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Should You Be Scared Of Tarot Readings?

Should You Be Scared Of Tarot Readings?

The media has been playing a huge role in scaremongering, condemning Tarot readings as something frightening that people should stay away from. But you should not be scared of Tarot readings, Tarot readings help provide guidance. It is not the cards that you should be worrying about, but the people who can manipulate you into thinking that they are scary.


Movie scenes of gypsies cackling over a Death tarot card, while the poor recipient trembles with fear. Tarot card has been associated with dark magic, or people who make poor decisions, no wonder people are afraid of Tarot readings.


#1. Tarot cards are medium

Tarot cards are tools that certain people use to communicate with the Spirit Guides, fortune tellers tap into the power of their Guides to provide advice to querants. A tarot reading does not involve information that we are not privy to, such as how and when we die. It does, however, warn us to be more careful with money or relationship matters. There is nothing to fear about Tarot readings, as they generally involve advising about matters.

Tarot cards are helpful when you want guidance in big decisions in life. Major Arcana will hint at what the Universe has planned for you, while the minor Arcana will tell you how your personality will affect the outcome. Love, career, or wanting to buy that house? Let a tarot reading guide you. Tarot cards are one of many ways people tap into the power of the Universe for answers and guidance. Other mediums include crystal balls, pendulums, and palm reading.


#2. It is the information that you fear

It is not Tarot readings that you fear, it is the information that you are given. If it were to come from a crystal ball, you would still have the fear and anticipation about the answer. It may be that you are afraid of getting bad news or being told that your decision is not the best. Worse, the Guides are telling you not to go ahead and take that dream job you want. It is alright to be afraid because even tarot card readings can be wrong. Sometimes you might just fear that you get a negative answer from the Tarot, ending your hyped-up dreams.

To get a better Tarot reading, first, you must find a teller whom you are comfortable with. Be sure to make a list of what you want to know, as the amount of information can affect the spread of Tarot readings. If you are looking for little information, a three-card spread is usually enough. The more guidance you need, the more cards are required to allow enough information to filter through. Of course, the more complicated the spread, the more ways to interpret it.


Fear is useful, it helps you identify the source of your fear, and once you know what are you afraid of, Tarot readings will not be as scary. Fear also makes you more cautious, allowing you to take a step back and evaluate your journey in life.


#3. The Devil is doing the talking

It is not the devil who is doing the talking, nor his minions. Tarot cards are not devil worship unless the fortune teller you are going to worship the devil. If you do not trust the teller, then find another Tarot reader. The rapport between the querent and the teller is important, because if you do not trust what you are being told, then you are wasting time and money.

A good tarot reader can reassure you about the benefits of a Tarot card reading. If you have any doubts, it is important to clarify them before committing to a Tarot read. Check the history of the teller before proceeding, or ask for a recommendation from a friend. Of course, if you see a shop full of satanic symbols, you might be right after all.

#4. True or false

Everyone is afraid of a scam, that is one of the reasons why people are afraid of Tarot readings. For someone unfamiliar with Tarot, it can be a daunting leap of faith, especially when it comes to matters that are close to the heart. There have been stories about fortune tellers scamming people by first giving them bad news and then charging them money to ‘remedy’ the problem.

Such scams rely on ignorance of the querent, therefore once you smell a rat, it is best to retreat before they pounce. You are not obliged to purchase any remedy or cure unless you are sure about it. The first thing is not to visit tellers that you do not trust, or seem to have no clue what they are doing. Sometimes asking more questions will dismantle their web of deceit, although they can be well prepared as they are experienced in scamming and scaring innocent people.

#5. Doing it alone

Contrary to popular belief, you do not have to go to a Tarot reading alone, the querent might be asking questions, and you can have witnesses or friends joining you for a read. This also helps reduce scamming, as your friend is emotionally less involved than you are and will be able to tell if someone is playing tricks. A good fortune teller will not be offended if you have a friend with you.

Most movie scenes involve private one-on-one readings, that is to hype up emotion when they deliver the bad news. In reality, Tarot card readings can be a private ceremony if you choose to be, or you can opt to bring a friend whom you trust to watch your back. A friend is helpful when you get news that you are not expecting, or when you do not get the affirmation that you are expecting.

#6. You do not know what you are doing

For beginners wielding their own Tarot deck for the first time is a new experience. Every seasoned Tarot reader will tell you that with practice comes experience, the first few attempts will not be as accurate. Until you instinctively know what the Spirit is saying to you through the cards, it is understandable that you fear the Tarot readings because they might be wrong.

For serious learners, it is helpful to keep a Tarot reading journal. Record everything: emotion, spread, card displayed and questions asked. Return to the particular session and jot down what happened after, if your Tarot card reading was spot on, or did the result influenced your decision and therefore the outcome.

After a lot of practice, you will be able to communicate with your Guide more easily and be more confident in Tarot reading for other people. The trick is to persevere in your attempts, and your Guide will help you in your quest to become fluent in Tarot card reading.

It is natural to fear the unknown, Tarot card readings do represent what the Universe has planned for you. Your personality and future decisions can affect all the outcomes, and therefore Tarot card answers are not always accurate. This proves that the future is not always set in stone, and by learning about your flaws and strengths, you can make better decisions for yourself. Trust plays a big part in psychic readings because you have to believe that your Guide knows you best and is there to help you in life.

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