire of your spiritual energies, and turn it into light. It is well known for letting you know your inner source. The fire of amber can help bring about a balancing of your root chakra, where it is tied with sexual passion.


#2. Carnelian

Carnelian opens up the fiery centers within ourselves, and can be used to wash away the strains of ennui and deep sorrow. It also serves as a sink for the deep powers of rage, and it’s fire can lend it’s stimulation to your concentration, and your confidence when doing public speaking.


#3. Fire Agate

This is known as the ‘Spiritual Flame of Absolute Perfection’, and is known for dispelling fear all the way down to our core while preventing it from settling back in. It can serve as a beacon for you on your path to enlightenment while burning away that which would distract you.


#4. Fire Opal

A sparkling fiery stone, the colors of which makes it quite clear where it’s elemental association lay. It can help you focus on all the small minutiae of life, like the sparkling bits within it’s fiery core. While simultaneously keeping the energy of the big picture dynamic and flowing.


#5. Garnet

Garnets deep red color is reminiscent both of the tongue of fire, and the liquid fire of blood that flows within our veins. This dual association brings out our own inner conflagration, driving creativity passion, and devotion, showering those around us with such feelings. It’s most useful element will draw power from crown to base chakras, assisting our natural flow and the base of our sexuality.

#6. Red Calcite

Red Calcite is well known for it’s ability to drain toxins from our physical and spiritual being while enforcing our capacity to drive our will. Those suffering problems with sexuality may find this stone useful as well, as it can help rebalance our relationship with it, while simultaneously bringing about an understanding of sensuality.

#7. Ruby

Ruby’s fiery red heart can help bring us into emotional freedom, the fire of love can drive us forward overcoming lethargy or a fear of intimacy with another. Ruby will drive the depths of love, and will bring about devotion and happiness in those who wear it about their person.


#8. Sardonyx

This stone’s fiery nature will help bring lasting joy and a sturdy foundation to romantic entanglements. It will bring about good fortune, and can be useful in forming a protective barrier about your home. It’s fire will lend you self-control, courage, and willpower in the face of adversity.

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