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Celtic Zodiac: Oak Tree

Celtic Astrology Sign: Oak Tree – June 10 – July 7

If you were born between June 10th and July 7th, then your sign in the Celtic tree zodiac is the OAK TREE.

According to Celtic astrology, the Oak was a revered tree to the Druids. It symbolized wisdom and truth and doors made of Oak were said to keep out evil spirits. Wearing the leaves from the oak tree was a symbol of status among the Celtics.


General Characteristics Of Oak Tree Zodiac

Celtic Oak Tree sign people have a lot of self-confidence, are extremely wise and can see things with great transparency. They are natural-born leaders who can be very optimistic, never giving up too easily. They are strong-willed, passionate, responsible, and joyful.

In a crisis, they remain calm and composed. They can stay true to themselves against opposition. This is because they have a direct link to the ancient magic of the Druids. By the latter portion of their life, they will be fully aware of their gift of self-determination and motivation and will fully understand the power behind it.


Celtic Ogham Symbol For the Oak Tree

The Oak Ogham work is Duir.

Celtic oak tree

Strengths Of This Druid Zodiac

Celtic astrology Oak people have a helpful and nurturing spirit. This helpful nature might lead them to pursue a career in teaching since they love to pass knowledge on to others. They need structure and a feeling of control in their lives and will often go to extremes for the feeling of control.


They are very protective people especially when it comes to their family and friends. These people often become the defenders of the underdog or of those who don’t have a voice in society.

Oak people are both nurturing and generous which will be great for those who pursue a career in counseling. They may even want to pursue a career as a lawyer as they can be extremely helpful.


Oak people radiate an aura of confidence and are naturally optimistic. They have a knowing that everything will turn out for the best. Oak people were born with a very strong intuition and can see things most people cannot.

They have an irresistible personality and magnetically attract others with their optimism and charisma. Because of their strong intuition, many will attract wealth easily and can be great financial investors or business people.

Celtic Zodiac: Oak Tree

Weaknesses Of This Druid Zodiac

Oak tree zodiac people can be slaves to their mood swings. If faced with any criticism they can become overly sensitive and self-pitying and their large self-esteem is easily hurt.

They are prone to be perfectionists and as a result, they hate not being first-rate. They strive to avoid mediocrity. This can make them more self-absorbed than other Celtic zodiac signs.

They like the feeling of security. When their security is threatened it can make them very defensive. Because of their fierce need for security, they will often have a keen sense of business and if they can focus their attention and control their emotions they can be extremely successful in business ventures.

Oak Tree Folklore: Celtic Animal Birth Sign

The animal of the Oak Tree people is the Otter which has strong ties to their family.

Ruling Deity Of The Oak Druid Zodiac

The ruling God is Dagda who is known as the father of all Gods in Celtic mythology.

Celtic Zodiac Compatibility

They are compatible with the Ash and Reed trees and also pair well with the Ivy.

Corresponding Western Astrology Sign

In Western astrology, the oak tree would correspond with the sign of Gemini and Cancer.

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