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February 1 Famous Birthdays

February 1 Famous Birthdays

If you share your birthday with famous people born on February 1, as an Aquarius you are pretty sharp. You have been known to have a dual personality. You can either be extremely outgoing or bashful.

For the most part, famous people born on February 1 are people who tell it like they see it. Some may be offended by the way they tell it but nonetheless, they are not liars. With their dry wit, some people just don’t know how to take it. Normally, they like people and try their best to be of service to those in need. For this reason, as a career choice, they would do well in service of others.


Famous birthdays that you share on February 1 show traits of a natural leader. But when it comes to work, they don’t play around. They get the job done and ask the same of their co-workers and subordinates. It’s not hard for them to make new friends or business contacts.


However, when they find that someone has crossed them, they have no problems leaving them where they stand. If you are like those famous people born on February 1st, you are a source of strength for your loved ones and associates.

This sensible Aquarius birthday for famous people born on February 1 could profit from a career in sales and marketing. They like being the center of attention or the leader of the group. Sometimes they expect too much from others.


February 1st Famous Birthday Personality Traits

1 February Good Traits:

  • Creative
  • Frank
  • Humorous
  • Idealistic
  • Practical

1st February Bad Traits:

  • Shy
  • Tactless
  • Rude
  • Vengeful
  • Over-Emotional

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February 1st Famous Birthday Personalities

Abbi Jacobson, 1984, TV Actress
Adam Ingram, 1947, Politician
Adam Kokesh, 1982, Radio Host
Adam Sketches, 1985, YouTube Star
Ajay Jadeja, 1971, Cricket Player
Alain Rochat, 1983, Soccer Player
Alex Arleo, 1987, TV Actor
Alex Centa, 1998, YouTube Star
Alex Clark, 1985, YouTube Star
Alex Gervasi, 1990, Radio Host
Alexander Meiklejohn, 1872, Philosopher
Alfred Finnbogason, 1989, Soccer Player
Alicia Rhett, 1916, Movie Actress
Alison Viktorin, 1981, Voice Actor
Alizey Mirza, 1996, YouTube Star

Anastasio Somoza Garcia, 1896, Politician
Andrea King, 1919, Movie Actress
Andrew Breitbart, 1969, Journalist
Andrew Kehoe, 1872, Criminal
Andrew Upton, 1966, Director
Andrew Vanwyngarden, 1983, Rock Singer
Andy Jordan, 1990, Reality Star
Antanas Merkys, 1887, Politician
Arthur Hallam, 1811, Poet
Ashley Gerasimovich, 2004, Movie Actress
Austin Jackson, 1987, Baseball Player
Baddrol Bakhtiar, 1988, Soccer Player
Ben Weider, 1923, Entrepreneur
Big Boi, 1975, Rapper
Bill Leyden, 1905, Game Show Host
Bill Mumy, 1954, TV Actor
BiscuitFaceGaming, 1989, YouTube Star
Bob Shane, 1934, Rock Singer
Boo Johnson, 1993, Skateboarder
Boris Yeltsin, 1931, World Leader
february-1-famous-birthdaysBradbury Robinson, 1884, Football Player
Brahmanandam, 1956, Movie Actor
Branden Dawson, 1993, Basketball Player
Brandon Lee, 1965, Movie Actor
Brian Krause, 1969, TV Actor
Britanni Johnson, 1989, Voice Actor
Brittany Martinez, 1985, Reality Star
Brock Harris, 1988, Movie Actor
Bruce Gordon, 1916, TV Actor
Bryan Dick, 1978, TV Actor
Bugge Wesseltoft, 1964, Pianist
Candace Smith, 1977, Movie Actress
Charles Nordhoff, 1887, Novelist
Cheb Hasni, 1968, World Music Singer
Chico Bouchikhi, 1954, Pop Singer
Ching-Yun Hu, 1982, Pianist
Chris Clark, 1946, Soul Singer

Christian Gimenez, 1981, Soccer Player
Christina Salgado, 1992, Reality Star
Clark Gable, 1901, Movie Actor
Claude Francois, 1939, Pop Singer
Costel Pantilimon, 1987, Soccer Player
Daisy Betts, 1982, TV Actress
Daniel Tani, 1961, Astronaut
Dariya Stavrovich, 1986, Rock Singer
Darren Fletcher, 1984, Soccer Player
Davi Santos, 1990, TV Actor
David Antin, 1932, Poet
Daye Jack, 1996, Rapper
Dean Shiels, 1985, Soccer Player
Debbie Austin, 1948, Golfer
Denis Williams, 1923, Novelist
Denise Robins, 1897, Novelist
Dennis Brown, 1957, Reggae Singer
Dick Snyder, 1944, Basketball Player
Diego Saenz, 1987, TV Show Host

Dionne Bromfield, 1996, Soul Singer
Don Amendolia, 1945, TV Actor
Don Everly, 1937, Country Singer
Eileen Shields, 1970, Fashion Designer
Ekaterini Thanou, 1975, Runner
Elisabeth Sladen, 1946, TV Actress
Emanuel Bronner, 1908, Entrepreneur
Emarat Rezk, 1985, TV Actress
Emily Maynard, 1986, Reality Star
Enrique Guzman, 1943, Rock Singer
Exene Cervenka, 1956, Punk Singer
Faouzi Ghoulam, 1991, Soccer Player
Francelia Billington, 1895, Movie Actress
Frank Buckles, 1901, War Hero
Frankie Sullivan, 1955, Guitarist
Gabe Bondoc, 1986, YouTube Star
Gabriel Batistuta, 1969, Soccer Player
Gabriel Saez, 1988, Horse Jockey
Galway Kinnell, 1927, Poet
Garrett Morris, 1937, Comedian
Gavin Henson, 1982, Rugby Player
Gene Sheldon, 1908, TV Actor
Geoff Sanderson, 1972, Hockey Player
George Beverly Shea, 1909, Gospel Singer
George Donaldson, 1968, Folk Singer
George Pal, 1908, Film Producer
Georges Hausemer, 1957, Non-Fiction Author
Gia Bianca Sapp-Hernandez, 1989, Reality Star
Gilbert Hernandez, 1957, Comic Book Artist
Giuseppe Rossi, 1987, Soccer Player
Graeme Smith, 1981, Cricket Player
Grant Dugmore, 1967, Cricket Player
Gregor Reynolds, 2002, Vine Star
Harry Styles, 1994, Pop Singer
Hattie Caraway, 1878, Politician
Heather Deloach, 1983, TV Actress
Heather Morris, 1987, TV Actress
Hersi Matmuja, 1990, Pop Singer
Hildegarde, 1906, Stage Actress
Hugo Von Hofmannsthal, 1874, Novelist
Hussain Muhammad Ershad, 1930, Politician
Hynden Walch, 1971, Voice Actor
Ian Donovan Hyland, 1995, Movie Actor
Ignacio Coronel Villarreal, 1954, Criminal
Jackie Shroff, 1957, Movie Actor
Jacob Roggeveen, 1659, Explorer
Jae Richards, 1993, YouTube Star
James Chardon, 1991, Blogger
James P. Johnson, 1894, Jazz Singer
James Preller, 1961, Children’s Author
James W Throckmorton, 1825, Politician
Jani Lane, 1964, Rock Singer
Jasmine Tookes, 1991, Model
Jason F Wright, 1971, Novelist
Jason Isbell, 1979, Rock Singer
Jay R Sillona, 1981, R&B Singer
Jeff Rubin, 1982, Comedian
Jeffrey Quill, 1913, Pilot
Jeno Jando, 1952, Pianist
Jeremy Lewis, 1990, Football Player
Jerry Spinelli, 1941, Young Adult Author
Jessica Savitch, 1947, News Anchor
Jimmy Carl Black, 1938, Drummer
Joan Burton, 1949, Politician
Joao Guilherme Avila, 2002, TV Actor
Jodi Gordon, 1985, Soap Opera Actress
Joe Redington, 1917, Dog Musher
Joe Sample, 1939, Pianist
John Bowe, 1950, TV Actor
John Clark, 1761, Politician
John Ford, 1894, Director
John Varvatos, 1966, Fashion Designer
Joshua Redman, 1969, Saxophonist
Joy Philbin, 1941, TV Show Host
Julia Garner, 1994, Movie Actress
Julie Roberts, 1979, Country Singer
Justin Deeley, 1986, TV Actor
Justin Sellers, 1986, Baseball Player
Kajal Napalm, 1986, YouTube Star
Kelli Goss, 1992, TV Actress
Ken Tucker, 1953, Non-Fiction Author
Kent Mercker, 1968, Baseball Player
Kevin Martin, 1983, Basketball Player
Knaan, 1978, Rapper
Knaan, 1978, Rapper
Kyle Palmieri, 1991, Hockey Player
Laia Lopez, 1994, Illustrator
Lailli Mirza, 1996, YouTube Star
Langston Hughes, 1902, Poet
Laura Marling, 1990, Folk Singer
Lauren Conrad, 1986, Reality Star
Lauren Fisher, 1994,
Lee Thompson Young, 1984, TV Actor
Leymah Gbowee, 1972, Civil Rights Leader
Linus Roache, 1964, Movie Actor
Lisa Marie Presley, 1968, Pop Singer
Lisa Marie Scott, 1974, Model
Lizzie Rovsek, 1980, Reality Star
Louis St. Laurent, 1882, World Leader
M William Phelps, 1967, TV Show Host
Malik Sealy, 1970, Basketball Player
Margie Abbott, 1958, Political Wife
Marina Joyce, 1997, YouTube Star
Mario Bellini, 1935, Architect
Mark McFarland, 1978, Race Car Driver
Mark Recchi, 1968, Hockey Player
Masahiro Higashide, 1988, Movie Actor
Mat Rogers, 1976, Rugby Player
Matt Lattanzi, 1959, Movie Actor
Maureen Madill, 1958, Golfer
Meg Cabot, 1967, Young Adult Author
Meyer Guggenheim, 1828, Entrepreneur
Michael C. Hall, 1971, TV Actor
Michael Garza, 2000, Movie Actor
Michael O’Connor, 1960, Rugby Player
Michelle Akers, 1966, Soccer Player
Mike Brant, 1947, Pop Singer
Mike Campbell, 1950, Guitarist
Mike Enzi, 1944, Politician
Milan Hodza, 1878, Politician
Mir Masoom Ali, 1937, Teacher
Mohammed Jamal Khalifa, 1957, Criminal
Moises Henriques, 1987, Cricket Player
Moises Munoz, 1980, Soccer Player
Morgan Hardman, 1986, Reality Star
MrBlackDarkness, 1989, YouTube Star
Multigameplayguy, 1997, YouTube Star
Muteba Kidiaba, 1976, Soccer Player
Nathalia Campos, 1995, Vine Star
Nick Deluca, 1984, Rugby Player
Nisrina Sbia, 1999, Instagram Star
Normie Rowe, 1947, Pop Singer
Oliver Heldens, 1995, DJ
Oscar Perez, 1973, Soccer Player
Ottmar Liebert, 1959, Guitarist
Paris Smith, 2000, TV Actress
Patric Young, 1992, Basketball Player
Patrick Kirch, 1990, Drummer
Patrick Wilson, 1969, Drummer
Paul Blair, 1944, Baseball Player
Paul Palnik, 1946, Cartoonist
Paul Sculfor, 1971, Model
Pauly Shore, 1968, Movie Actor
Pete Wood, 1867, Baseball Player
Peter Sallis, 1921, Voice Actor
Petr Ginz, 1928, Non-Fiction Author
Phil Ivey, 1976,
Princess Stephanie of Monaco, 1965, Royalty
Rachelle Lefevre, 1979, Movie Actress
Rahart Adams, 1996, TV Actor
Randy Josselyn, 1974, TV Actor
Ray Bray, 1917, Football Player
Ray Cox IV, 1983, Twitch Star
Ray Sawyer, 1937, Rock Singer
Rebecca Creskoff, 1971, TV Actress
Reynolds Price, 1933, Poet
Rhaea Estelle, 1996, YouTube Star
Richard Wisker, 1995, TV Actor
Rick James, 1948, Funk Singer
Roald Larsen, 1898, Speed Skater
Rob Lee, 1966, Soccer Player
Rob Ninkovich, 1984, Football Player
Robert Traylor, 1977, Basketball Player
Rocaine, 1999, Rapper
Roger Tsien, 1952, Scientist
Roma Acorn, 1996, Pop Singer
Ron Welty, 1971, Drummer
Ronda Rousey, 1987, MMA Fighter
Ronnie Kroell, 1983, Model
Rory Smith, 1987, Lacrosse Player
Rowland Rivron, 1958, Comedian
Ruki, 1982, Rock Singer
Rutina Wesley, 1979, TV Actress
Ryo Horikawa, 1958, Voice Actor
Sara Tavares, 1978, Composer
SGCBarbierian, 1996, YouTube Star
Shahabuddin Ahmed, 1930, Politician
Sharon Bruneau, 1964, Bodybuilder
Shelby Chong, 1948, Movie Actress
Shellback, 1985, Film Producer
Sherilyn Fenn, 1965, TV Actress
Sherman Hemsley, 1938, TV Actor
Shoaib Malik, 1982, Cricket Player
SJ Perelman, 1904, Screenwriter
Skylar Laine, 1994, Pop Singer
Sonny Landreth, 1951, Guitarist
Stanley Matthews, 1915, Soccer Player
Steve Cohen, 1971, Magician
Steven Beitashour, 1987, Soccer Player
Subagio Sastrowardoyo, 1924, Poet
Sydney Mikayla, 2003, TV Actress
Takashi Murakami, 1962, Pop Artist
Tego Calderon, 1972, Rapper
Terry Jones, 1942, Comedian
Tiffany Day, 1990, MMA Fighter
Tim Harding, 1978, Pop Singer
Tina Sloan, 1943, Soap Opera Actress
Tom Lantos, 1928, Politician
Tommy Salo, 1971, Hockey Player
Tomoyasu Hotei, 1962, Guitarist
Tony Baxter, 1947, Business Executive
Tracy Lee, 1987, Photographer
Tyler Gustin, 1988, Family Member
Tyler Myers, 1990, Hockey Player
Valentin Elizalde, 1979, World Music Singer
Victor Herbert, 1859, Composer
Wade Wilson, 1959, Football Coach
Wu Jingyu, 1987, MMA Fighter
Yohann Lacroix, 1985, Soccer Player
Yungen, 1992, Rapper
Zade Dirani, 1980, Composer
Zarcort, 1991, YouTube Star
Zlatko Zahovic, 1971, Soccer Player


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