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jupiter in the houses

Jupiter In Houses Symbol & Meanings

Jupiter In Astrological Houses

Planet Jupiter in houses astrology helps to influence many good things that happen to people. Jupiter helps to lead people to success in life, puts them on the track to goals that will get them there, or even provides good fortune to the person. Read about Jupiter in the 12 astrological houses in your natal chart.


Jupiter in houses helps to create an adventure out of life. By following the course that Jupiter symbol sets for each, they will be able to get excitement and happiness out of life.

Jupiter In Houses – Astrological Meanings

Jupiter In 1st House

The Jupiter In 1st House

When Jupiter is in the first house, you will feel great in general. You are likely to feel more optimistic about your life and the events going on in it. Keep thinking positively during this time and are sure to get far in life.


Jupiter In 2nd House

The Jupiter In 2nd House

The second house brings luck when Jupiter is in it. You will become more resourceful. You’ll be able to get what you need. Others might see this as luck; you might even see it as luck. Take advantage of this time to get what you need, in materialistic possessions or emotionally.

Jupiter In 3rd House

The Jupiter In 3rd House

When Jupiter is in the third house, you will spend a lot of your time planning for the future. You will also spend more time with your friends at this time. Your friends may also be able to help you with your planning.


Jupiter In 4th House

The Jupiter In 4th House

Your instincts will help to guide you when Jupiter is in the 4th house. It will be able to help you, especially at work or in school. Like the house, friends are still important to your happiness. Also, make time for your family as well, as this will bring you happiness.


Jupiter In 5th House

The Jupiter In 5th House

Your stress will melt away when Jupiter is in the fifth house. You will almost feel like a child again: playfulness and creativity will help. Because of this, you will interact better with children, and with your romantic partner as well.

Jupiter In 6th House

The Jupiter In 6th House

When Jupiter goes into the 6th house in your horoscope, you will no longer feel like a child. But instead, focus on your work or schoolwork. You will treat people with respect, and they will return the kindness. Take all the opportunities that you can because they might not stick around for long.

Jupiter In 7th House

The Jupiter In 7th House

Close relationships will be important to you when Jupiter is in the seventh house. If you are going through some legal troubles, you are likely to have luck with resolving them. Keep your friends close, and keep working on your goals if you wish to be happy.

Jupiter In 8th House

The Jupiter In 8th House

Your talent for investigation will peak when Jupiter is in the eighth house. If you have any problems, then this is the time to find the cause or the solution. Your romantic relationships will also fare better during this time. You may find pleasure in puzzles and games in your spare time as well.

Jupiter In 9th House

The Jupiter In 9th House

After solving puzzles and problems in the 8th house, it shouldn’t be a surprise that you will be drawn to learning even more when Jupiter is in the ninth house. Share what you learn with your friends. This will make both you and them happier.

Jupiter In 10th House

The Jupiter In 10th House

The tenth house also brings good luck when Jupiter is in it. You will have a natural sense of wanting to advance at your work or in school. Your friends can help you with this along the way. Try not to get too obsessed with your success.

Jupiter In 11th House

The Jupiter In 11th House

When Jupiter is in the eleventh house, your friends and general socialization will become a top priority for you. You may want to join a team or committee during this time. You will want to help people, and your friends will be there to help you as well.

Jupiter In 12th House

The Jupiter In 12th House

You will be in and out of luck when Jupiter is in the twelfth house. Also, you are likely to be unlucky and get in a bad situation, but then become lucky and get out of it. You may want to spend much of your time alone. But, when you are with others, you will be kind.

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