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7 Things A Woman Will Never Tell You

Many people think that it’s only the men who hide things from their partners, but you will be surprised to know that there are things that women will never really admit. Women appear to be mysteries that men can never solve but it’s all easy once you know these simple things that your girl will not tell you.


Tips To Understand Your Woman Better

#1. Women agree with ‘guy time’

Although it may seem that women don’t like it when you spend time with your friends, they don’t really mind it. They understand that you have friends and personal space too.


They know that there is nothing wrong in having a couple of beers and watching a few games with the guys. The only reason they might make it look as if they don’t like it is so that you know that they are part of your life too. They don’t want you to forget them and spend all your time with the guys.

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#2. Women want you to surprise them too

Women feel that there are the ones who do all the planning and organise everything and they want you to surprise them too. They want to see you make that effort needed to do something special for them.


It makes them feel that you care about and will go to any limits to make them feel loved. It doesn’t have to be something special but small things that will make them feel good.

#3. Girls want your friends to like her

Even though women act like they don’t care, they do want your friends to like her. They matter to you and she wants their approval because their opinion does make a difference in your decisions.


They want to show them that you made the right choice being with her and she loves you. Also if they don’t like her you will have to divide your time which could lead to many arguments.

#4. They are scared that you will like other women better

Girl friends are always scared that you will find someone better and leave them. They know that you might find some things better in your colleagues or other female friends and this always bugs them.

They know that they are not perfect and are afraid that you might find someone who has more things to offer. They fear that you will soon forget about them, and this is something that they will never accept.

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#5. Women start fights when they feel ignored

Every time a woman feels she being ignored she will start a fight to get your attention. She is trying to get some reaction out of you and the worst thing that you could do is to tell her to calm down.

Things will go downhill as soon as you say that and what could have been a little banter will turn into a full blown battle. The best thing you could do is talk to her and reassure her that everything’s fine.

#6. They want you to take initiative

Women want you to take the lead role once in a while and tell them what to do. It could be something as simple as telling them what to make for dinner or something as big planning your next holiday together. It shows that you care and want to make them feel special.

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#7. They analyze your body language

You can say that women have some sort of sixth sense or intuition when it comes to relationships and just by looking at the way you are talking the y can tell if you fancy some co worker or are hiding something from them. And that is why they get jittery when you spend too much time at work or with friends.

If you want your relationship to go places, follow these love compatibility tips on how to understand your girl better. Be it your wife or girl friend, being in their good books can prove to be advantageous.

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