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What Is The Tree Of Life


Trees have been given many names throughout the centuries, but the most fascinating is the tree of Life. The name alone fires energy like the image of good health and good times. Its concept is related to the sacred tree from the book of Genesis in the Bible.

Many cultures know it all around the world by different names and mythology. One thing they all have in common is that they all related the tree with the source of Life and had its origin from a religious and spiritual point of view.


Gen 2:9 is where we first come across the trees of Life in the Bible. It symbolizes the source of Life in the first garden, Eden. It was home to Adam and Eve until they vacated it.

The tree appears again in Revelation 22 as part of the new paradise, where anyone is permitted to enter. As long they are of a pure heart.


According to Augustine of Hippo, Christ is the tree of Life.

The Tree Of Life: Islam

According to the Quran, the tree of immortality is also the tree of Life. Unlike the Bible, where several trees are acknowledged, it is said to be the only tree in the garden. It also goes by the name tree of immortality. The lone tree that Allah did not grant Adam and Eve permission to consume its fruits.


According to Genesis, the tree was the only thing remaining in the garden after Adam and Eve vacated Eden because of eating the fruits from the tree of wisdom. Forbidding someone from accessing Eden became necessary, so a flaming sword was placed on the Eastern side of Eden.


According to Proverbs, the tree is considered the tree of wisdom (Proverbs 3:13-18). According to the book of Enoch, on judgment day, everyone whose name will be in the book of Life shall be given fruit from the tree of Life.

The Tree Of Life: Serer religion

Trees were the first thing to be created by Roog, the supreme being. The Tomb was the first tree made, and it became not only the tree of Life but also a symbol of immortality, according to the server society.



Criss-crossing lines and a set of nodes are important symbols that represent the tree of Life. However, the name tree of Life is not used in the Assyrian sources. It is known as so by modern scholarships.


According to the Egyptians, Isis and Osiris are the first couples. They came from the acacia tree of lusaaset, which is said to be the holy tree by the Egyptians. It is the one thing that makes a distinction between Life and death.

The Eastern side was said to be Life’s direction, thus, the order of the rising Sun. The course west was visualized as the path of death and the underworld because Sun sets in the West. Egyptian creation mythology refers to the snake and the first egg, which contained a bird of light.


The Tree Of Life: Hebrews

About the Hebrews, the Tree of Life from Genesis. The fruit of the tree gives Adam and Eve Eternal Life. It is essential to differentiate between the Tree of Life, which they were allowed to feed on, and the Tree of Knowledge wisdom, which was forbidden. Once they had eaten from the forbidden fruit, God set angels and a flaming sword to keep guard at the entrance of the Tree of Life.

The book of Mormon manifests God’s love for humanity. It is detailed in prophet Lehi’s dream. The tree is a representation of Life. Lehi wants it for himself and his family. It explains the challenges and benefits of having such a mighty tree.

Tree of Life in Hinduism

The Eternal Tree, Akshaya Vata, is located at the banks of the Yamuna and Ganga rivers.

In the beginning, the entire world was filled with water; only the infinite tree was not affected. On its leaves, Lord Krishna rested in the form of a baby when dry land was no longer visible. Here, Markandeya (immortal sage) received a vision of the Lord. Under this tree is where Buddha intercedes eternally. History shows that the Bodi tree at Gaya is a manifestation of this tree.

The Tree Of Life: Mayan

This religion involves a few aspects of astronomy, nature, and rituals. Most gods represented a form in nature, e.g., the Sun god, Kinih Ahaus. They believe that heaven was a spectacular place here on Earth, hidden by a mountain said to be mystical. The site was, Tamoanchan. Where heaven, land, and the underworld were linked.

According to the Mayans, this tree is a cross, with the middle being a point of ‘absolute beginning.’ The source of all creations and creation passes through each layer of existence, i.e., Earth, heaven, and the underworld.


The tree is a legend in the Garden of Eden; the serpent heavily guarded it in the middle of Eden.

The Jewish Kabbalah is fused as a great legend in non-Jewish culture. First, it’s through adoption by Christian Cabala and continuing in Hermetic Qabalah.

These adopted the Judaic Kabbalah Tree of Life by associating it with other religious traditions, theologies, and magical practices.


The movement and some Coptic Christians regard cannabis as the tree of pure knowledge and wisdom. Usually, it is used for concentration purposes. The use of the herb is to help them learn the inner self and remove it from all kinds of negativity.

The African tradition has it that the tree became a symbol of the origin of Life. It came about as the ancestors could see plantations germinate from a seedling to an entire plant/ tree with high branches. Thus, the tree became a symbol of Life.


The tree was a religious sign drawn on the fortress’s walls in Urartu. It is curved in the armor of the warriors around it.

The branches were divided into both sides of the stem. Each unit had a leaf and another sheet of a leaf at the apex. Servants were at the bottom of the tree with hands held high as if taking care of the tree.

The scientists also have their tree of Life; according to them, it is a metaphor describing all Life on Earth by evolution.

Mr. Charles Darwin explains envisioning evolution as a knotted bank. The relationships were refined using genetic data by Carl Woese, an American Biologist.

Each page has information about a single group of organisms. It is organized in a branched tree-like form, showing relationships between organisms and their groups.

The neuroanatomical term ‘arborvitae’ (tree of Life) describes the branching pattern between the cerebellum’s cortical gray matter and sub-cortical white matter.

Tree of life symbols:

The tree of life symbols represents the aspects of the tree itself and their meaning.

The roots dig deep into the Earth for a firm grip. The trunk establishes the foundation, and the branches spread out for support. The leaves collect strength, and some consider them medicinal, having healing power in their properties.

It recognizes the Earth as the mother and the Sun as the father.

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