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Love Tarot Cards: How to Interpret the Minor Arcana in Romancea

Interpreting Romance in the Minor Arcana

Aces are potent cards full of positive energy. At the beginning of each suit, they indicate new beginnings, fresh ideas, getting rid of the old, and bringing in the new. The Ace of Swords, for example, can mean a determination to cut away from the past and forge ahead. The Minor Arcana tarot cards represent love and romance in multiple ways.


The Ace of Pentacles can mean a new business venture bringing excellent financial gain. It indicates powerful feelings, possibly of a romantic nature, while the Ace of Wands might indicate ideas for further creativity.


The Twos

In Minor Arcana, the twos indicate balancing events, duality, doubling strength, or splitting power. The Two of Wands can make you feel you are in touch with Divine power and have the whole world in your hand. The Two of Swords suggestions you are cut off from yourself and perhaps from others. The woman in the picture is holding two swords. She has a choice to make and doesn’t know what to do.


The blindfold is self-imposed, however. This can easily slip down from her eyes. The Two of Pentacles show a juggler. Maybe you are juggling too many things at once. The Two of Cups suggests a marriage of two people, a joining of forces, a partnership of minds, or an attraction of two people.


The Threes

These focus on creativity, results, and achievements. The Three of Cups indicates a time of rejoicing, partying with friends, and exuberance. The Three of Swords shows wounding, disbelief, and rejection. On the positive side, it can indicate that you can get to the heart of any situation with a clear head, open mind, and acceptance of your feelings.

The Three of Pentacles suggests that success is assured if you combine your efforts with others. Also, it can indicate that it is up to you to be engaged in a project you are passionate about where you can do your thing without just becoming a spoke in a wheel. The Three of Wands is a highly creative card and calls you to reflect on what you know to be right for you.

The Fours

These focus on limitations, doubts, and holding back. The Four of Wands heralds a time for rejoicing because the future looks very positive. Four of Cups suggests a time of introspection and hesitation, but you must seize opportunities waiting for you. The Four of Swords may indicate being stuck or paralyzed temporarily.

Alternatively, it can mean a time when rest is very much needed. The Four of Pentacles suggest someone who is keeping too tight a reign on finances and one who believes the only way forwards is through money and possessions. Perhaps this indicates a wake-up call about a future direction in life, particularly for relationships.

The Fives

Their lead is versatility, communication, and opening up. In the Minor Arcana, the Five of Pentacles indicates a time of emotional deprivation or when we have become a victim. The positive angle is to read it in a way that suggests you must find what is missing from your life to make it more positive. The Five of Swords can indicate a time for retreat or when you have conquered your fears or won a fair battle despite all odds.

The Five of Cups suggest that it is time to let go of your attachments and not fear losing since one thing will soon replace another. Five of Wands can indicate that you might feel the world is against you right now. It can also imply you are at odds with yourself.

The Sixes

Harmony, idealism, and inner peace focus on these Minor Arcana cards. The Six of Wands represents triumph and indicates that rewards and successes are coming your way. The Six of Swords suggest that calmer waters will soon come if you are in troubled waters. Six of Pentacles begs you to consider if your act of kindness is motivated by a desire for power. The Six of Cups draws on a feeling of nostalgia, looking back on a sense of playfulness that is sometimes lost on the road to maturity.

The Sevens

These focus on dreams, illusions, and magic. The Seven of Cups shows someone overwhelmed by the choices they have in front of them. Is this you? The Seven of Swords suggest dishonest people may be around you or that you avoid facing up to your obligations. Seven of Wands urges you to be honest about what you want and take action accordingly. The Seven of Pentacles tell you to take a reality check on your progress so far.

The Eights

Overcoming obstacles and easing restrictions are what these cards deal with. The Eight of Pentacles suggest that now is an excellent time to get on with the work. The Eight of Wands embodies a feeling of movement and can often mean a flight is about to occur or that everything is up in the air, so now is an excellent time to prioritize. Eight of Cups signifies a time of transition, moving on, and taking up a new direction in life. The Eight of Swords suggest you need to focus and find clarity yourself rather than expecting someone else to rescue you from your dilemmas.]

The Nines

Action, self-conviction, and courage are the messages of the nines. The Nine of Swords suggests you should think logically about your worries. You may need to dig deep for a reason for your unhappiness. The Nine of Cups is also called the wish card. But it would help if you took care that you accept the responsibility for your wish. The Nine of Wands suggests you should be watchful and wary of your vulnerability. But don’t become too overtly defensive or bitter, as this could disadvantage you. The Nine of Pentacles indicates that your most important duty is to yourself right now.


Endings and beginnings, new destinations, and fulfillment are evident in the tens. The Ten of Pentacles suggest you are going through a prosperous phase. The Ten of Swords indicates you have reached a turning point when things can’t get any worse. Also, the Ten of Cups suggest that good energy flow should be made the most of. The Ten of Wands indicate that you must look for different ways to lighten your load.

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