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Dating A Nurse: 12 Amazing Reasons

12 Amazing Reasons For Dating A Nurse

It seems guys of today are crazy about dating a nurse as they have become their preferred choice of partner. So what is so special about nurses? Is it their profession of uniform? No, the answer is none of the mentioned. Nurses have some unique traits that attract guys to them. They are smart, responsive, intelligent, kind-hearted, and caring, to mention a few. Wait, I forgot one thing, they know how to treat their partners well.

Dating A Nurse: What Is Best And What Is Not?

1. Good Communicators

Exceptional communication skills are one of the primary traits of every nurse. They relate to many patients daily, which is why that skill is needed. Dealing with patients can be very difficult. They meet snobbish, mean, and unresponsive patients daily, but they can relate to them well. She can translate these treats into her daily life and relationship. A good communication flow is significant in building a healthy relationship. You can solve all problems, bridge the distance gap, and spice up your relationship through better communication.

2. Great Listeners

Nurses are great listeners, which is another requirement of their profession. Before a patient reaches the doctor, the nurse is their first point of contact. They can listen and dot down the problems of patients who visit the hospital to ensure they receive the best care. Having a great listener as a partner makes communication flow. Even before the judge during a disagreement, they will have the patience to listen to your side of the story. But that doesn’t mean she will agree to anything you say.

3. They are Not Reckless

Nurses know that being reckless can end a patient’s life or put them in danger. With this, they think before they act, they are not in haste to do anything until they are sure it won’t put the sick person in danger. Your nurse partner will, therefore, not be reckless with you. They will think through the line before taking any serious decision.

4. Guys always want to have the Bragging Rights

Every guy wants to be able to brag about their partner. They brag about their beauty, character, and now their profession. Yes, dating someone in a uniform is “bae.” So, bragging about their partner and getting a high five is another reason some guys will die to date a nurse.

5. Nurses are Smart

Can I replace their smartness with intelligence? Any of them goes in this situation. Becoming a nurse is not easy. Before one becomes a registered nurse, they go through many studies and practicals and sit for challenging exams. You can only achieve this when you are smart and intelligent. They make their brains work and excel with determination. Having a clever girl as a partner can make life easy for you. A severe guy would, therefore, go in for an intelligent nurse than a spoilt rich girl.

6. The Uniform Factor

Their uniform is another thing that gets men crazy about them, whether it is their green or white dress or that blue one. Having a partner in uniform is a plus and adds to the bragging right.

7. They are Awesomely Caring if you are dating a nurse

Per their training and job description, nurses are trained to care for patients and do that awesomely. They have the time and tolerance to care for both children and adults. This is what any average guy wants. A woman who can care for and treat them well. A woman who will take care of them like a baby. Men feel pampered when their partners care, and the nurse does it best.

8. Job Security

Nurses have a secured job. I always hear of workers being laid off because of redundancy, the high cost of doing business, and economic hardship, but I have never heard of nurses being laid off. They have a secured job, and such a partner is what every guy wants. At least they won’t become a burden on them and can help pay bills.

9. They Know How to Handle Emergencies

Nobody wishes to fall sick suddenly, but that is unavoidable. You can suddenly fall ill from an accident in the kitchen or fall. When this arises, the nurse is right there to care for your needs. They can handle such emergencies before you have been rushed to the hospital for further treatment. They are also ready to handle any emergency at home. Nurses are perfectionists. Call them that you are returning home with friends and need things in order or need her to prepare something for your friends, and she will do that at the right time.

Dating A Nurse:

10. They are Independent

Nurses are an independent group of people. They can live and do things independently and wouldn’t need a man before doing that. This is a fact, which is why many guys fall in love with a nurse. Men want women who can live on their own. Men do not want clingy women who wouldn’t give them space. If you are such a guy, dating a nurse is not misplaced. But don’t use that as an excuse to live in your world and neglect her. You can still show love and care so you don’t lose her.

11. They are Great Mothers

I love this one aspect of nurses. They know everything from pregnancy to delivery and can care for themselves through the period. Nurses also make good mothers before of their qualities of love and care. They can give their children the love and care needed. Every man wants a good mother for their children and they meet this criterion.

12. Finances

Nurses earn good salaries and make more than some men in other professions. Therefore, they can meet their own needs and solely depend on any man for financial purposes. This is such a woman every guy wants. No guy wants to be the sole spender in a relationship so having a partner with spending power is most preferred.

The above points are just a few of what attracts guys to nurses. But individual differences must always be considered. Also, before you fall entirely for the issues, you should put their opposing sides into perspective. Consider both pros and cons to make an informed decision. That dating a nurse works for some guys doesn’t mean it will also work for you.

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