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How To See Auras

What Is An Aura?

Few people know what an aura is, and even less people actually know how to see them. This is a skill that comes naturally to some, takes some work for most people, and will never come to others. The more sensitive and intuitive you are to other emotional or paranormal energies, the easier it will be for you to see auras.

Even if you have tried before and cannot see auras no matter how hard you try, you can still learn to feel auras even if it is impossible for you to actually see them. This article discusses the theories and some tips for how to learn how to see auras. If you can already see auras, then these tips can also help you to see them more easily. These tips should also work with simply feeling auras.

Before you even begin to learn to see auras, you need to know that this is likely to take a long time to learn. You will need to put a lot of your energy into practicing if you ever want to be able to see the colors. It is likely that you will be able to feel auras before can see them, and you will probably only see the shape of a person’s aura before you can see the colors that make up the aura.

If you try all the steps that will be listed, and practice the best that you can, and can somehow still not see auras, then don’t be discouraged. You may simply need to try harder, practice with someone else, or you may not be able to see auras, and instead be predisposed to only feel auras. The rest of this article will dedicated to the steps and tips that should be able to help a person learn to see auras.


How To See Auras

#1. Find a Partner

The first thing that you need to do if you want to learn how to see auras is finding someone whose aura you can read. The best sort of partner to practice with is one who is already well educated in auras. It would be good to practice with someone who already knows how to read auras, or who knows how to project their auras.

Aura projection is when a person can change their color at will or make their aura expand farther from their body, or make their aura color brighter or lighter at will. These people are great to practice with because they will know what color their aura is, and will be able to tell you if you are seeing the right color. If you cannot find a partner, then you can practice with yourself in a mirror. This might be harder though.

#2. Scenery

You need to be in the right place to make this work, or at least, you need to create the right atmosphere. Once you get good at seeing auras you should be able to do it anywhere. Make your partner sit up against a solid-color wall. White or white colored walls will work the best for this. Dimming the lights in the room should also make it easier to see their aura.

#3. Deep Breathing & Relaxation

If you want to be able to see auras, then you need to know how to relax your mind and body. You need to clear your mind, almost like meditation. If it helps you, try meditating before you try to see auras. Tell your partner to clear their mind as well. Like energies respond better with each other than unfocused ones. Once you are relaxed and focused you can begin to try to see auras. Read about different meditation techniques.

#4. Practice

Finally, stare at the areas around your partner. Do not strain yourself, but instead gaze softly. You don’t need to stare directly at your partner, but instead stare at the area around them. Auras are the easiest to see around a person’s head, so you may want to begin there. While you are doing this, try to stay calm and focused. If you become stressed and impatient, then it is not likely to work. Repeat these steps whenever you want to practice seeing auras.

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Once you can see auras you may be able to project your aura to help others to see auras. Once you learn to see auras you can also learn to read and understand them as well. Hopefully this article has taught you all you need to know about seeing auras. Good luck with your practicing!

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