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Manage Your Desk Clutter with Feng Shui

Keep Your Desk Clutter-Free

I have lots of paper in my office. I haven’t learned to read everything online so I print articles to read later. In addition, I make notes on posts and I collect articles in print to save. There are just so many interesting things going on in the world, I don’t want to miss a thing. Does this sound familiar? How do I use Feng shui for desk clutter?


Well, I got fed up this week and decided to convert my desk from a “mess” desk to a “success” desk. This meant dealing with the last vestiges of clutter in my life…my papers.


It has taken several attempts to clean everything up, but I am happy to report….I won! I created files for my articles, completed the tasks on my old Post-it notes, created a ‘read later’ file online, and finally, my desk is my own to arrange as I like. Of course, I am following some special Feng Shui ideas to give me added power, insight, and effectiveness.


The adjustments I used on my desktop are based on the Bagua Map used in Feng Shui. It is the guide to all energy movements in life. I’ll tell you more about the Bagua Map in the future…but for now…just have a little trust.

The Bagua square or rectangle is divided into 9 equal areas, three across and three down. The color for each area is shown below. Draw one for yourself, and place the grid parallel with your seat facing your desk. For most desks, the career area will be closest to your chair. Use this as your guide to arrange your desktop.


It should look something like this

Abundance/Wealth          Fame/Reputation         Relationships

Health & Family                      Center                       Creativity (white)

Wisdom                                  Career                          Helpful People

Feng Shui for Desk Clutter

Desktop Arrangement

We’ll start along the back row on the far left…

Abundance & Wealth

place something expensive, gold, or a small fountain

Fame & Reputation:

To brighten your fame, place your business cards in the center back of your desk or a red candle (it works even if you don’t light it). Place a picture of yourself with your partner, an uplifting quote, flowers, or names of current business contacts.

Health & Family

In the middle left choose between a photo of your family or a healthy plant.


And just in front of Health on the left, keep a reference book, or anything that reminds you of wisdom to help in making good decisions.


Across the front in the center is Career…and the actual center of your desk (just behind Career) is for your computer when in use and writing an organizing project.

Helpful People

To the far right in front keep your phone, blackberry, and iPod for your communication to reach all the helpful people in your life


on the right in the middle is the creativity area, a good place for current project files.

I hope this has inspired you to take a second look at your desk and make some helpful changes. Understand that you do not have to implement all of these cures. I like a more open, cleaner desk (even though as I said it has taken me a while to get this done)…it feels expansive, lighter, and more inspiring and I look forward to sitting down and getting to work.

Feng Shui your Desk

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