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Celtic Zodiac: Rowan Tree

Celtic Astrology Sign: Rowan Tree – January 21 – February 17

If you were born between January 21st – February 17th then your sign in the Celtic tree zodiac is the ROWAN TREE.

Historically the Rowan tree was the keeper of the gateway to the spirit realms. It was aligned in ancient times with protection against evil. The red berries of the Rowan tree were thought to be the food of the gods and was guarded by the rowan tree animal, the mythical green dragon.

In ancient times a piece of the Rowan tree was placed over the door of one’s home to keep evil spirits out. Many people placed this tree around their homes for protection and to scare away demons.

The rowan tree is also a symbol of success, personal power, and astral traveling.


General Characteristics Of Rowan Tree Zodiac

Those born under the Celtic astrology sign of the Rowan tree are the thinkers of the Celtic zodiac. They can be very philosophical people with passionate ideals. They also have a sensitive side that seems to be very sympathetic to others.

Rowan people are considered visionaries with high principles. They can appear to have an aloof exterior and their point of view is often misunderstood due to most people not understanding where they’re coming from.


They have an inner drive that gives them motivation to make their lane through life. These people have an organic ability to change people and circumstances around them just by the energy of their presence.

Their thoughts are inventive, authentic, and creative. They are very influential in an understated way and people rely on them for their uncommon point of view.


Celtic Ogham Symbol For the Rowan Tree

The Ogham Word for Rowan tree people is Luis.

celtic rowan tree

Strengths Of This Druid Zodiac

People born under the Rowan tree sign are powerful, incredibly influential, progressive, and idealistic thinkers. They are very inventive with an interest in metaphysics, space, and science fiction.

Rowans can amass a great deal of power and will help to lay the groundwork for social change and reform. They inspire those around them and have a strong humanitarian streak.


These people make understanding bosses, but their preference is to not take on the responsibilities of other people. Their parenting style is supportive and they expect their children to grow into their independence. They often have very successful marriages if they choose a partner who thinks the same way as them.

They have a unique sense of humor that leans a little toward the odd side, with an inclination to laugh at serious issues.

Rowan people are often musically gifted and can be drawn to unusual, out-of-the-ordinary musicians, artists, and composers.

Celtic Zodiac: Rowan Tree

Weaknesses Of This Druid Zodiac

Rowan Druid sign people are predisposed to promise more than they can reasonably deliver. They can become discouraged and restless with the struggle towards a greater life understanding.

In relationships, they can struggle with being romantic and affectionate. Most will usually marry later on in life because they do not take the commitment of marriage lightly and are hesitant to let go of their personal freedom.

Rowan Tree Folklore: Celtic Animal Birth Sign

The symbolic animals are the CRANE and the GREEN DRAGON which is symbolic for imagination and inspiration.

Ruling Deity Of The Rowan Druid Zodiac

The ancient deity that rules the Rowan tree astrology sign is Brigid who is known as the Goddess of fertility. She offers protection to families and mothers.

Celtic Zodiac Compatibility

Rowan tree people are compatible with Ivy and Hawthorne.

Corresponding Western Astrology Sign

In Western Astrology, the Rowan tree would correspond with the sign of Aquarius.
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