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Aura Color Projection

What is Aura Projection?

To put it simply, aura protection is the act of purposely changing the color of your aura. This implies making your aura color more powerful or focusing on an aura color to change your mood or another aspect of your mental state. By using aura projection you will be better expressing your aura, which can change your mind frame in a certain way, depending on what color you are focusing on.


Aura projection can help with a few different things. For one thing, aura projection can be a very helpful meditative process. If you are in a bad mood, then you can think of a color that will fix that. If you can project your aura enough, then your energies may even be able to act upon the other energies in nature, making a cool effect. This is also a way to practice reading auras with a friend or just changing your mood. Overall, aura projection won’t hurt, so why not try it?


How do you do Aura Projection?

While projecting your aura might sound hard or complicated, there is a very simple process for doing it. First, you need to know what color you want to focus on and know what it is supposed to do. A list of aura colors and meanings will be after these instructions.


Next, make sure that you are relaxed; close your eyes and take some deep breaths in and out. Imagine the color of your aura expanding and receding in and far out from your body. Do this for at least five minutes, or longer if you do not feel like it has worked. Once you feel confident that your aura projection has worked you can stop and go on with the rest of your day. If you have done this properly, then the effects of your aura projection should last between twenty minutes to an hour or more.


Different Aura Colors & Meanings

Red Color Symbolism

Thinking about the color red is a great idea when you need a boost in the confidence department. Red itself symbolizes romantic passions, other desires, strength, and power. If you are feeling nervous before a job interview or a date you might want to try to project a red aura. A powerful red aura should be able to help with energetic endeavors or when you need to calm your nerves. A less bright red will be able to help more with romantic issues.

Orange Color Meaning

Orange is the color for creativity and happiness. When you need a boost in either of these things, then try to project the color orange. If you are suffering from writer’s or artist’s block, then you should try projecting this color. If you do it correctly it should be able to provide a muse. If you’re in a bad mood and need some cheering up, then this color should be able to help as well. Project this color slowly, in rays like the sun, to get the best effect.


Aura Projection

Yellow Symbolism

Yellow is the color for clarity and energy. Are you feeling tired or anything other than motivated? Then you should try to project yellow. If you are having trouble finding the answer to a question that you have been struggling with, then projecting yellow can also help. Yellow is a great color to project whenever you are unsure of a situation and its meaning as well, as it can help you see the world in a clearer and more focused way.

Green Symbol

Green is the color for growth and renewal. If you feel like you are stuck and just need to start over, then you should try to project the color green. If you are feeling a little under the weather, then projecting green may also be able to help your health. Some people believe that projecting green can also help with financial issues, giving you a better idea of what to do with your money. Overall, green is best used for mental or physical health.

Aura Projection

Blue Colour Meaning

If you need to relax, then think of the color blue. Blue is commonly known as the color of tranquility. Projecting the color blue before you go to bed, or right after you wake up, can also help you to understand your dreams better. This color is great at helping a person’s mental health by calming them down, and it will help to make your mind more active while you are thinking about dreaming. In a way, it can make your unconscious mind just as clear as your waking mind.

Indigo Symbolism

When you need some answers, but answers that can only come from within yourself, then you should try to project the color indigo. This color is used most often for self-reflection. Close to the color blue, can help to relax your mind so that you can get a better sense of what’s inside of it. Overall, this will make you seem more dreamy and calm.

Violet Color Symbolism

Lastly, projecting violet is best used when you need to show others how you feel about them. Violet brings along the vibe that comes with childlike love. This can also help you see things more simply. Adults’ minds are often clouded, but children are honest, even if they are blunt about it at times. Projecting this color can also help to give you a boost of energy that children always seem to have.

Now that you know all about the aura color meanings and how to protect it, nothing is stopping you. Try aura color projection as soon as possible to help with the different facets of your life!

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