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March 15 Famous Birthdays

March 15 Famous Birthdays

Famous people born on March 15 are Pisces and very warm people. They are truly awesome and not the ones to spread rumors. They are upbeat, down to earth and pretty much, a breath of fresh air.

And just like the air, famous March 15th birthday people could be here one day and gone the next. They like to travel or to stay active and productive. They are resourceful and hold to some of their childhood values and teachings. They value a healthy and clean lifestyle.


People who share this March 15th birthday with other famous people would do not dwell in the negative or in the past. However, life can get us all down. But when they have the blues, they take comfort in using things like Feng Shui or aromatherapy to help eliminate some of life’s little irritating factors. They believe that having a peace of mind is priceless. I would agree.


Famous people born on March 15 love a challenge. These Pisces birthday individuals are born leaders that are turned off by negative behavior. They are sensitive and believe that people are basically good. Those born under this zodiac sign need to relax more, however.


March 15th Famous Birthday Personality Traits

15th March Good Traits:

  • Competitive
  • Likeable
  • Kind
  • Responsible
  • Idealistic
  • Sincere

15th March Bad Traits:

  • Distrustful
  • Jack-Of-All-Trades
  • Stressed
  • Obsessive
  • Cynical

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March 15th Famous Birthday Personalities

Aaron Rosand, 1927, Violinist
Abhay Deol, 1976, Movie Actor
Adolfas Valeska, 1905, Painter
Adrianne Leon, 1987, Soap Opera Actress
Adrien Silva, 1989, Soccer Player
Al Bell, 1940, Music Producer
Alan Bean, 1932, Astronaut
Alex Goot, 1988, YouTube Star
Alexander Raytchev, 1975, Pianist
Ali Nuhu, 1974, Movie Actor
Ali Saidi-sief, 1978, Runner
Alia Bhatt, 1993, Movie Actress
Alvaro Medran, 1994, Soccer Player
Alyssa Reid, 1993, Pop Singer
Andre Fauteux, 1946, Sculptor
Andrew Jackson, 1767, US President
Anga Makubalo, 1989, World Music Singer
Anita Palvin, 1990, Family Member
Anna Shaffer, 1992, Soap Opera Actress
Anthony Hutton, 1982, Dancer
Arash Khos, 1997, Vine Star
Archibald Menzies, 1754, Explorer
Arlie Latham, 1860, Baseball Player

Ashley Baker, 1990, Soccer Player
Asif Azim, 1984, Model
Atikah Suhaime, 1991, TV Actress
Augusta Ladygregory, 1852, Playwright
Austin Combs, 1994, Vine Star
Baileybarney_, 1994, YouNow Star
Barrett Pall, 1988, Model
Beauty.Mariah, 2003, Instagram Star
Ben Hilfenhaus, 1983, Cricket Player
Ben Johnston, 1926, Composer
Beto Perez, 1970, Entrepreneur
Bill Everson, 1906, Rugby Player
Bob Wilber, 1928, Saxophonist
Bobby Bonds, 1946, Baseball Player
Bobby Boswell, 1983, Soccer Player
Bonnie-Jill Laflin, 1976, Model
Bret Jackson, 1991, TV Actor
Bret Michaels, 1963, Rock Singer
Bret Michaels, 1963, Rock Singer
Brian Tee, 1977, Movie Actor
Bryce Gibbs, 1989, Australian Rules Footballer
Bunny Debarge, 1955, Soul Singer
Caitlin Wachs, 1989, TV Actress
Cara Pifko, 1976, TV Actress
Carl Smith, 1927, Country Singer
Carlos Rivera, 1986, Pop Singer
Cash Asmussen, 1962, Horse Jockey
Celesta DeAstis, 1994, TV Actress
Celeste Bible, 1993, Instagram Star

Chad Reed, 1982, Motorcycle Racer
Charles Bryant, 1971, Radio Host
Charles Lloyd, 1938, Saxophonist
Charles Nungesser, 1892, Pilot
Charlie Classic, 1984, Vine Star
Chris Bruno, 1966, TV Actor
Christina Kim, 1984, Golfer
Christine Anu, 1970, Pop Singer
Clay Matthews Jr., 1956, Football Player
Cole Ewing, 1998, TV Actor
Connor Ball, 1996, Bassist
Craig Ludwig, 1961, Hockey Player
Craig Wasson, 1954, Movie Actor
Cristina Sarakas, 1998, YouTube Star
Curtis Davies, 1985, Soccer Player
Danger0usPerson, 1991, YouTube Star
Darcy Tucker, 1975, Hockey Player
Daryl Murphy, 1983, Soccer Player
David Cronenberg, 1943, Director
David Silverman, 1957, Director
Dee Snider, 1955, Metal Singer
DeVier Posey, 1990, Football Player
Devonta Freeman, 1992, Football Player
Dick Higgins, 1938, Poet
DJ Fontana, 1931, Drummer
Drew Patrick, 1997, Pop Singer
Edward E. Kaufman, 1939, Politician
Ellie Leach, 2001, Soap Opera Actress
Elvir Lakovic Laka, 1969, Rock Singer
Emily Tyndall, 1982, Movie Actress
Eric Decker, 1987, Football Player
Eva Amurri, 1985, Movie Actress
Eva Longoria, 1975, TV Actress
Fabio, 1959, Model
Federico Pena, 1947, Politician
Feyrouz, 1943, Movie Actress
Florencia Bertotti, 1983, TV Actress
Franciny Ehlke, 1999, YouTube Star
George Brent, 1899, Movie Actor
Georgi Kay, 1993, Pop Singer
Gil Elvgren, 1914, Illustrator
Glenn Otis, 1929, War Hero
Gorman Bechard, 1959, Screenwriter
Gregory Nicotero, 1963, Director
Hal Turner, 1962, TV Show Host
Harold Baines, 1959, Baseball Player
Harold Ickes, 1874, Politician

Harriet E. Wilson, 1825, Novelist
Harry James, 1916, Trumpet Player
Harry Longmuir, 1992, Vine Star
Hassan al-Imam, 1919, Director
Hayden Knight, 1957, Soccer Player
Holger Stromberg, 1972, Chef
Hong Nhung, 1970, Pop Singer
Howard E. Scott, 1946, Guitarist
Howard Greenfield, 1936, Songwriter
Ian Ferguson, 1967, Soccer Player
IHateEverything, 1994, YouTube Star
ImaFlyNmidget, 1996, YouTube Star
Iron Sheik, 1943, Wrestler
Isobel Buchanan, 1954, Opera Singer
Ivan Allen Jr., 1911, Politician
J Pat Omalley, 1904, TV Actor
Jabari Parker, 1995, Basketball Player
Jacob Tamme, 1985, Football Player
Jai Courtney, 1986, Movie Actor
James Bowen, 1979, Memoirist
James Ellis, 1931, Movie Actor
James Maclurcan, 1985, TV Actor
James Reimer, 1988, Hockey Player
Jana, 1974, Folk Singer
Janice Joostema, 1995, Model
Jannik Hansen, 1986, Hockey Player
Javier Garrido, 1985, Soccer Player
Jean Carne, 1947, Jazz Singer
Jeana Smith, 1983, YouTube Star
Jeppe Hedegaard, 1995, Vine Star
Jim Kern, 1949, Baseball Player
Jimmy Baio, 1962, TV Actor
Jimmy Swaggart, 1935, Religious Leader
Jo Wood, 1955, Entrepreneur
Joachim Kühn, 1944, Pianist
Joaquim De Almeida, 1957, Movie Actor
Joe E Ross, 1914, TV Actor
Joe Hahn, 1977, DJ
John Duttine, 1949, TV Actor
John Moresby, 1830, Explorer
John Tardy, 1968, Metal Singer
Jon Jay, 1985, Baseball Player
Jon Schaffer, 1968, Guitarist
Jonas Zemaitis, 1909, Politician
Jordan Feliz, 1989, Gospel Singer
Jordan Hastings, 1982, Drummer
Joseph Jenkins Roberts, 1809, Politician
Judd Hirsch, 1935, TV Actor
Jude Bolton, 1980, Australian Rules Footballer
Julian2, 2000, YouTube Star
Juliana Lima, 1982, MMA Fighter
Justin Thomas, 1994, Football Player
Karl-Otto Apel, 1922, Philosopher
Katherine Brooks, 1976, Director
Kellan Lutz, 1985, Movie Actor
Kevin Wall, 1952, Music Producer
Kevin Youkilis, 1979, Baseball Player
Kim Raver, 1969, TV Actress
Klaudia Badura, 1990, Instagram Star
Kostas Vasileiadis, 1984, Basketball Player
Kwame Harris, 1982, Football Player
Landen Starkman, 1998, Dancer
Lauren Ebsary, 1983, Cricket Player
Laurie Berkner, 1969, Guitarist
Lawrence Sanders, 1920, Novelist
Lawrence Tierney, 1919, Movie Actor
Lexie Lombard, 1996, YouTube Star
Lexxi Saal, 1997, Activist
Liam Barry, 1971, Rugby Player
Lightnin’ Hopkins, 1912, Guitarist
Lil Dicky, 1988, Rapper
Lionel Johnson, 1867, Poet
Lisa Langlois, 1959, Movie Actress
Lisa Marcos, 1982, TV Actress
Lloyd Llewellyn Black, 1889, Lawyer
Lyndsey Gunnulfsen, 1994, Rock Singer
Macdonald Carey, 1913, TV Actor
Madelyn Pugh, 1921, Screenwriter
MakeupByAlli, 1989, YouTube Star
Malu, 1982, World Music Singer
Mari Maseng, 1954, Politician
Marjorie Merriweather Post, 1887, Entrepreneur
Mark Green, 1945, Lawyer
Mark Hoppus, 1972, Bassist
Mark McGrath, 1968, Pop Singer
Mark Scheifele, 1993, Hockey Player
Mary Carillo, 1957, Tennis Player
Mary Chase Perry-Stratton, 1867,
Masood Ali Khan, 1947, Historian
Max Stassi, 1991, Baseball Player
Meredith Edwards, 1984, Country Singer
Mert Ugurdiken, 1993, YouTube Star
Mervyn King, 1966, Darts Player
Michael Catherwood, 1979, TV Show Host
Michael Hampton, 1956, Guitarist
Michael LoPriore, 1987, Vine Star
Michael Smerconish, 1962, Radio Host
Michael Watson, 1965, Boxer
Mikael Forssell, 1981, Soccer Player
Mike Love, 1941, Rock Singer
Mike Tomlin, 1972, Football Coach
Mohsin Khan, 1955, Cricket Player
Morris Solomon Jr., 1944, Criminal
Na’im Lynn, 1978, Comedian
Naoko Takeuchi, 1967, Cartoonist
Nebahat Cehre, 1944, Movie Actress
Neriah Fisher, 2000, YouTube Star
Nick Stewart, 1910, TV Actor
Norifumi Yamamoto, 1977, MMA Fighter
Norm Van Brocklin, 1926, Football Player
Ntema Ndungidi, 1979, Baseball Player
Ola Afolabi, 1980, Boxer
Olamide, 1989, Rapper
Park Overall, 1957, TV Actress
Pat Fenlon, 1969, Soccer Player
Paul Pogba, 1993, Soccer Player
Penny Lancaster, 1971, Model
Percy Montgomery, 1974, Rugby Player
Phil Lesh, 1940, Bassist
Phil Walsh, 1960, Australian Rules Footballer
Philip Green, 1952, Entrepreneur
Polly Duniam, 1987, TV Actress
Ra Diaz, 1984, Bassist
Rami Sabry, 1978, World Music Singer
Ray Dalton, 1991, Pop Singer
Raymond Fairchild, 1944, Banjo Player
Reggie Jones, 1986, Football Player
Renny Harlin, 1959, Director
Renoly Santiago, 1974, Movie Actor
Reza Shah, 1878, World Leader
Richard Ellmann, 1918, Non-Fiction Author
Richard Jackson, 1979, Dancer
Rockwell, 1964, Pop Singer
Rodrigues Ottolengui, 1861, Novelist
Rose Gracie, 1974, Family Member
Ruth Bader Ginsburg, 1933, Supreme Court Justice
Ry Cooder, 1947, Guitarist
Ryan Popo, 2004, Dancer
Sabrina Salerno, 1968, Pop Singer
Saint Nicholas, 270, Religious Leader
Sam Baldock, 1989, Soccer Player
Sandro Raniere, 1989, Soccer Player
Sarah Potenza, 1980, Rock Singer
Scott Caldwell, 1991, Soccer Player
Sean Biggerstaff, 1983, Movie Actor
Sean Bridgers, 1968, TV Actor
Sean James, 1969, Model
Shaaban Abdelrahim, 1957, Pop Singer
Sid Hartman, 1920, Journalist
Siobhan Magnus, 1990, Pop Singer
Sly Stone, 1943, Funk Singer
Sosie Bacon, 1992, TV Actress
Sumiko Kurishima, 1902, Movie Actress
Svetlana Medvedeva, 1956, Political Wife
Takeru Kobayashi, 1978, Competitive Eater
Tavon Austin, 1991, Football Player
Ted Kaufman, 1939, Politician
Ted Marchibroda, 1931, Football Player
Terence Trent D’Arby, 1962, R&B Singer
Terry Cummings, 1961, Basketball Player
The Buttress, 1992, Rapper
Timo Kotipelto, 1969, Metal Singer
Tom Bateman, 1989, TV Actor
Tom Chilton, 1985, Race Car Driver
Travis Wiuff, 1978, MMA Fighter
Trayce Thompson, 1991, Baseball Player
Tyne Stecklein, 1988, Dancer
Umut Bulut, 1983, Soccer Player
Val Lehman, 1943, TV Actress
Vassy, 1983, Pop Singer
Veronica Maggio, 1981, Pop Singer
Veselin Topalov, 1975, Chess Player
Victor Pineda, 1993, Soccer Player
Vilmos Aba-novak, 1894, Painter
Vincent Simone, 1979, Reality Star
Wallace Turner, 1921, Journalist
Waylynn Lucas, 1982, Chef
Will Sparks, 1993, DJ
will.i.am, 1975, Pop Singer
William Cannon, 1809, Politician
Xavier Henry, 1991, Basketball Player
Yo Yo Honey Singh, 1983, Rapper
Young Buck, 1981, Rapper
Yus Bin Edoo, 1976, Movie Actor
Yutaka Take, 1969, Horse Jockey
Zarah Leander, 1907, World Music Singer

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