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Importance Of Lotus Symbol in Feng Shui

Significance of Lotus Symbol in Feng Shui

The dirt in murky water has nothing on a lotus flower since this flower emerges from such dark water unstained and looking stunning. I was looking for a way to connect more to nature in my home. Since I grew up watching my family working with Feng Shui principles, I started comparing some of the Feng Shui symbols I could add to my house. Picking one was difficult, but I finally settled for a crystal lotus flower. Here is what you should know regarding the lotus symbol in Feng Shui.


What is the Lotus Symbol in Feng Shui?

The lotus symbol in Feng Shui represents perfection and purity. The lotus flower is a famous Feng Shui symbol that can bring peace and harmony to your life. It is a symbol of untouched beauty and universal enlightenment. This Feng Shui symbol can also bring chi vitality into your surroundings.


What does the Lotus Symbol symbolize?

Different cultures believe the lotus flower symbolizes many things. For instance, Hindus believe that the lotus symbol is sacred. It symbolizes beauty, eternity, and prosperity. In Jainism, the lotus symbolizes divinity.


Some people also believe that the lotus is also a symbol of spiritual enlightenment. This analogy is derived from the life cycle of the flower. The lotus flower grows in muddy water. People believe this water represents man’s struggles, while the flower’s bud represents someone yet to reach their full potential.


The lotus flower’s roots are pretty dirty, but the flower blossoms above the water. The blossoming flower represents a person who overcomes struggle. People believe that we are all born into a world of suffering, but we can learn how to overcome problems and triumph over adversity.

As a symbol of purity, the lotus is believed to help purify one’s surroundings. For instance, placing the crystal lotus flower in your home can give you a peaceful mind and make it easy for you to achieve your goals. The lotus is also a sign of prosperity. It is connected with preserving wealth since this flower’s petals offer safety and refuge for fish in the muddy water.

Where do you place a lotus flower, according to Feng Shui?

Though you cannot place a living lotus plant in your house, you can still introduce an image of a lotus to your living space. Alternatively, you can also invest in a crystal lotus flower. Feel free to place it in your bedroom to bring more harmony into your life.

If you share the bedroom, placing a crystal lotus flower or art featuring a lotus flower can symbolize a happy union. You can also put it in your living room to promote peace among your family members.

Do you have a meditation area? If yes, you can place a crystal lotus flower in this area. This can help bring contentment into your life. You can also set a crystal lotus flower in your office. This can motivate you to overcome challenges and help you attract wealth.

White Lotus Symbolism in Feng Shui

A white lotus flower symbolizes purity and transcendence. In Feng Shui, the color white is associated with the metal element, which can cut through obstacles. Others believe that the color white lotus represents tolerance, clarity,  integrity, and innocence.

Which Color Lotus is suitable for home?

Though the lotus comes in different colors, many people believe that the white lotus is suitable for a home. It also signifies purity of heart and mind. According to Feng Shui specialists, the lotus can replace bad energy with good energy.


The lotus plant has a lot of benefits. It is not only used for medical purposes but also in Feng Shui. This lucky plant is the national flower in different regions. In Feng Shui, it symbolizes purity. Feel free to place an artificial lotus flower in your home.


Can you grow lotus at home?

Yes. If you want a living lotus flower, you can grow it at home in muddy water.

Why should I place a crystal lotus flower near the windowsill of my living room?

This can attract the sun’s rays and create a reflective rainbow. It can purify the energy and draw in luck.

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