Friday, October 7, 2022

What is the Hal 9000 Head Line In Palmistry?

Palmistry: Hal 9000 Head Line

Hal 9000 head line is a very interesting Gift Marker of a super-intelligent person whose mental capacity might affect him negatively if he doesn’t use it to the full. The name is derived from a supercomputer called “Hal 9000″. Its computing capacity was too big that it got bored of everything and started destroying itself.

Long Head Line

By definition, the Hal 9000 Head Line is a very long Head Line extending from edge to edge, crossing the palm horizontally. It might have some curves or it might be straight.

Octopus Brain

It is also called the Mega Computer Brain or the Octopus Brain.

People having this type of Head Line need very complex projects to satisfy their mental power and prevent them from getting bored with mundane mental jobs. The person simply needs a lot of mental simulations to remain happy and fulfilled.

Know-how Person

People would notice this quality in you and might consider you to be the “know-how” person.

The person normally enjoys research activities such as internet surfing or reading scientific magazines. The more complex and complicated the mental puzzle, the happier these people would be in solving it. Less complex situations might even lead to boredom.

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