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January 26 Famous Birthdays

January 26 Famous Birthdays

If you share your birthday with famous people born on JANUARY 26, you love to try fresh and unconventional things. As an Aquarius, they are likely groundbreakers. This is where they are most strong. They are sociable people that love to have conversations over an exotic meal.

Famous people born on January 26 are a natural in their career field. They bring a unique flavor to the business table. Sometimes, they are rebellious but have an artistic mind. Some say that they are sensitive. They love having free will and this is priceless to them. They realize that so many of us are imprisoned by our thoughts and societal way of thinking.


Famous January 26 birthdays can be persevering. Famous people born on 26 January have the power to make a positive change in the world. They keep their circle of friends small. In love, they don’t show their true feelings until they are sure about their mate. Loyalty is of the utmost importance.


Famous people born  on January 26 are confident with the ability to perform under stress well. Those individuals are idealistic and rational Aquarius. They can be sensitive and unconventional but have a strong appreciation for freedom.


January 26th Famous Birthday Personality Traits

26th January Good Traits:

  • Social
  • Outgoing
  • Leader
  • Rational

26th January Bad Traits:

  • Defiant
  • Sensitive
  • Stubborn
  • Whimsical

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January 26th Famous Birthday Personalities

Aaron Kaufman, 1982, Reality Star
Addison Riecke, 2004, TV Actress
ADHDcraft, 1995, YouTube Star
Aki Takase, 1948, Pianist
Akio Morita, 1921, Entrepreneur
Al Bummy Davis, 1920, Boxer
Alfred J. Goulding, 1896, Screenwriter
Alice Babs, 1924, Jazz Singer
Allie Evans, 1996, YouTube Star
Alonzo ‘Gorilla Zoe’ Mathis, 1983, Rapper
Andres Torres, 1978, Baseball Player
Andrew J. Ferchland, 1987, TV Actor
Andrew John Ridgeley, 1963, Guitarist
Andrew Rothenberg, 1974, TV Actor
Angela Davis, 1944, Teacher
Anita Baker, 1958, R&B Singer
Anne Jeffreys, 1923, Soap Opera Actress
Annette Strauss, 1924, Politician
Annie’s Vlogs, 2006, YouTube Star
Anthony Wallace, 1989, Soccer Player

Armand Gatti, 1924, Screenwriter
Autumn-Joi, 1982, Radio Host
Aygun Kazimova, 1971, Pop Singer
Barbara Kruger, 1945, Conceptual Artist
Ben McGee, 1939, Football Player
Benjamin Rausseo, 1961, Comedian
Bessie Coleman, 1892, Pilot
Bharti Kumar, 1996, TV Actress
Billy Bang, 1987, Rapper
Billy Greer, 1952, Bassist
Bob Thomas, 1922, Non-Fiction Author
Bob Uecker, 1935, Baseball Player
Bobby Burns, 1997, YouTube Star
Branden Pinder, 1989, Baseball Player
Brandon Bolden, 1990, Football Player
Brendan Rodgers, 1973, Soccer Coach
Briana Jungwirth, 1992, Family Member
Bryan Callen, 1967, Comedian
Cameron Bright, 1993, Movie Actor
Catherine Martin, 1965, Production Designer
Cathy Podewell, 1964, TV Actress
Celia Kennan-Bolger, 1978, Stage Actress
Charles Lane, 1905, Movie Actor
Charles Winters, 1977, Entrepreneur
Charlie Gillingham, 1960, Composer
Chico Camus, 1985, MMA Fighter
Chitrasena, 1921, Dancer
Christopher Hampton, 1946, Director
Christopher Massey, 1990, TV Actor
Christopher Mercer, 1985, DJ
Ciera Payton, 1986, TV Actress
Claudia Ramirez, 1991, YouTube Star
Colin O’Donoghue, 1981, Movie Actor
Corky Laing, 1948, Drummer

Csaba Markus, 1953, Sculptor
Cyia Batten, 1972, TV Actress
D’Jalma Garnier, 1954, Composer
Dan Bailey, 1988, Football Player
Dan Bobish, 1970, MMA Fighter
Danny Dietz, 1980, War Hero
Dante DeCaro, 1981, Guitarist
Darlen Escobar, 1987, Reality Star
David Jenkins, 1925, Religious Leader
David Solomona, 1978, Rugby Player
David Strathairn, 1949, Movie Actor
DJ Arafat, 1986, DJ
Dominic Knight, 1977, Radio Host
Dorian Gregory, 1971, TV Actor
Douglas MacArthur, 1880, War Hero
Eddie Van Halen, 1955, Guitarist
Edgardo Bauza, 1958, Soccer Player

Edwin Hodge, 1985, Movie Actor
Elena Brooke, 1995, Instagram Star
Elisabet Ney, 1833, Sculptor
Ellen DeGeneres, 1958, TV Show Host
Emily Hughes, 1989, Figure Skater
Emma Victoria, 2000, YouTube Star
France Joli, 1963, Pop Singer
Frank Costello, 1891, Criminal
Frankie Rayder, 1975, Model
Garry Ringrose, 1995, Rugby Player
Gary Crosby, 1955, Bassist
Gary Hooper, 1988, Soccer Player
Gavin Gunning, 1991, Soccer Player
Gedion Zelalem, 1997, Soccer Player
Gene Siskel, 1946, TV Show Host
George Shiras Jr., 1832, Supreme Court Justice
George Tillman Jr., 1969, Director
Gerald Green, 1986, Basketball Player
Gertrude Farquharson Boyle Kanno, 1878, Sculptor
Gil Merrick, 1922, Soccer Player
Gilles Marini, 1976, TV Actor
Gordon Solie, 1929, Sportscaster
Gustavo Dudamel, 1981, Composer
Hannah Sohn, 2003, Movie Actress
Henry Jaglom, 1941, Director
Ian Branfoot, 1947, Soccer Player
Im Changkyun, 1996, Pop Singer
Imelda Papin, 1956, World Music Singer
Imogen Cairns, 1989, Gymnast
Ivan Hlinka, 1950, Hockey Player
Ivan van Sertima, 1935, Teacher
Jack Skuller, 1996, Pop Singer
Jack Youngblood, 1950, Football Player
Jackie Moran, 1923, Movie Actor
Jacqueline Du Pre, 1945, Cellist
James Wrona, 1994, YouTube Star
Jamie Bateson, 1987, YouTube Star
Jazzie B, 1963, DJ
Jean Knight, 1943, R&B Singer
Jerry Sandusky, 1944, Criminal
Jessica McCain, 1991, Reality Star
Jimmy Karz, 1984, Movie Actor
Jimmy Van Heusen, 1913, Composer
Joan Leslie, 1925, Movie Actress
Joe Laurinaitis, 1960, Wrestler
Joe Pettini, 1955, Baseball Manager
John Tait, 1975, Football Player
Jon Contino, 1983, Illustrator
Jonathan Top, 1993, Soccer Player
Jose De Jesus Corona, 1981, Soccer Player
Jose Mourinho, 1963, Soccer Coach
Joshua Dobbs, 1995, Football Player
Juan Pablo Duarte, 1813, World Leader
Jules Feiffer, 1929, Cartoonist
Julia Dent Grant, 1826, Political Wife
Jung Chan-woo, 1998, Pop Singer
Justin Gimelstob, 1977, Tennis Player
Karent Sierra, 1974, TV Actress
Karim Abridged, 1995, YouTube Star
Kate Elliot, 1989, YouTube Star
KC Rebell, 1988, Rapper
Kelly Stables, 1978, TV Actress
Ken Thorne, 1925, Composer
Kenyan Drake, 1994, Football Player
Kevin McCarthy, 1965, Politician
Kevin Pangos, 1993, Basketball Player
Kherington Payne, 1990, Dancer
Kim Jaejoong, 1986, Pop Singer
Kirk Franklin, 1970, Gospel Singer
Kristin Kagay, 1993, Model
Kyle Chavarria, 1995, TV Actress
Kym Vergara, 1999, Dancer
Layla Kayleigh, 1984, TV Show Host
Leeah D Jackson, 1998, TV Actress
Lewis Davies, 1913,
Li Cunxin, 1961, Dancer
Lizzie Armanto, 1993, Skateboarder
Louis Zamperini, 1917, War Hero
Lucia Mendez, 1955, Soap Opera Actress
Lucinda Williams, 1953, Country Singer
Luvculturegurl26, 1996, YouTube Star
Manti Te’o, 1991, Football Player
Marc Mitscher, 1887, War Hero
Maria Von Trapp, 1905, World Music Singer
Mario Runco Jr., 1952, Astronaut
Mark Dayton, 1947, Politician
MarShon Brooks, 1989, Basketball Player
Mary Mapes Dodge, 1831, Children’s Author
Mary Murphy, 1931, Movie Actress
Matthew James Clarkson, 1995, Rapper
Maureen Orth, 1943, Journalist
Max Deacon, 1993, Movie Actor
May Miller, 1899, Poet
Melvil Poupaud, 1973, Movie Actor
Merril Hoge, 1965, Sportscaster
Mia Rose, 1988, YouTube Star
Michael Bentine, 1922, Comedian
Michael Chiarello, 1962, Chef
Michael Hawthorne, 1977, Football Player
Michel Sardou, 1947, World Music Singer
Mike O’Hearn, 1969, Bodybuilder
Miles Jai, 1993, YouTube Star
Montrezl Harrell, 1994, Basketball Player
Moon Bin, 1998, Pop Singer
Nany González, 1989, Reality Star
Nick Flynn, 1960, Poet
Nico Mirallegro, 1991, Soap Opera Actor
Nicolae Ceausescu, 1918, Politician
Nicolo Melli, 1991, Basketball Player
Nik West, 1989, Bassist
Niklas Almqvist, 1977, Guitarist
Norman Hassan, 1958, Reggae Singer
Nuri Bilge Ceylan, 1959, Director
Oli White, 1995, YouTube Star
Page Cavanaugh, 1922, Pianist
Patrick Dewaere, 1947, Movie Actor
Paul Johansson, 1964, TV Actor
Paul Nabor, 1928, World Music Singer
Paul Newman, 1925, Movie Actor
Peter Sagan, 1990, Cyclist
Phil Dalhausser, 1980, Volleyball Player
Philip Jose Farmer, 1918, Novelist
Piper Mackenzie Harris, 2000, Movie Actress
Rae Kanoa, 2000, YouTube Star
Rafaello Oliveira, 1982, MMA Fighter
Rajasmita Kar, 1991, Dancer
Ravi Teja, 1968, Movie Actor
Rebecca Ritters, 1984, Soap Opera Actress
Rebecca Scheja, 1989, DJ
ReeseNation, 1999, Star
Richard Portnow, 1947, TV Actor
Rick Ross, 1960, Autobiographer
Rigoberto Uran, 1987, Cyclist
Riley Williamson, 1999, YouTube Star
Robby Novak, 2003, YouTube Star
Robert Cailliau, 1947, Entrepreneur
Roger Vadim, 1928, Director
Roy Chapman Andrews, 1884, Explorer
Rupan Bal, 1990, Movie Actor
Ruth Kearney, 1989, TV Actress
Ryan Hoffman, 1984, Rugby Player
Ryan Quigley, 1990, Football Player
Ryan Rowland-Smith, 1983, Baseball Player
Salvador Sanchez, 1959, Boxer
Samuel Parr, 1747, Teacher
Sapphire, 2003, Pop Singer
Sara Rue, 1979, TV Actress
Sasha Banks, 1992, Wrestler
Scott Forsyth, 1992, Choreographer
Scott Glenn, 1941, Movie Actor
Scott Wimmer, 1976, Race Car Driver
Sebastian Giovinco, 1987, Soccer Player
Sebastian Rhodes, 1995, YouTube Star
Sergio Perez, 1990, Race Car Driver
Shannon Hale, 1974, Young Adult Author
Sharyl Attkisson, 1961, Journalist
Shreya Jain, 1995, YouTube Star
Siavash Shams, 1963, Pop Singer
Soad Hosny, 1943, Movie Actress
Steve Jay, 1951, Bassist
Tatiana Ringsby, 2000, YouTube Star
Taylor Wilde, 1986, Wrestler
Teddy Ruks, 1983, Reality Star
Thom Bell, 1943, Soul Singer
Tim Kellner, 1989, YouTube Star
Tim Walsh, 1975, Film Producer
Tom Keifer, 1961, Metal Singer
Torrey Smith, 1989, Football Player
True Geordie, 1987, YouTube Star
Tye Tribbett, 1976, Gospel Singer
Tyger Drew-Honey, 1996, TV Actor
Valentino Mazzola, 1919, Soccer Player
Vince Carter, 1977, Basketball Player
Vito Scotti, 1918, Movie Actor
Walt Willey, 1951, Soap Opera Actor
Walter Barnes, 1918, Movie Actor
Walter Krueger, 1881, War Hero
Wayne Gretzky, 1961, Hockey Player
Wendy Melvoin, 1964, Composer
Wilder Penfield, 1891, Doctor
William Hopper, 1915, Movie Actor
Willie Adler, 1976, Guitarist
Winston Giles, 1974, Rock Singer
Xavier Becerra, 1958, Politician
Yakidk, 1973, World Music Singer
Zakaria Bakkali, 1996, Soccer Player
Zara Cully, 1892, TV Actress
ZzirGrizz, 1982, YouTube Star


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