Angel Numbers Repeating Sequence – Mixed (2, 8)

Repeating Angel Numbers – Mixed Number Sequence (2, 8, 28, 82, 228, 282, 288, 822, 828, 882, 2228, 2288, 2822, 2828, 2282, 2882, 2888, 8222, 8228, 8282, 8822, 8828, 8882)

Do you ever wonder what it means when you see certain numbers recur and repeat themselves? It seems as though this number or set of repeating numbers are everywhere! Well, it’s a sign that you need to pay more attention to the matters at hand.

Repeating 2s and 8s such as the number 2, 8, 28, 82, 228, 282, 288, 822, 828, 882, 2228, 2288, 2822, 2828, 2282, 2882, 2888, 8222, 8228, 8282, 8822, 8828, 8882 is an indication of a door that is about to open for you.

Since one is closing, another one is opening at the same time. You must be alert and listen closely to what your natural instincts are telling you. You will be gifted with guidance from the archangels about the abundant changes.


Number Two

The message within the recurring angel number meaning 2 is mainly to have more faith and less doubt and worry. Your prayers will be answered in due time by your ministering angels. Those ideas you’ve had running through your head will take place.

In the meantime, the repeating number 2 (2, 22, 222 and 2222) says that you should push on through, preparing for the day it happens. Don’t quit because you don’t see the changes, hang in there. Often times, we are so near the breakthrough when we stop feeding our dreams and goals that we fail at the most crucial point in the journey.

Number Eight

The positive number 8 owns numeric meanings such as being an authoritative business leader. The number is typical of a person in power, however one who is level headed and grounded. They are realistic beings and are just as street smart as they are business savvy. This person is an outstanding judge of behavior, but the energy associated with the person can also be negative and even violent. Patience is not a strong suit for this capable but insensitive bully.

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The stubborn person attached to the celestial repeating angel number 8  (8, 88, 888, 8888) knows instinctively how to take control of a situation and gain positive results. The person having this mixed number has the potential to become extraordinary providing a connection with the spiritual world is mended.

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