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Celtic Zodiac: Birch Tree

Celtic Astrology Sign: Birch Tree – December 24 – January 21

If you were born between December 24th – January 21st then your sign in Celtic tree zodiac sign is the BIRCH TREE.

Throughout history, the birch tree increased the lives of people and the quality of life in which they lived. It is the first tree to sprout leaves after the winter. It also protects against lightning.

According to ancient tales, people would hide behind birch trees to protect themselves when lightning struck.

People born under this Druid zodiac sign may exhibit many of the characteristics of the tree such as strength, tenacity, resilience, and perseverance.


General Characteristics Of Birch Tree Zodiac

Birch tree people are risk-takers, high achievers, and movers and shakers. They are renowned as innovators and can easily be caught up in their ambition and extreme passion to always strive for more. Birch people are also revered for their beauty and gracefulness, just like their tree counterparts.

These are the people who will be the inventors, leaders, and motivators who always strive for perfection. They are goal-oriented, strategists, and exceptional organizers with a strong will to succeed.

In the Druid religion, this tree represents the beginning of possibility and of growth that is not hindered by obstacles and setbacks.


Celtic Ogham Symbol For the Birch Tree

The birch Ogham is Beithe, which symbolizes renewal, transition, new beginnings, and leadership opportunities, and is therefore quite useful in times of transformation.

If you were born between December 24th - January 21st then your sign in Celtic tree astrology sign is the BIRCH TREE.

Strengths Of This Druid Zodiac

Celtic astrology Birch tree people are trustworthy, loyal, and tolerant of those they surround themselves with. The birch is a tree of renewal, rebirth, and purity. They have the tenacity and strength to make all of their ambitions and dreams come to fruition.


They represent cleanliness and can be very principled in their everyday dealings. Birch people are exceptionally skilled at putting their minds to overcoming challenges and obstacles.

With clarity and purpose, Birch zodiac people rarely fail at accomplishing whatever goals they set for themselves. They take the relationships they have with their family very seriously and can be counted on to be loyal and steadfast.


Celtic Zodiac: Birch Tree

Weaknesses Of This Druid Zodiac

Due to the inclination to strive for perfection and their highest goals, Birch people can become depressed and pessimistic if they don’t have a goal in life to strive for. They need a clear goal to feel accomplished. This can lead to them becoming workaholics. They can also hide their emotions and become very serious.

As a result of this depressive state, they can become obsessive about their health. A lack of reality can make their judgment cloudy and they can become very harsh critics of themselves. They can also be very silent when showing emotion.

Birch Tree Folklore: Celtic Animal Birth Sign

The Celtic animal birth animal sign for the birch tree is the STAG and the GOLDEN EAGLE. Stags have a special meaning for the Celts. They believed deers had magical powers and were aligned with fairies.

They believed that deer lived deep in the forest so they could obtain secret knowledge. In the Celtic religion, the deer is the symbol for the God Cernunnos, also known as “the horned one”.

Birch trees are also associated with fertility, and vegetation and are considered the defenders of the forest.

Ruling Deity Of The Birch Druid Zodiac

The ruling deity of the birch tree is the Celtic warrior God Lugh. This is a god of skill and many talents. He is the patron god to healers, champions, magicians, and craftsman artists.

Celtic Zodiac Compatibility

Birch people are compatible with the Vine and Willow tree signs.

Corresponding Western Astrology Sign

In Western astrology, the birch tree corresponds to the sign of Capricorn.

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