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Blue Color Symbolism In Feng Shui

What Is The Symbolism of Blue Color In Feng Shui?

Color plays a significant role in Feng Shui because it constitutes a specific tone that Chi always picks up and releases back into the surroundings. The blue color, among the five main colors in Feng Shui, holds great significance and meaning. Feng Shui colors are very powerful and can change a room instantly.

According to the Taoists’ belief,’ only two colors were in use before using the Five Elements Theory, though opposing but complementary in principle. But these colors are black and white.


Five Elements Theory

Following the Five Elements Theory, there was an enlargement in the spectrum of the colors, leading to the addition of three other colors: red, green, and yellow, in addition to the existing black and white. So, this makes five main colors in total. So the Five Elements Theory offers definitions and clarity about colors, textures, and shapes around us.


A unique color denotes each element, and displaying these colors correctly in the home, business, or office activates each element’s essence and transports the attributes into one’s life. However, the color black is usually considered ‘black-blue on the other hand, ‘blue-black,’ and therefore, each color in its essence can be combined in usage.


Green Color in Feng Shui

The same scene applies in the case of the green color in conjunction with the blue color. The green color is also usually considered ‘green-blue’ or ‘blue-green’ as the case may be. The Feng Shui atmosphere, which is, in turn, creates thinking or vitality.

Vibration speaks much of colors. In Feng Shui fundamentals, everything is composed of energy and alive, and most importantly, it is known that everything oscillates at a specific frequency. This also applies to Feng Shui colors; each color vibrates uniquely at its frequencies.


Feng Shui Guide To Using Blue Colour

In Feng Shui, Blue denotes the water element. It is viewed in nature as yin because it swallows up things and consequently falls below, causing a downward depression in the shape and volume assumed by the water in its container. Just like throwing a stone into a pool of water, in which, in return, the water swallows it up. Hence, of all Feng Shui elements, that is, fire, metal, and wood, water holds the most incredible power for wealth creation.

It is known that water constitutes a considerable part of the earth’s sphere, and it is known for its abundance. It is present almost everywhere, in ocean bodies, seas, lakes, rivers, etc., making water a sign of abundance and flourishing.

Blue color and Body Energy

On the other hand, if we look at blue from the viewpoint of body energy, the blue color is the throat chakra. Holding back emotions, speaking lies, and over-expressing oneself and abilities will eat imbalances energetically in this body region. Therefore, blue is a color of confidence.

The Blue color of Feng Shui also stands for nature, skies, peace, and tranquility. It reflects love and harmony because it heals and brings peace. But it brings about togetherness and compactness.

This color brings about trust, love, and harmony since it is the color of the sky and sea. This blue color of Feng Shui is one of the best colors in Feng Shui, particularly for people seeking calmness and peace in their dealings and life.

It also signifies the external impacts or forces of nature: the ocean and the sky. But enhances the addition of the natural entities as part of one’s life. Therefore, properly coordinating and blending this color with the environment would display this love and harmony. Moreover, some areas of the home would fit the blue color.

Blue Color and Adventure

Feng Shui also relates it to quest, exploration, and adventure. Blue is one of the best colors in Feng Shui, particularly for people seeking calmness and peace in their dealings and lives. It also signifies the external impacts or forces of nature: the ocean and the sky. So enhances the addition of the natural entities as part of one’s life.

The blue color of Feng Shui also stands for craving and thirst for knowledge, safety, and boldness. But blue can be used to generate a strange and to display a feeling of curiosity and seriousness.  It is claimed that blue usage helps in mediation, representing blessing and peaceful color for children’s rooms.

#Blue is for New Beginnings

So in Feng Shui, it is believed that everything comes for nothing. When starting something, the blue color plays a definite and crucial role. Water, its associated element symbolizes the New Moon when darkness has covered the moon.

But this matches up when the moon is very new: planted seeds and young seedlings have the most excellent chance to grow. This makes the Chinese New Year very significant and the year’s first New Moon.

Using blue as an accent to your environment triggers you toward fulfillment, erudition, and understanding. It enhances and encourages new thoughts and causes improvement in career and business.

Blue Color and Bedrooms

But broader blue accents are suitable for bedrooms to enhance better sleep. Blue color helps reduce blood pressure and the heartbeat rate, which helps overcome anxiety and lack of confidence.

It is, therefore, clear that the blue color is in the Five Element theory. But Feng Shui has an immense positive significance. It brings love, harmony, peace, tranquility, self-confidence, and calmness.

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