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December 15 Birthday Horoscope Personality

Birthday Meanings Of People Born On December 15th

December 15 Zodiac Sign Is Sagittarius

IF YOU ARE BORN ON DECEMBER 15, it’s likely that you are extremely friendly and funny. Needless to say, you’re on the Most Wanted list. Some of your friends say you like the attention people bestowed on you… almost putting you on a pedestal. You take control of audiences and make them your own.

The December 15 birthday personality follow their own path. This Sagittarian birthdate person is about as unconventional as they come. If it’s different, you’ll do it. If they say it can’t be done, you’ll do it. You are driven by the idea of fame and fortune. However, you have limitations as to how far you will go to get it. Having been brought up with values, you maintain a high set of principles to live by.

15-december-birthday-sagittariusOn the other hand, you can be spontaneous. As the December 15th birthdate zodiac sign is Sagittarius, you need a bit of stimulation or you get restless. Those born on this zodiac birthday are curious individuals. Sometimes this nature can wind you up in a pickle as you are likely to have accidents. Experimenting may not be your cup of tea when it comes to certain things that have a large amount of risk involved.

The 15th December birthday horoscope predicts that you have a big heart. Many of your friends come to you for advice mainly because you’re logical. You have a way at looking at things from a distance. This makes for an unbiased opinion which makes you an excellent mediator or adviser. If today is your birth day, you like to dispute facts with others especially with a friend.

Let’s talk about your family. When it comes to commitments or family ties, you are not as close as you could be to your roots. You continue to hope for better days although you have had failed attempts in the past. Being a parent, however, teaches you a thing or two about making certain decisions. When you are faced with a particular situation, you think back to how your parents reacted to you. The December 15 birthday personality is likely to base part of his or her decisions on childhood memories or the desire to change what you desire, might feel wrong.

The 15 December birthdate astrology predicts that you just don’t seem to have a lot of luck with relationships. This doesn’t seem to discourage you from finding your soul mate. You don’t handle disappointment very well, however. No one knows this but you tend to take breakups hard as you suffer in private.

The December 15 birthday meanings suggest that you may find that a career in the human service field suits you as you are a caring individual. Helping others brings you much personal satisfaction. You are rewarded for your good deeds. Money seems to drop down from the sky on you. Otherwise, you work hard for the money and you won’t let setbacks deter you from reaching your goal. If at all possible, you just grind harder to succeed.

This Sagittarian’s health is generated mainly from a positive and winning attitude. You are you own immune system’s booster. Generally, good health belongs to you but you should be careful to guard against diseases of the liver and stomach. With a December 15 birth day, you could be prone to accidents resulting in a bruised leg. Certain foods make you feel good and this could be dangerous when it comes to maintaining a comfortable weight. Although cocoa is good for you, it’s only good in moderation. Even changing when you eat, can have positive effects on your body and mind.

december 15 birthday

How do you do it, Sagittarius? You’re incredible! Being born on December 15, you attract a lot of attention without demanding it. People love you and trust you with their intimate details. You are someone who would have no problems running for an election. Additionally, you are focused on the bigger picture and that is what you mainly dream about. Your friends say you are complicated when it comes to romance. In addition, you could have some problems with food. Try changing your routine a bit and eat healthier foods.

Zodiac Astrology

Date of Birth:

This Day That Year – December 15th In History:

1973 – The American Psychiatric Association makes a discovery that homosexuality is not related to mental illness.
1992 – Sports Illustrated cover of Arthur Ashe, Sports Illustrated Sportsman of the Year.
1997 – Joe Montana’s number 16 is “benched”.
2013 – Michelle Bachelet is the newly elected President of Chile.

Celebrities Born On 15 December:

Tim Conway, Max Green, Imani, Don Johnson, Keylor Navas, Henry Santos, Garret Wang

December 15 Birth Sign: You Fall Under Star Sign Sagittarius

December 15 Rashi (Vedic Moon Sign): Dhanus Rashi

December 15 Chinese Zodiac Sign: RAT

December 15 Birthdate Planet: Your ruling planet is Jupiter that symbolizes mercy, happiness, growth, vitality and optimism.

December 15 Birth Date Symbols: The Archer Is The Symbol For The Sagittarius Zodiac Sign

December 15 Birthday Tarot Card: Your Birth Day Tarot Card is The Devil. This card warns you not to let hopelessness and ignorance control your life.

December 15 Birthday Compatibility:
You are most compatible with people born under Sun Sign Leo: This is a lively and dynamic love match.
You are not compatible with people born under Sun Sign Taurus: This match will only survive if you learn from your mistakes.

December 15 Birth Date Numerology: Your Lucky Numbers are:
Number 6 – This number symbolizes love, caring, selflessness, protecting and sacrifices.
Number 9 – This number symbolizes global awareness, sophistication and compassion.

Lucky Colors For December 15th Birthdays:
Pink: This colour signifies romance, softness, approachability and harmony.
Purple: This color signifies intuition, magic, mysticism, prosperity and pride.

Lucky Days For 15th December Birthdate:
Friday – This day ruled by Venus signifies connecting with people and getting pampered.
Thursday – This day ruled by Jupiter is a good day to make financial decisions.

December 15 Birth Stone: Turquoise is a gemstone that balances your chakras and is symbolic of long-lasting friendship.

Ideal Zodiac Birthday Gifts For People Born On The 15th Of December: The latest video game for the Sagittarius man and a  leather jacket for the woman.


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