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March 15 Zodiac Horoscope Birthday Personality

People Born On March 15: Zodiac Sign Is Pisces

IF YOU ARE BORN ON March 15, you are Piscean that likes a challenge. Yes indeed… your competitive nature puts you on top of your game. You work hard and play hard but your image is important to you. Pisces, you are concerned with how others see you although you are very warm and likeable person.


As the 15th March birthday meaning suggests you are one of the nicest people anyone would want to meet and trust me; they do want to meet you! With all that you aspire to be, you know it holds a great responsibility to be a leader. You, Pisces, are just the person for the job.march 15 birthday personality Those born on this day are Pisceans that respect others and expect the same in return. You cannot believe that anyone you know could be cruel and heartless. Drama or any kind of negative behavior turns you off.

You feel that gossiping does not do anyone any good. You will not let anyone talk bad about one of your friends in front of you. You who are born on this day March 15 are spiritual and idealistic. Nothing of a dark nature has a place with you.


The March 15 birthday horoscope profile shows you to be sincere, trusting and sensitive Piscean. You are likely to get your heart broken a few times because of it. After which, you usually reevaluate the situation and decide if it is even worth it.

If the cons outweigh the pros, then there is no reason to continue the friendship. You cannot trust them so why bother. You have to read the entire book, Pisces, before deciding its significance.


It is hard to pin a Piscean down. Maintaining a balancing act between your interest and energy can be a problem for zodiac birthday March 15 people.

There are so many things that you want to cross off your Bucket List. Pisces, you are busy doing many things for the first time. If it is different, you are for it. Pisceans love to explore and to experiment.


As a young person, Pisces, your parents told you about two kinds of people in this world. You have good people and then, you have your not so good people. As an adult, you have come to know that good person can do bad things but it does not define who they are. It is really takes an idealist to believe that people are all good but no one is ever “all bad.”

What you are likely to believe as a child, you usually bring to adulthood. However, as an adult, you can make wiser decisions – decisions that bring your values to the home instead of your parents.

What the March 15th birthday astrology predicts for you is that living a healthy lifestyle began a long time ago for you. In most cases, Pisceans avoid stress by any means necessary. This includes job stress. Those born on this day will perhaps feel the need to change career fields if the strain becomes too much.


Pisces, you could use an outlet for rest and relaxation. Aromatherapy, meditation, and yoga are all excellent means to an anxiety-free state of mind. It is also an inexpensive way to ward off those jobs related worries.


If you are born on March 15, you want to live a life that is peaceful, and simple but meaningful. Your goal is to be an honest and productive Piscean. You stay prayed up and you are in touch with your spiritual needs. These are your roots. You believe peace comes from within no matter where you live or how you live.

Overall, Pisces, the 15th March birthday personality shows you to be competitive but are concerned about your reputation. Your good name is subject for review by everyone you meet and you want it to be a good report.

Zodiac Astrology

Date of Birth:

You despise negative behavior and will not have it in your life. Those born on this day are genuine Pisces birthdays who are not afraid of stepping out of the comfort zone. You do a good job maintaining good health but would need to incorporate more relaxation.

march 15 birthday

Famous People And Celebrities Born On March 15

Will I Am, Fabio, Andrew Jackson, Eva Longoria, Bret Michaels, Dee Snider, Sly Stone, Mike Tomlin, Caitlin Wachs

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This Day That Year – March 15 In History

1729 – Sister St Stanislas Hachard became the first American nun to take vows in New Orleans.
1827 – Freedom’s Journal which was the First black newspaper was published.
1867 – To support their universities, Michigan is first to tax property
1930 – Port Washington, NY; first seaplane flown

March 15  Meen Rashi (Vedic Moon Sign)
March 15 Chinese Zodiac RABBIT

March 15 Birthday Planet

Your ruling planet is Neptune that symbolizes creativity, sentiments, imagination, and intuition.

March 15 Birthday Symbols

The Two Fishes Are The Symbol For The Pisces Zodiac Sign.

March 15 Birthday Tarot Card

Your Birth Day Tarot Card is The Devil. This card stands for materialistic thinking, extremes, and addictions. The Minor Arcana cards are Ten of Cups and Queen of Wands

March 15 Birthday Compatibility

You are most compatible with people born under Zodiac Sign Taurus: This relationship can be quite exciting yet stable.
You are not compatible with people born under Zodiac Sign Sagittarius: A problematic relationship.

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March 15 Lucky Numbers

Number 6 – This number stands for nurturing, caring, inspiration and helpful nature.
Number 9 – This is a helpful number that symbolizes charity, imagination, expressive and magnetic.

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Lucky Colors For March 15 Birthday

Turquoise: This is a calm color that symbolizes positive energy, willpower and an ability to achieve goals.
Blue: This color is a peaceful color that symbolizes loyalty, trust, faith, happiness, and stability.

Lucky Days For March 15 Birthday

Thursday – This day ruled by Jupiter the planet of luck which rules over education, intelligence, and optimism.
Friday – This day ruled by Venus stands for partnerships, pleasure, relaxation, and charm.

March 15 Birthstone Aquamarine

Aquamarine gemstone can be worn for happiness, a positive mentality and for protection from enemies.

Ideal Zodiac Birthday Gifts For People Born On The 15th Of March:

A travel book for the man and a gardening toolkit for the woman.



  1. Emmanuel Opoku Danso

    As march 15th born man,can I become s lawyer and a journalist per my Pisces

  2. Emmanuel Opoku Danso

    As 15th March born man,can I marry 4th June born woman? Does our destiny put as together?

  3. Hi Lynette, I’m not good at this technology thing but catching up however I love your comments and I love everything you said and it describes me to a tee and my birthday is on March 15th hopefully you get my message as soon as possible and I would like your feedback love your campaign

  4. Born March 15, I did not have a happy childhood. My brother who was 15 years older than myself, never spoke
    to me and ignored me completely. When my cousins came for a holiday, if anything was missing or broken, I was blamed although I was never home when they to visit. (I stayed with my aunt who lived in another town all summer since I was 3 years old until I was 16). I could never figure out why my parents never corrected my
    brother. It has effected my life. Where did I go wrong.

    • You didn’t do anything wrong man, they did you wrong. That shouldn’t have to happen in any child’s life ever. I lived in a troubled household too but there were some people I had growing up that weren’t even biological family that loved me. Love comes in all shape and form. Even when you feel like you’re on top of the world to even when you feel like you can’t get outta bed. If they really loved you then they wouldn’t do anything to make feel like you’re not deserving or not like a stranger

  5. Rosalind Jackson

    I have a March 15 son.
    We adopted one another at his birth.
    He brought me more love an anyone else one but.
    He was alway a kind loving son
    Still is
    I’m 73 now.
    My life was great because he was in it.
    He blessed me.
    Happy birthday son. Mom

  6. Hi
    I was born 15th March can I marry to a woman
    Born 4th faburay?
    Or can I find farvor from this woman?

  7. As a March 15th born, it doesn’t matter if you’re man or woman, trans, or gay. We are an innovative and a creative bunch of people capable of feeling, giving, spreading love into the world. True entrepreneurs of the signs, we flow like water and follow where the currents and wind takes us. We can be anything we want if we assert ourselves into wanting become more or better.

  8. I was born 15.03.1981
    I really believe in destiny can you please tell me my perfect male star sign im female

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