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Aries Aquarius Love Compatibility

Aries Aquarius Love Compatibility

How good or bad is the love compatibility between Aries and Aquarius emotionally, mentally, and sexually? Read on…

Aries and Aquarius compatibility is great for a love affair. These two are very random and competitive. They want to shine in everything. These Zodiac signs have intertwined characteristics as they are far apart. Aries is very adventurous and amazed by the Aquarius personality and what their mysterious nature is all about.


They talk to each other more often than not expressing their feelings. The Aries Aquarius soul mates appreciate each other despite their small differences. They harbor a great need for adventure and have a daring attitude. They like to brag about their achievements and experiences.

Aquarius always wants to be friends at first. Aries tries to show romantic advances but the Aquarian does not give him/her the time of day. Sometimes it might get very frustrating for the ram because he/she gets very mixed reactions. Aries should understand that this is the nature of the Aquarius man or woman which makes him/her modest.


When the Aries is dating the Aquarius, they will want a relationship immediately and do not want to play friends as they know what they want. Unfortunately, the Water Bearer is timid in love as he/she is, will put them in the friend zone and observe them from afar. Aries is advised to be patient and not to push them as this might scare them off leading to a breakup in the beginning itself.

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Aries And Aquarius Compatibility – Positive

In the Aries and Aquarius compatibility, both regard each other highly. They respect each other and have sincere admiration for each other. Aries is attracted by the amazing ideas brought about by Aquarius. These ideas all sprout from their need to make the universe a habitable place for mankind.

This is also true for Aquarius because he/she cherishes the vigor and enthusiasm shown by Aries. They are both good beginners of projects but I cannot say the same for finishing what they started. Both of them value freedom highly.  In the Aries Aquarius relationship, each makes the other more outgoing from getting them out of the library to a beach party.


So in this Aries and Aquarius love compatibility, Aries’s work is to make Aquarius not take things so seriously and make them a more approachable person. This is by expanding his/her social horizons. Aquarius then comes in as a consultant for Aries. Here Aries will ask his Aquarian lover for advice on anything and will get instant answers.


In this Aries Aquarius compatibility, the Water Bearer will want to push the Arian to success. His/she intends to be the audible voice of reason that Aries badly needs. Aquarius will make sure that all projects are complete, bad investments are cleaned out and reasonable plans are seen through. This is how compatible the Aries and Aquarius in love are.

Aries and Aquarius compatibility has a special bond. After loving each other they become soul mates and cannot be separated. They are very tight and share many secrets. They accept each other’s faults and embrace each other’s strengths. Eventually, they get very patient with each other. They enjoy themselves in bed and on the “floor”. They make love like porn stars and cuddle like children. Yes, they are very romantic.

Aries is the god of passion. He/she will come up with new styles. Aquarius will be surprised at first but will adjust and learn all the new ways of pleasure. Aries will make things in bed intense and passionate. It will never get boring with the Aquarius in bed. They will thrive in the art of lovemaking.


Aries Aquarius Compatibility – Negative

Attention to Aries is a necessity but a luxury to Aquarius. Aquarius has a problem with staying on one thing for a long time. His/her mind will wander when Aries is expressing his/her heartfelt feelings of love. This is very off-putting to Arian. It will put him/her in a very bad mood.

Aquarius will stare at members of the opposite sex in a party in the club or most shockingly on a date. This looks pathetic through the Arian’s eyes. He/she may even start overreacting and causing chaos. Aquarius is advised to give attention to their lover at least when he/she demands it.

Aries represents cardinal and Aquarius represents rigid. Aquarius is very decisive and knows what he/she wants and how to get it. He will not change his mind about an aspect. However, Aries may use charm to make Aquarius change his/her mind. This makes everything in the Aries Aquarius friendship possible.

Aries comes in to help Aquarius implement his/her projects by being supportive and complementing him/her when needed. Aquarius on the hand shows Aries the need to see through his/her projects. They can do great things together in the face of many shortcomings.


In this Aries Aquarius compatibility, the Aquarians have the highest tendency to cheat. Yes, this looks very unpleasant and wrong but it’s the truth. They possess a wandering eye. They may tell Aries that they need space and time but they are going at it with the secretary. The good news is that this can be tamed.

If Aries provides a conducive environment for their lover, they will not cheat. If sex is readily available and the emotional connection is present, then Aries has nothing to worry about. Aquarius should understand that there is no good excuse or reason for cheating. Whatever the justification, cheating is wrong and insensitive and should be prevented at all costs. If the Aries and Aquarius love compatibility is good, they should put a halt to their promiscuous behavior.

Aries can be very clingy and this can be a turn-off for Aquarius. Despite their great bond with each other, they have different perspectives on issues. Aries may overindulge and also do not know what to expect which offends the Aquarian. Both are very energetic. In the Aries Aquarius marriage, both need to build up on their relationship and initiate trust between them.

Aries And Aquarius Love Compatibility – Conclusion

Aries is controlled by the planet Mars and Aquarius is controlled by the planets Saturn and Uranus. This makes Aquarius the rebellious one in the love union. Aquarius is also a go-getter by nature while Aries is a diehard initiator. Aries is full of energy and brings excitement to the relationship.

Aquarius is the sophisticated one. They also come off as social and caring to people. He will help the poor when the opportunity presents itself. Aquarius teaches Aries the power of an intellectual mind. Aquarius is the brain and Aries is the crazy one so the blend will blow up your mind.

So you fell in love and did not know what to do? Appreciate your partner’s efforts to be nice to you. Give them the attention they badly need. Laugh at their nerdy jokes. Rejoice at their success. Share moments of sorrow with no complaint. And see how well this Aries Aquarius love compatibility works out.

Desist from making them look foolish or crazy. Do not find humor in their weirdness see beauty. Be crazy and unpredictably kinky in bed. Advise them when they fall in a rut. Make them breakfast in the morning and take it upstairs. The sex will be beautiful!

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