Saturday, October 1, 2022

Weekly Thoth Tarot Reading

Thoth Tarot Reading

The 10 of discs is the last card in the major arcana if you start with the Ace of Wands. It is Mercury in Virgo, the result of continuous development. It is about being part of a large organization, as well as the benefits of following an established path and living cooperatively.

Family comes to mind when I see this card, which can be my family of origin, my own family or my community. I, went to visit my sister last week to celebrate her birthday and we also met up with our brother. We talked about our parents, who are both gone now, keeping their memory alive and I have been reflecting on that endless cycle of life and death, and the cultural inheritance I was left and what I will pass on to my children and grandchildren.

It is a card of abundance, and if you think of culture like a river; it picks up and discards twigs and branches and other material from the riverbank on its journey to the sea. The 10 of discs are all the rich material it has gathered as it reaches its destination and becomes part of the greater body of the ocean.

The Priestess is the ‘moon reflecting on the surface of the water’ a powerful image to bring to mind. She wears a crown in which the sun and moon are united; it is 2, the number duality, a union of kindred spirits; the conscious and the unconscious mind; light and reflected light; the union of mind and body (a life long practice).

She represents the collective unconscious where we are able to connect with each other, our ancestors, and future generations to tap into the mysteries of the universe. The Priestess is not someone to provide you with answers, she hints at them, then takes us back to the beginnings of our mammalian development and the “wisdom of the womb”. This is a card of quiet contemplation; she is the Moon in Scorpio in the 12th house.

The Ace of Swords

“intellectual powers fed by the depth of emotion can thrust forth to the very highest perception”, represented by the crown.

A snake is entwined on the hilt of this sword, the Chinese astrological animal for this year and the year I was born. The snake is my totem animal, and represents the reptilian brain, that primitive part that picks up vibrations, and prompts breathing, swallowing and our heartbeat, but plays no part in our emotional life. It is a beautiful card, the origin of thought, heralding a new more creative standpoint. The Ace represents all the air signs.

I found this a very powerful reading, the rich abundance of the 10 of discs reminds me to count my blessings and celebrate my family and cultural inheritance. The Priestess advises me to remain open to all possibilities, to listen to my own inner guidance to be patient, kind, and loving. This card is almost transparent behind her veil.

The Ace of Swords makes tangible the images and feelings invoked by the Priestess, it tells me I can use my mind to clarify and analyze difficult situations and thus solving and overcoming deep-rooted problems. The mind also needs to be honed and stimulated, as the shadow side to the Ace is restlessness, belligerence and disillusionment.

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