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Celtic Zodiac: Elder Tree

Celtic Astrology Sign: Elder Tree – November 25 – December 23

If you were born between November 25th and December 23rd, then your sign-in Celtic tree zodiac is the ELDER TREE.

The Elder tree was considered sacred to the fairies and was used to protect against malevolent spirits. It was considered bad luck to bring an Elder tree indoors.


General Characteristics Of Elder Tree Zodiac

People born under the Celtic Elder tree astrology sign are outgoing, confident, and impulsive. They grow the most when things change and are restless and full of energy. They need to be stimulated mentally constantly and need regular physical challenges.

These people are philosophical and very compassionate and always try to be helpful to others. They love their freedom and can sometimes be on the wild side often living their younger years in the fast lane. They often do things just to get a thrill out of life.


Celtic Ogham Symbol For the Elder Tree

The Elder tree Ogham’s Word is Ruis.

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Strengths Of This Druid Zodiac

People born under the Celtic Elder tree sign love living their lives with freedom and have a strong sense of adventure. They are not the type to settle in one place. They love to be on the move and life on the go suits them.

People of this sign have a sense of raw honesty about them that may offend others, but it is their way of trying to help. They are ambitious and sincere with a rebellious streak.


Despite being an extrovert, they often feel out of place from the rest of the crowd and will often withdraw. They are very candid and impetuous and make wonderful motivational speakers. They will also be drawn to journalism and careers in the armed forces.

The Elder Druid astrology sign are drawn to researching philosophical and deep subjects and are likely to travel a lot to satisfy their curiosity about life. They can make great teachers, clergymen, or scientists. They are extremely energetic and constant change is stimulating to them both mentally and physically.


These people make great friends because they are naturally optimistic and will do anything to make sure their friends feel the same way. They have an excellent sense of humor and people love being around them.

Celtic Zodiac: Elder Tree

Weaknesses Of This Druid Zodiac

Celtic Elder tree sign people are often judged for being the black sheep or the outsider. They can sometimes act cold-blooded and insensitive and have a hard time choosing their friends wisely. They are so outspoken and blunt that at times they speak without thinking.

These people can have outbursts of anger and are very impatient. In work settings, they can be demanding coworkers especially those who don’t work at the same quick pace as they do. They will openly criticize the shortcomings of others while expecting praise for their work.

In their romantic relationships, they desire to be open, but they do not fall in love easily or deeply. They are very calculating and tend to remove their emotions from the relationship before it has a chance to blossom.

Their restlessness makes them shy away from parenthood, but they will probably make great godparents, aunts, or uncles. Their life lesson is to use the change they seek out in life as something positive so they avoid being foolish and distracted.

Elder Tree Folklore: Celtic Animal Birth Sign

The Celtic animal is the Raven which symbolizes protection and healing.

Ruling Deity Of The Elder Druid Zodiac

The Ruling Goddess of the Elder tree is the crown Goddess and tribal mother of the Celtics Cailleach Beara.

Celtic Zodiac Compatibility

Elders are compatible with Alder and Holly Celtic tree signs.

Corresponding Western Astrology Sign

In Western astrology, the Elder tree would correspond with the sun sign of Sagittarius.

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