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8 Reasons You Should Not Date A Nomad Girl

Why You Should Not Date A Nomad Girl

Personally, the thought of dating a nomad gives me a headache. Who at all wants to date someone who travels like visiting the washroom? Someone you would see most of the time, and whenever she is back, she is in a hurry for the next trip. No, not just the loneliness part but also the fact that other men may be hitting on her out there. Let me take you through reasons you should not date a nomad girl.


1. A Formal Date is Not Their Thing

Nomads love to eat a lot and don’t joke with their meals. However, she may not attend a formal date at the bar or restaurant.

No, she prefers to enjoy her meal under a tree or by the roadside just as she does while traveling. So if you really want to dine with her, join her at her place of comfort.


2. The Uncertainties that Comes With It

Dating a nomad is full of uncertainties. You are not very sure if she is truly in or would jump off at any time. You don’t even know whether she would return to you after a trip. Is she even ready to settle down with you and leave her nomadic lifestyle? These uncertainties surrounding a nomad make them a bad choice for a partner.


3. Their Weekends are Occupied

If you are an 8 – 5er, you would love to spend the weekend with her because that is when you are mostly free. But you may not have that chance when dating a nomad girl. Her weekends are always planned ahead of time, and she would want to spend it at a destination than with you. Your only option is to join her on that adventure. Otherwise, forget!


4. She Won’t Settle for Less

She has gathered vast experiences from her numerous travels wouldn’t settle for anything less. It wouldn’t be contempt with the usual routines. Trying new cuisines, culture, experience, and place and choosing the best out of it is her thing. She will just leave you if you don’t meet her mark.

5. She Speaks Her Mind

If you are a domineering type of man, then a nomad is not for you. She is a free-spirited person and not that shy girl who would kowtow to your caprices. A nomad girl wouldn’t hesitate to speak her mind on issues. In fact, she will debate about making herself clear when the need arises. If you can’t comprehend with such a girl, the look elsewhere.

6. The Fact that She May Know More than You

Take it or leave it. She travels a lot and may know more than you do. Talk about culture, places, cuisines, and live experiences. She has learned a lot through her travels and would have interesting stories than you do.

7. They may be Unkept – One Main Reason you Should Not Date a Nomad Girl

This is not a general statement, but most nomads are unkept. They are always in a hurry, so they don’t find the time to adhere to strict hygienic rules. She may not bathe or brush her teeth for a day and sees nothing wrong with it. They are not in to impress anybody but themselves.

8. Your Life May Change Totally

A nomad girl believes in this cliché “if you can’t beat them, join them.” You cannot make her stop her numerous travels, so you would have to join her or stay off her. When you settle for option one, it means you would have to depart from your old lifestyle and pick up hers. This can change your life forever.


9. She May Have Other Lovers

Due to her traveling lifestyle, it is easy for them to cheat in a relationship. They meet different kinds of people who may be hotter and richer than you are. Even though she may not internationally go in for another guy, things can just happen.

Loneliness can also have a grip on her. Just a chat with another guy can ignite passion, and for what happens at the end, your guess is as good as mine.

The choice is now yours! Will you go for her or stay away to enjoy your old lifestyle. To me, the latter is the best option.

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