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Saturn In 7th House Meaning: Being Upright

Saturn in the Seventh House of the Natal Chart

What does Saturn in the 7th House mean? These people will try to make peace even in the most difficult situations.

7th House Also Known As the House Of Partnerships

Ruling Planet: Venus

Ruling Zodiac Sign: Libra

Saturn In 7th House Celebrities: Michelangelo, Lance Armstrong, Mussolini, Voltaire, Hilary Swank, Claudia Schiffer, River Phoenix

Positive Keywords for Saturn  In 7th House: Sensitive,  Dedicated, Mediator, Just, Trustworthy, Impeccable

Shadow Keywords for Saturn In 7th House: Demanding, Vulnerable, Indecisive, Confused, Dependent


Saturn In Seventh House: Personality Profile

The Seventh House is about relationships, for you don’t feel complete unless you’re with someone. Because of this, the influence of Saturn in the 7th House depends on your outlook toward being in a relationship. For some, it’s difficult to enter into a partnership. For others, you want to experiment to find The Right One.


Saturn is symbolic of a controlling figure in our lives, one who is concerned with discipline, restrictions, and commitment. So in the seventh House, there can be some conflict, especially if you find yourself in a situation where you’re not sure you’re with the right person.


While you long to be with someone, you also want them to be the person you’re going to spend the rest of your life with. And with your indecisive nature, you either stay with someone who isn’t right for you or leave someone after the very first fight.

The Saturn In 7th House

Saturn In 7th House: Positive Traits

Saturn in the seventh house personality serves well in their ability to mitigate tough problems. You often serve as a mediator between feuding parties because of your impeccable sense of right and wrong. Justice is essential to you, and you’re able to listen to both sides of an argument and come up with a workable compromise.


You put a lot of effort toward maintaining balance and harmony, and Saturn helps to keep you on the straight and narrow. You make sure everything and everyone around you is content and keep up peaceful relations to build a healthy and stable environment. Your dedication to justice is commendable, and people trust you and your decisions. (After all, Libra is your ruling zodiac sign).

Saturn In 7th House: Negative Traits

Also, be aware that Saturn in the Seventh House may prevent you from pursuing someone who isn’t a perfect match but is someone you care about a lot. You have to recognize there are no perfect people or perfect relationships. There are only those people who make you want to work to stay together.

Saturn often makes you feel the burden of keeping a relationship happy and healthy. This can make you shy away from getting close to anyone. Understand that relationships are a two-way street and allow someone else to carry the burden with you.

While you take romantic partnerships very seriously, this should not hinder your ability to enjoy the other person’s company. Being with someone should make you happy, not miserable. So try to focus more on your feelings rather than your logical assessments.

Planet Saturn in Astrology

You cannot understand Saturn in the Seventh House until you better understand Saturn in astrology. In Astrology, Saturn rules time, governments, age, hierarchy, and authority figures. It is the ruling planet of Capricorn and is exalted in Libra.

Saturn is the planet of commitment, hard work, persistence, determination, self-discipline, and personal freedom. It teaches you important life lessons. It is also the planet of Karma. Saturn leads you in a direction where you will have to overcome challenges to become better in life.

Saturn in the 7th House Hardships and Challenges

When you encounter Saturn, do not expect an easy flow in life. It is a planet of life lessons and Karma; therefore, you need to be ready to work hard. You will face challenges with different aspects of your life, but with time things get better as you master the art of overcoming challenges.

Saturn in the 7th House meaning brings good luck in your life because it enables you to learn from your mistakes so that you do not repeat them as you make progress in life. This planet requires that you be patient with yourself.

Saturn in the Seventh House and Relationships

Saturn in the 7th House people have a strong approach to their relationships with people. You crave commitment, but you are afraid of being vulnerable around people. Even in Saturn in 7th House love relationships, you find it challenging to be open with and comfortable with your partner.

With Saturn in the Seventh House, you will learn important life lessons that will teach you how to relate to different kinds of people.


The Saturn in 7th house astrology shows that your desire for a committed relationship sometimes clouds your judgment. And Saturn tries to get you to see things as they are, not as you want them to be. Do what you do best. Weigh the pros and cons to determine if you are happy with your current status.

It’s good to figure out what you’re looking for in a partner but don’t let that become your life’s ambition. Sometimes you have to let loose and live in the moment. Don’t try so hard, and you may find the person who completes you.

Don’t get lost in those gray areas, where compromise is a touchy subject. Not everything is black and white, and Saturn may make you feel guilty about being conflicted over the right answer.

Don’t let your confidence waver, for self-doubt is the worst possible thing for those looking to you for guidance. Trust in your instincts, and you will continue to do good work.

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