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Lucky Number Meanings

Lucky Number Meanings

Numbers have held symbolic value throughout time. They speak of different things to each person and are certainly attached to individual experiences and memories. As with all symbolism, there are no right or wrong interpretations.

However, there are some common number symbolism associated with each number. We can start with the symbolic meanings of numbers with basic single digits one to nine.


Number 1 Symbolism

Although it isn’t the luckiest of numbers, “one” is the first on the list. Its position makes it an appropriate choice for representing new beginnings and the opportunities that come with them. It is like making a new list on a clean slate, with new goals and aspirations.


Additionally, the number one symbol has always been indicative of being on top and winning. To achieve this position takes a certain degree of work, accomplishment, and of course, good luck. When considering these qualities, it makes sense that the number one is considered a sun symbol. As a signifier of focus and wealth, you can invoke the powers of this numerology number to bring you luck in your action-taking endeavors.


Number 2 Meaning

As a symbol of duality and pairs, the number “two” speaks to us of both partnership and variety. It reminds us that we have access to literally anything we could desire in the world. All traits and qualities are represented in one of the two dual natures. Even ancient cultures recognized the value of this number.

The Egyptians donned jewelry split into twos and used them in rituals. This was because they considered the number two as representative of the dual nature of the path toward truth and enlightenment: one of wisdom and one of knowledge. Together, they form the perfectly balanced mentality. In this line of thinking, the Egyptians showed us that their belief was that luck comes from within. If and when you possess both of these qualities, you can consider yourself truly lucky.


Number 3 Symbolism

Two’s company, three’s a crowd? Not really. Threes are extremely lucky numbers because of their ancient mysticism and connotations throughout history. As such, many cultures use trifold symbols to depict luck and positive vibes. Threes combine the powers of two forces to create an ultimate energy.

Symbolized as a triangle, worthy qualities can be symbolized in the ascending sides with the peak symbolizing the accumulation of all things good and positive at the top.

Number 4 Symbol

When you are in need of luck in matters of the home, channel the stabilizing energies of lucky number four. Whether you are looking to buy a new house or require certain securities, this number has long been associated with the home.

The ancient Egyptians associated this number with their god of power and protection, Horus. Maybe this is how the lore of the four began.

Number 5 Symbolism

On the other side of the world, the traditions of the Chinese focused particularly on the number five for matters of luck. This was because of the five basic blessings that they regarded for happiness: peace, wealth, health, life, and, of course, luck.

Five is the lucky number that most concerns one’s physical health and guarantees protection. Additionally, notable professionals and hobbyists of alchemy invoked the balancing properties of the five-pointed star.

Number 6 Symbol Meaning

As far as love and relationships matter, six is the way to go. Associated with the planet Venus, which symbolizes passion and harmony, the number six is also indicated on the Lovers card in the deck of Tarot. We can use this number when we need some luck balancing relationships and keeping the communication open and honest. You can also invoke symbols of the six when you are venturing into a new relationship.

Number 7 Symbolism

Seven has long been considered lucky for pretty much everything. However, it does have specific symbolism that most people don’t know of. For example, it is believed to be associated with scholarly development and achievement.

People can use this number to push their psyche and further themselves intellectually. With its charm, seven promotes wisdom and higher reasoning.

Number 8 Meaning

There isn’t a very concrete conclusion regarding the symbolism of eight. However, its physical shape matches the infinity symbol, representing the cyclical nature of life and the infinite universe. What lives shall die and what dies shall be reborn.

Everything in life is infinite, making life quite transient. As such, it seems that eight should be considered an extremely lucky number, as it reminds us that our luck will always change. If we are down and out, it will not last; if we are lucky, we should cherish it, as it will not last forever.

Number 9 Symbolism

The last single digit to represent luck is the nine. Although it is not particularly noteworthy on its own, it is a multiple of the three, which as we saw above, is incredibly lucky. Thus, we can consider the nine to be luck in mathematical terms. It brings luck back and denotes a theme of returning, as it has the ability to return itself in all equations. Multiply any number by nine, then reduce it – the answer will always be nine. It reminds you to integrate yourself if you wish to experience good luck. Call upon it when you’re looking for a little inspiration.

As with all symbols, meanings and interpretations of what is considered lucky is subjective. If something speaks to you, listen to it.

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