What Is Your Indonesian Zodiac Sign?

What Is Your Indonesian Zodiac Sign?

The Indonesian Zodiac Horoscope gives you a great deal of information about the signs and symbols that match your personality in the Indonesian Astrological system. The Indonesian way of linking days with zodiac is a totally unique system without any real duplication.

The Indonesians and the Javanese use a different method to determine their horoscope and zodiac signs. It is based on the date the individual was born and there is an obligation that it fit the 35 day cycle. In this pattern the customary five day Pasaran of Indonesia is combined with the seven day week of the West creating a 35 day cycle.

The days of the Pasaran are: Legi, Pahing, Pon Wage and Kliwon. The days of the week in the West and the corresponding Indonesian days are: Sunday or Minggu, Monday or Senin, Tuesday or Selasa, Wednesday or Rabu, Thursday- or Kemis, Friday or Jumat and Saturday or Sabtu.


For a person born October 1, 1955 the Weton or Indonesian astrology is reviewed here.
• Indonesian these:: Pon
• Indonesian weekday: Sabtu
• English weekday: Saturday

Indonesian Astrology (Weton) Day

Date of Birth:

This person has great respect for himself. He  wishes to excel in every task. This person enjoys sophistication and luxury. He may not express his wants in great detail. Within the group he is the most broad minded. So, as you can see the predictions are very clear.

In 2017 and going forward all of us are looking to find guidance in our lives. Knowing a little bit about how we are seen through methods of prediction of different cultures  can help us learn about ourselves. Any self-knowledge can be used for our benefit in the world around us.

Our current and unforgiving work world demands that we be almost flawless. Any knowledge of possible flaws in our character can help us to attain this level of style. The predictions provided will certainly act as a guide to our best course of action.

A full Indonesian Zodiac Signs Reading gives you extensive information about your Day sign and how the Indonesians astrological predictions depict you. They will point out both the good and the bad aspects in your character and how you present yourself to the world. It allows you to make progress on any improvements you feel are appropriate. The common belief is that it gives an insight into your personality.

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