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Celtic Zodiac: Willow Tree

Celtic Astrology Sign: Willow Tree – April 15 – May 12

If you were born between April 15th and May 12th, then your sign in Celtic tree zodiac is the WILLOW TREE.

In Celtic astrology, the moon symbolizes the willow tree. Throughout history, the willow tree has been known as the tree of charm and magic. The Celtics associated the tree with poets.

New lovers would often wear a piece of willow to associate the strength and prominence of the Goddess Crone who was known as the old wise one.


General Characteristics Of Willow Tree Zodiac

Willow tree zodiac people symbolize the sign of change in Celtic astrology and change will be a common theme most of their lives. They are very creative, intelligent, and intuitive people.

In their careers, they should seek public positions like a teacher, counselor or public figure. They are often employed in dependable job positions.


Willow tree people may find it challenging to stay with one career. They may move from place to place often, but when they do establish a permanent place for themselves they often become leaders in their community.

Willows tend to grow in life very quickly and if they face setbacks they will swiftly regroup and start again, often becoming more tenacious and knowledgeable than when they first started.

Their family is important as they are very family-oriented. Willow Druid sign people will usually marry at a young age and are attracted to partners that are either older or younger than them.

Their emotions run deep so when they do find the right partner. They are full of yearning and passion. They sometimes have a hard time expressing this to their partner. Close relationships mean a lot to them and their family and children become the top priority in their lives.


Celtic Ogham Symbol For the Willow Tree

The Willow tree sign Celtic Ogham’s word is Saille.

celtic willow tree

Strengths Of This Druid Zodiac

Celtic Willow tree zodiac people have the strength to deal with an incredible amount of change in their lifetime. Their intuitive powers and sharp awareness allow them to shine and go on to live a successful life. They realize that every situation lasts a short period. They are more patient than other signs.


These people have a natural ability to gain and retain wisdom.  They have a strong urge to be creative builders. They are great at managing money and have a love for the luxuries that come with good money management.

Willow Druid sign people can change their appearance quickly and they are naturally drawn to natural ways of healing. They can make great spiritual healers due to the magical connections that have within their sign.

Celtic Zodiac: Willow Tree

Weaknesses Of This Druid Zodiac

Willow tree people tend to hold themselves back because they fear appearing too flashy and egoistic. They can be stubborn and come off as secretive.

They can appear closed off making it difficult for other people to get close to them. These peop;e can have sudden changes of mood that may prevent them from clearly analyzing a situation.

In their relationships, they may have a hard time forgetting a slight and even more of a hard time forgiving. They may hold in some resentment which may restrict their future success. This may lead to sadness in their relationships.

Willow Tree Folklore: Celtic Animal Birth Sign

Their animal is the Adder which is known for their excellent memory or the sea serpent.

Ruling Deity Of The Willow Druid Zodiac

The ruling deity is the Celtic Moon Goddess.

Celtic Zodiac Compatibility

Willow tree people are compatible with Birch and Ivy.

Corresponding Western Astrology Sign

In Western astrology, the willow tree corresponds with the sign of Taurus.
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