Symbolic Meaning Of Seasons

Symbolic Meaning Of Seasons

Seasons are an integral part of life on Earth. Not only do they affect the weather, growth, and agriculture, they also play a role in human mood and consciousness. This isn’t too shocking. The temperature and amount of light affect one’s comfort in every possible way. No matter where you live in the world, you experience a change in seasons. Because it would nearly impossible to focus on every possible combination, we will focus on generic cycle of the four main seasons: winter, spring, summer, and fall.

The procession of these seasons is deeply symbolic in and of itself, as it speaks to us of the natural transitions of our planet and of life in general. It also draws a connective bridge between the seemingly simple events in our daily lives and the greater universal ones. Seasons form the link between micro and macro levels of existence. Examining the cycles of the seasons allows us to more closely look at the cycles in our own lives.

As would be expected, each season comes with its own sets of symbols, attributes, and themes. We can start with the season of new life, rejuvenation, and rebirth: spring.


Spring Season Symbolism

Spring is a season overflowing with symbolism. It is a transitional time of year, when the cold and dark dwindle away and the rains of rebirth fall upon the Earth. The light begins to shine brightly once more, animals emerge once again, and plants and flowers “spring” into bloom. At this time of year, everything enters a state of renewal. This directly speaks to our mentality. Spring is a time for us to embark on new journeys and start new projects with fresh ideas. As far as physical symbols go, spring is abundant with them. Think baby animals, fresh new flowers, eggs as signs of fertility, rainbows, and pastel colors, to name a few.

Summer Season Symbol Meaning

Coming next in the cycle is the hot, hot, hot season of summer. Once again, this season can speak wonders to us. The sun that nourishes us and sustains life beats down on the Earth fiercely, providing us with the perfect weather to enjoy the beautiful outdoors. The days are longer and the nights are warm and welcoming. In summer, we needn’t hide, hibernate, or bundle up. Life is an open book, with adventures waiting around every corner.

Joy, expression, action: these are only a few of the words that can be associated with this season. Many a party is had during this time, after all, especially in the pool or under the stars. All-in-all, summer reminds us of the vitality and youthfulness present in everyone’s heart and soul. When trying to classify summer symbols, just think of anything that exudes joy, fun, and parties.

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Autumn Season Symbolism

Moving on to autumn, the weather starts to chill out a bit. Think of this as nature’s one last hoorah before fading away into winter. In the realm of life, this is like the golden age before death. The colors around us change to beautiful hues of red, orange, and yellow as plants begin to fade away. Animals start to stock up for the winter, and humans begin the bundling (and fattening) up process. We, too, must take stock, in a sense, during this time of year. The last of the harvests come and most of the world’s Thanksgiving holidays take place. It is a time to be thankful for what we have experienced throughout the year and begin to wind down and prepare for next year. Typical symbols may include red, orange, and yellow leaves, baskets, and teeming cornucopias.

Winter Season Symbol

Last but certainly not least, the year rounds out with winter. Cold and dark, this is the time that much of the natural world goes into hibernation. Activity seems to come to a standstill as dormancy makes its way through.

Winter is a time to analyze your actions. Think of the year that has passed. Understand what you have achieved and what you need to think about in the coming New Year.  This is the time to plan your resolutions and work on fulfilling them. And also to have a wonderful time time with family which includes Christmas festivities.

Many people might feel dull and depressed in this winter season. But always remember that after this season comes light and spring. This is just a period to meditate and calm your mind.

Life is certainly an exciting and somewhat unpredictable journey, but it does has its regularities. The seasons symbols ground us when life becomes overwhelming. They remind us that nothing is exempt from the universe’s cyclical nature. Everything shall pass and be renewed once more.

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