Biorhythm Match For Love Compatibility

Biorhythm Love Match

Get your free 2014 – 2015 Biorhythm Match reading for love and romance for free! In this biorhythm love compatibility test, you will receive a report on the intellectual, emotional, and physical cycles of a couple.

Have you ever wondered why you are energetic in times when your friend or love partner seems tired? Have you ever wondered one of you is hot every time the other person is cold? This has to do with your different biorhythms! The energy levels in comparison can now be predicted between you and your friend, family member or partner.

Every person, male, female, young, and the aged, has a biorhythm that consists of intellectual, emotional, and physical cycles. There are daily circadian rhythms for people to have a regular sleep cycle. Throughout the day, you may feel awake, get a little sleepy in the middle of the day, have more energy later, and then feel the need to sleep.

The physical cycle is a cycle that is repeated every 23 days. A person’s overall strength, general health conditions and physical endurance are tracked upon this cycle. You can analyze yours or your partner’s physical cycle by keeping track of your daily energy levels for 23 days. Or you can do this the easy way by using this free biorhythm match calculator! This is a great way to plan for outdoor activities together and lead a happy and blissful life.

biorhythm match. report on the intellectual, emotional, and physical cycles of a couple.

The emotional is a cycle that is repeated every 28 days. Your positive energy, your secretions of endorphins and adrenaline is traceable upon this cycle. What may determine your levels of mood has a lot to do with how mush serotonin is in your brain.

There is always a cycle of having more or less. Your emotional rhythm shows how well you are able to cope with stress and be able to bond with people on deeper levels.

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In this biorhythm match reading, the intellectual cycle is a cycle that is repeated every 33 days. How well you can calculate numbers, plan activities, reason with others, and figure out tedious problems like puzzles, or how to fix something, has everything to do with your intellectual cycle.

Some days are better than others. This is beyond what your star sign can provide for you. Knowing your biorhythm in terms of intellectualism is a great way to better plan that game of chess for your best chances of success!

This 2014 – 2015 Biorhythm Compatibility Test will help you to have more harmony with your partner. You will be able to understand why you have better days than certain days. A free report on both of your biorhythms will predict the best times for your activities. Fill in the information and get your free Biorhythm Match Love Report now!

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  1. Dear Friends, I am trying to calculate compatibility and performance for an individual but do not have a day of birth. Is there any way to use a method to overcome that deficient number?


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