Undines: Water Elementals Symbolism

What Are Undines?

Undines are the personification and spiritual manifestation of water. As such, they are deemed the water elementals. Need a physical picture in your mind? Many associate this word with mythical creatures such as nymphs and mermaids. Often times, it’s easier to to find comparisons so that we can more accurately wrap our minds around concepts that are not seen.

Elements have unique energies specific to their area of expertise. Their names often reflect these energies in their roots. For examples, the term Undine comes from the Latin unda, meaning “wave”- fitting for the seas. As entities of water, these creatures are governed by the moon and its lunar cycles.


Origin of Undines Symbolism

The origins of Undines can be traced back to ancient Greek mythology, which cites a group of sea nymphs called Oceanides. These beings, who were the daughters of Titan and Tethys, claimed all of the world’s waters as their territory and home. The presence of these creatures, no matter what name you consider, was legendary among seafaring men. Typically, Oceanides would assist them in navigation when lost and provide safe conditions for ships.

However, there are also tales of evil mermaids who fed on sailors. This explanation fits in with ancient European tales of the sea. Women of the water were considered to be the wandering spirits of lonely woman, abandoned in love. Their sorrowful tears composed the salty seas. Although they were rumored to be tantalizingly beautiful, they also exhibited horrendous tempers when crossed, especially by men. As the Greek goddess Hera once said, “Hell hath no fury like that of a scorned woman”.

Undines Symbolic Meanings

Like the other elementals, Undines form an unbreakable energetic bond with their element. In this sense, Undines are believed to be the actual embodiment of element water and as such, act as its ultimate protectors. In the way that gnomes protect the Earth from being ravaged and sylphs protect the skies from pollution, so, too, do Undines guard the waters of our planet and the plants and animals that call it home.

When we view water as being made up of living beings, it certainly makes it a lot more difficult to mistreat it with sewage and pollution, waste it, and kill the other beings that live inside it, don’t you think? In our modern mindsets, we should view Undines as reminders of our consumption and use. Water is a privilege, especially to the millions around the world who struggle to get it. As such, it should not be considered some trivial object of our disposal.

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No, it should be paid due respect and treated with care and honor. Would it hurt to try to behave in this type of way? We should all take a moment to reflect on our current interactions with water and deem if it mimics a respectful relationship. Allow the fluid and emotional properties of water to give your mind and psyche a thorough cleansing – you will not be disappointed.

As a water affiliate, Undines speak most loudly and naturally to people with water-related Zodiac signs: Cancer, Pisces, and Scorpio. However, this is not to say that they are mutually exclusive in any way. Like everything in nature, these beings make themselves available to any and all who need them.  All you need to do is put yourself in a receptive state of mind, provide due respect, and open your heart and mind to its messages and teachings.

when you wish to connect to the waters of this world, Undines should be your spiritual starting point. To further invoke the energies of the Undines. Consider its directional associate, the West, as well. Together, with the three other elementals, you can embark on another enlightening spiritual journey.

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